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Chapter 17- To My Favorite Scar

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Once upon a plane

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AN: Last chapter my peoples! I know this might seem sad to some but its like not that much people even come on here anymore so I might have to relocate soon...don't know when. But anyway the flashbacks are references to another story I'm writing about these people in here, yeah who writes stories out of order? Me! I didn't get the idea for this until I was about 14 chapters in... Since HTML confuses the hell out of me flashbacks are in between the stars.

Chapter 17- To My Favorite Scar

“I’ve been thinking.”


“We’ve been together for like 3 months and I want to meet your family.”

“I told you Pete I don’t talk to my family much anymore.”

“Do they even know you’re a month pregnant?”

“What do you not get when I said ‘I don’t talk to them anymore.’?”

“Everything! They’re your family; they should at least be updated in your life.”

“Fine I’ll send them a postcard.”

“No! I don’t get to meet them then.” He whined


I could kill him right now. I could easily plot his demise right now and he would never have a clue what hit him. I looked over to my right to see Pete staring out the window of the plane we were on. He looked nervous. I grabbed his hand and he lightly rubbed his thumb against my hand.

“You know you don’t have to go through with this.”

“But I want to. You’ve known my family for years and all I know about yours is that they’re from Texas.”

“Did Joe ever tell you what happened when he met them?”

“No. As a matter of fact he never even spoke of that day.”

“Well I guess I could start from the day he and my Aunt met or when she found out I was dating him”

“How ‘bout when she found out.”


*I had gotten settled into my new life in Chicago. I was living here because my parents sent me to live with my aunt Sara to better handle their finances without spending the extra on me. I had met Joe in 10th grade and over the summer he changed into hot but still nerdy guy I knew. I wrote in my journal the night after he asked me out.

‘Dear Journal,
Something you never would’ve thought happen to me happened! I got asked out by Joe. I mean he didn’t actually say ‘Be my girlfriend’ but he almost kissed me! Then Pete had to ruin it by pulling me off. I swear that’s what made me hate him forever. Ok maybe not forever he’s starting to grow on me a little, just a little! Oh that’s my aunt; she’s calling me for dinner. Got to go.’*

“I knew you were going to hate me when I did that!” Pete said

“How’d you even know I liked Joe then? And don’t interrupt me!”

“Dude it was obvious to even Patrick.”

“Do you want to know the rest?” I said impatiently


*“Hi Aunt Sarah sorry I’m late I had to go to the bathroom.”

“Oh that’s ok it just gave me time to do other things… so how about that Trohman kid?”

“Joe? He’s cool.”

“I don’t think you should date him.”

“How do you even know we’re dating?”

“Your Journal.”

“Oh my god! I left to go the bathroom and you read my journal?”

“It’s only in your best interest.”

“How about if I did the same for you, huh? I’d probably get grounded for invasion of privacy!” I yelled.

“Well guess what you are!”

“God! Why don’t you just go raid your stash of vodka?” I yelled as I ran upstairs. After I thought she was asleep, I left to Joe’s house at the end of the block. “Joe!” I whispered as I got to his window.

“What are you doing up this late?”

“I snuck out.” He looked weirded out for a second

“But we just got together this morning.”

“Joe, would you get over yourself? I don’t need a boyfriend right now I need a friend.”*

“Okay that wasn’t too bad. I could handle that.”

“Oh you haven’t even heard the remarks she had about you when you and Joe showed up at my door to walk me to school.”

“I bet they were all good to like ‘Look at how handsome he is!’ and ‘Why aren’t you dating him instead of that Trohman kid?’”

“More along the lines of…”

*“Breauna, those rejects you hang out with are here!” Aunt Sarah yelled as the doorbell rang.

I came downstairs in my usual mood angry with my aunt. It’s like she’ll never accept me for who I am and get this… she wants me to be more like Paige the whore. Yeah right.

“Fine! What took you guys forever to get here?

“I’m sorry than none of us have an Aunt that could just take us.”

“I will never ride with her besides don’t you have a car Pete?”


“You know you never did tell me why you never had a car.” I looked over to Pete, he had fallen asleep. I guess he deserves it after trying to get me to actually come home to my family. Now that I think about it, it is a good thing I’m going, I really haven’t seen my sister or father in a long time.
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