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Chapter 16- And 1 Just Cause They’ll Kill You Sooner Than My Expectations (Part Two)

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Someone's up to no good

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Chapter 16- And 1 Just Cause They’ll Kill You Sooner Than My Expectations (Part Two)

Ryan was right the screen had changed again. This time it was playing a clip from this year.

Pete’s face was covering up half the camera it looked like he was working on securing it into place on the bookshelf in front of my bed.

“I swear if that thing has recorded anything in my room I’ll kill it!”

“I’m not sure if you mean Pete or the camera?” Ryan said confused.

“I’m pretty sure she meant Pete.” Marie said.

“I wouldn’t doubt it.” Brendon agreed

“Pete, have you seen my clothes?” I called from the bathroom

“I think they’re on the bed.” He grinned. “Why don’t you go ahead and change in here?”

I walked into the room wearing only my towel

“I didn’t know you looked like that.” Ryan said in awe. Marie and I both smacked him on the head.

“Like I said if only you were single…”

“Ok that’s enough!” I ran to the TV and turned it off. No one here needed to see that.

“What!? That’s it?” Brendon complained.

“Yes it is.”

“No it’s not” Marie stated. The screen had flicked on again and was now showing me and Pete on the bed. Then the screen stopped and went blank again. The words on the screen this time said “Had enough?”

“I swear to god Pete if you’re behind this you are screwed.” The TV had a new sentence it said, “Send the loud one upstairs…”

“I don’t care what it says I’m not going” I sat down on the couch with my arms crossed. All power shut off when I said that. “Alright, alright I’ll go! Just stop doing that.”



Breauna left and I was left alone with the two lovebirds. Why?

“What do you suppose is going to happen?” I asked

“Well considering the fact I just saw Pete run across the screen tells me he’s going to die soon.” Marie said.

“I’m glad right now this is on record.”

“She’s on the screen right now.” Don’t I just love a good fight?


I reached my bedroom door in a matter of minutes; I was determined to find out why my house is like some ghost story.

“Pete show yourself.” I demanded

“Who says I have anything to do with your boyfriend? I could be a complete stranger or an actual ghost.”

“I have a pretty good feeling who.” Somewhere between listening to the voice and me talking I found out where his hiding spot is. I looked into the camera and told them I figured it out then crept into the bathroom and sat on the toilet.


“I bet you 25 dollars she’ll find out where he is in the next 5 minutes.” Brendon said confidently.

“Yeah right.” Marie said

“I bet you Pete won’t know that she did until he’s found.”

“It’s a bet.” Brendon and I shook on our deal


“If you must see to believe I’ll show you.” I could see an image of a ghost floating around the room. I didn’t speak anymore from this point on because he could tell I was in the same room if I did. “I said if you must see to believe I’ll show you.” He started to get frustrated. I figured I’d just bust him now.



“Ha! You owe me 25 dollars! Give it.” Brendon gloated

“Fine.” Ryan pouted. He sat down on the couch all mad. I gave him a hug and a kiss which he tried to turn into something more.

“Gross Ry! Not while I’m around.”


“Hi Pete!” I said pulling back the curtain of the shower.

“Why is it that none of my tricks turn out right?” He groaned “Boys!” he called into the microphone.



I walked out of the living room because Ryan and Marie would not stop makin out. I bumped into something on the way.

“Sorry” it said.

“Joe? What are you doing here?”

“I was in control of the living room TV.”

“Did you know what was being shown?” I asked. His face reactions showed he had no clue of what I was talking about. “February of 2001”

“Wtf! Pete! I thought I had that hid at the top of my closet.”

“We saw all of what happened.” I grinned. I went back to the living room with Joe following behind finding Patrick and Andy there too.

“What did you two have to do?”


“Video editing.”

“Can I have my video back?” Joe asked angrily.
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