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Chapter 15- And One Just Cause They'll Kill You Sooner Than My Expectations (Part 1)

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Someone's playing tricks on Breauna

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Chapter 15- And 1 Just Cause they'll Kill You Sooner Than My Expectations (Part 1)

“Breauna get up.” Ryan said around 10 am the next day.

“Why?” I groaned

“We’re going somewhere.”

“Does it involve me getting dressed?”

“Yes.” Brendon said popping out of nowhere. “Here I already have your clothes picked out!”

“God did you start my shower too?”

“…Yes” Why is it that when I want to sleep in someone just has to wake me up early? First Pete when he asked me out and now Ry and Bren wait, whenever I get waken up against my will it always goes in my favor. Maybe I have a surprise! Or they’re going to shower me with cookies! No, that can’t be it Brendon would’ve ate them by now, cupcakes, maybe? Then Ryan would’ve eaten them. This better be good because I’ve run out of things to be excited about.

I took my shower, dried off, got changed, and headed downstairs. Brendon and Pete were engaged in a game of Guitar hero 2 while Ryan cheered which ever one happened to be better at the time.

“Ryan can’t you just pick one side?”


“You always have to be the neutral one, don’t you?”


“I’ll take that.” I said stealing the guitar from Bren and beating Pete.

“No fair! You didn’t even play the whole time!” Pete whined.

“Whose house is this?”

“Yours” Ryan and Brendon chipped in happily

“Then that settles it, I was indeed playing.” I grinned

“Come on, we’re going to be late!” Brendon yelled.


Our destination turned out to be the mall. I wanted to go back home cause I don’t like that place but Ryan had Bren to guard me in the backseat.

“Don’t make me go in.”

“What is it that makes you so ‘afraid’ of malls?” I shrugged “I’ll rephrase incase you didn’t understand the first time tell me what it is that makes you so ‘afraid’ of malls.”

“I got lost when I was 4” I mumbled

“I’m sorry, that was?” Ryan asked

“I had gotten lost when I was 4”

“Aww! Don’t worry I’ll hold your hand the whole way.”

“Shut up Brendon. Let’s just go.”


Me and Brendon walked in and started shopping while Ryan stayed behind to do something.

“Can’t you go any faster, we’ve got places to be!”

“We don’t have anywhere to go.”

“Oh yes we do! I know something you don’t know.” He sung

“Oh really? Like my big cookie you’re hiding somewhere on you?” I started tickling him to make him give it up.

“Stop I can’t take it anymore! Ryan has your cookie.” I knew I’d solve this mystery some day. Now off to go find Ry!

We walked around till we got tired stressing every store found on the way. Brendon tried to buy all things he saw including the necklace I was wearing. I thought I saw Ryan in front of us at the food court but sadly it wasn’t him. Then I thought I saw him again at the jewelry store but Brendon was definite that it wasn’t him. It wasn’t until we got back to the car when his face finally showed up.

“Brendon who is that girl that Ryan seems to be all over?”

“I don’t know.” He said while trying to stifle a laugh.

“What’s so funny?”

“Nothing.” I knocked on the window and Ryan hit his head on the roof trying to get up.

“What’s up guys?”

“Oh not much with me, haven’t had much in the making out with strange girl department.”

“Breauna meet Marie, Marie meet Breauna.”

“Hi and I’m not strange I actually met Ryan about 9 months ago.”

“Well that’s just great. I didn’t know one of my good friends had a girlfriend for 9 months.”

“4 months.” Brendon corrected

“4 months then.”

“I’ll bet Pete will be happy to see you.”

“Hopefully he’s found a girlfriend by now and he’ll stop bugging me.”


“Hello?” I called into the house. “Is anyone here?” I didn’t get an answer so I motioned to the guys they can bring Marie into the house.

Not too long after we had all gotten in, the lights started flickering. “Bren cut it out! You’re not being funny.”

“I’m nowhere neat a light switch!”

“Then who else could it be?”

As we passed into the living room, the TV switched on and showed the secret video that Joe and I made when I was 16.

Valentines Day 2001

I was sleeping on Joe’s bed when he came in and woke me up with a camera.

“Go away I want to sleep.”

“But it’s Valentines Day! You have to profess your love to me.”

“I do. Everyday. Just let me get some sleep!”

The camera spun around the room as if Joe was looking for something. It stopped in his closet on what Joe wore for Halloween last year.

“Will you stop staring at me?” I opened one eye to find Joe holding up his Luke Skywalker costume up.

“Guess what I have planned!”

“Annoying the hell out of me with that suit?”

“Yes…I mean no! What I have planned is you, me and some buns.”

“I’m not dressing up”

“Please! It’s one of my fantasies.”

“Forget it!”

The scene cut to me being dressed up as Princess Leia and Joe as Luke making out on the bed. And just as Joe’s hand was starting to lift up my costume Mrs. Trohman walked into the room.

“Joe, your father wants you to- what is going on here?!”

The screen instantly stopped to a blank screen with the words ‘Old habits are hard to break’

“Okay who’s messing with me?” I yelled.

“Dude! What was that?” Brendon said astonished. “If only you were single…”

“Brendon! You have a girlfriend!” Marie said.

“And I’m older that you.”

“By only like 1 year and oh yeah Taylor!”

“It’s like no one tells me anything anymore.” I voiced

“Shush! The screens showing something again.”
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