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Chapter 14- My Heart Is On My Sleeve

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The child's father is...

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AN: When I came back from NY I must have got off count cause I missed a chapter. So I fixed everything and now you know how Joe and Breauna's secret relationship started in the new chapter 8.

Chapter 14- My Heart Is On My Sleeve

Today was the day I was going to go back to the doctor and I was going alone. I was afraid to see Pete and Joe’s reactions when they found out the news. I bet Joe wouldn’t even want my child anyhow, wait that’s the doubt talking I’m sure he’ll love it no matter what. But what if the baby is Joes how would Pete feel that he’s not going to be a father?

I pushed my thoughts away as I got closer to the hospital, they would only make me turn around anyway. Right now I needed to be concentrated on one thing and one thing only and that is making one foot go in front of the other towards room 224 again.

“Breauna I didn’t expect to see you so soon, your appointment isn’t until next week. Is everything ok?” Dr. Ingram said concerned.

“I’m good; so I’m pretty sure Samantha’s good.”

“So I see you’re already expecting a gender.” She said in that usual doctor voice that seems to always be happy about something.

“I got tired of calling it ‘the baby’. It kind of makes it seem not yours if you don’t give it a name.”

“I wish half the mothers at your age would actually like the idea of having a baby. You could be a role model for them.”

I’m not entirely sure how she got the idea that I was happy about having a baby. Not that I wouldn’t want to its just that I always pictured myself married first. Call me traditional if you will.

“Do you have the results of the test yet?” I somewhat really wanted to get to the point of this so the wait could be over.

“Yes, just wait right here and I shall be back.”

Great, she left me alone to what I was born to do: wait. That seems to all what my life has come to is waiting. I guess I could use this time to come up with some names that I actually want. Let’s see if I were to have a boy I would like to name him Kenneth after my brother who passed away a real long time ago or maybe Wesley, it sounds profound. My choices for a girl: Nichelle, after my mother or Nichole.

“Alright I’m back. Are you ready Breauna?”

“Of course.”


“Lisa sorry I’m late.”

“Didn’t I tell you to take off as much time you need? As much as you work around here you should be jumping at the chance.”

“It gives me something to do other than sit around the house all day.”

“So… I haven’t seen that handsome tall guy around here lately.”

“Joe? Yeah about that…”

“Don’t tell me he dumped you cause if he did he won’t-”

“Calm down, I dumped him. It just wasn’t working out between us but I’ve got bigger issues at hand.”

We sat down at a near by table and I told her the story of what’s happened in like the past month. She listened quietly with no expression on her face. I hate it when people do that; you can’t tell what they’re thinking. When I was done, she took a deep breath and said

“Wow. Here I was worried about my friend not having much of a social life and she has a better one than mine. You should be on TV.”

“Doubt it that would be such a boring show. So now you know my whole situation. Well…any comments?”

“Yes. Why didn’t you tell me you met Brendon Urie when you met Brendon Urie?”

“That was all you had to say? I just told you the father of my unborn child, before they even know and I don’t know how to tell them, and all you have to say is something about Brendon?”

“Um no, can I have his number? Kidding! I think you should just throw them both in the same room, tell them at the same time and take it from there.”

“Thank you. That’s all I wanted.” I took out my phone and sent a text message to Pete and Joe

Message sent to: Joe Trohman; Pete Wentz
Meet me at my house in 5 minutes.

“But no seriously, can I have Brendon’s number?”


Joe and Pete sat on the couch in the living room waiting, just waiting. If I had to do it I was going to make them too also. Pete stared at the ceiling and Joe stared at me; that was making me slightly uncomfortable almost enough to just get this over with already. But this wasn’t something you could just get rid of overnight or at all.

“So the reason why you’re here is because the hospital got the results back…” I thought I’d say something just to start it off.

“Do you want us to go with you?” Joe asked

“No I already went and I know who the father is.”

Both boys were on the edge of their seats. Joe was so eager to hear what I was going to say that he almost fell off.

“Well?” Pete urged.

“The father is-”

“Whatever the answer is I’m going to be happy no matter what.” Joe blurted out


“What?” Joe asked

“She’s saying the father is you man.” Pete said trying to not let his voice crack. I walked to the couch and sat between them.

“So Pete, you’re okay with not being a father?”

“Not really. I was just starting to get used to the idea but I’ll get over it. It’s nice for Joe to have the spotlight for once.” He joked

“Yeah it does feel kind of good. And I didn’t even have to let my fro grow so big that it blocked out the sun.” He said proudly.

“Alright then.” I got up to go make me a sandwich since I haven’t had anything to eat all day but the guys stopped me.

“We have some propositions of our own.” Pete said

“Yeah, like I get to see him or her whenever I want.”

“Within reasonable hours.” I said

“And I want to be included in the naming process.”

“And I get to move in with you guys.”

“Huh?” Pete and I asked

“Well I want to be involved and I see no better way than actually living with my child.”

“Well that sounds good.” I wouldn’t too happy about having my boyfriend and my ex ex boyfriend living in the same house together but they’re best friends so it shouldn’t matter.

“And we alternate turns on who’s taking care of him/her, and I don’t have to change diapers, and I get to be in charge of the baby monitor and Joe’s not allowed to see you breast feed and-”

“Pete I don’t think there’s anymore rules you can think of right now.”

“Well if he gets to make rules than I want to also. I say I get to fill the bottles and I don’t have to take out the trash and I don’t have to clean up and me and Pete should have walkie-talkies and Pete doesn’t get to take pictures of me sleeping with him or her when him or her is old enough and-”

“I get it! What one doesn’t do the other does.” You know what I think I’m warming up to the idea of having more than one guy to boss around now.
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