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Chapter 13- He Left Me For Himself

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Chapter 13- He Left Me For Himself

I woke up Tuesday morning dead set on one thing; getting my Pete back. And to do that I was gonna need help so I called the FOB and Panic! boys to help.

“So what are we here for again?” Brendon yawned

“We’re gonna help get Pete back for Breauna.” Spencer said. At least someone was paying attention.

“So Andy do you, Patrick and Joe want to take Pete around town so we could know where he is at all times?”

“Yeah, and then there would be more people to convince him.” He said gesturing to Jon, Spence, Ry, and Bren.

“Ok so it’s settled then, off you 3 go.” I shoved them out the door.

“So, now what do we do?” Jon asked

“I don’t think she thought this far.” Ryan said.


Try #1- Ryan

Patrick texted me and said he was at the department store down the street. I pulled off and parked not too far from it. I walked up and got stopped up short.

“Ryan! Can I have an autograph?” some teeny girl screamed.

“Sure.” If only she knew there was nothing to scream about. I’m not special. Unlike Brendon who thinks he’s the most awesomest person in the world.

“Hey Ry! I didn’t know you were here, its nice to see you.

“Hey guys, Pete. What’s going on with you?”

“Not much man, I guess you could call me single for the time being.”

“So you’re on the map again, those teens can finally stop dreaming up of ways to make you single and theirs?”

“No…yes…no, what are you getting at, man?” he asked confusedly. Where am I getting at? Oh I quit! I should’ve chosen last like Spencer did.

“Nothing. Dude I gotta go.” I picked up some random shades, paid for them, and headed back.


Try #2- Brendon

“Jon I’m so gonna beat you! There’s no way you can beat the master.” I was so in the lead on Super Mario Brothers Cart Race, just one more lap around then Jon owes me 20 dollars. “I win!!” I threw down the controller, doing a victory dance, ending it with me grabbing my money and rubbing it in Jon’s face.

My cell phone started ringing some random Veggie Tales song. If only Andy knew I set that for him he just might kill me. “Spence get the phone, we’re starting another game.”

“Can I have your 20 dollars?” I glared at him and answered my cell phone for myself.

Andy said they were at the music store so I made my way down there, stopping to take pictures on the way cause I’m just the most awesomest person on the planet…no, the universe!

“Yo, whatsup guys!” I said using my gangsta voice.

“You is a white boy from Vegas… don’t even try that Bren.” Pete said jokingly.

“Fine, I don’t have to prove my gangsta skills to you, Pete. You still didn’t answer my question anyway.”

“Petey here is feeling low” Joe teased.

“Shut up Joe! You caused it.” Patrick yelled

“You want to talk about it?”

“I don’t want to talk about how Breauna…cheated on…me.”

“You want her back?”


“Then you gotta realize people make mistakes then.”

“You think she’ll forgive me?”

“What’s she going to forgive you for?” Wait, that didn’t come out right. I think I just pushed him away from her, great job Brendon Urie. Yeah I screwed up.


Try #3- Jon

Brendon came back and as soon as I saw his face I knew he had screwed up somewhere.

“Any luck?” Breauna asked

“I think I pushed him away.”

“Pay up Spencer.” Spence groaned and handed over 50 dollars.

“You placed bets on me?”

“Yeah and I won 50 dollars doing so.”

“Yeah well, Joe mouthed to be before I left that they was going to Starbucks.” That was good, I suppose. I was in need of a drink anyhow.

I pulled up to the lot and found a space. No sign of the guys anywhere, maybe I was early. It wasn’t long before there was a crowd. I knew it wasn’t for me; no one ever seems to care for the bass player unless you’re Pete Wentz.

“Hey Jon!” I turned around and saw the people I was waiting for. I joined them on their way into the building. Pete started turning around like he was looking for someone.

“Dude what’s wrong with you?”

“I’m waiting to see if Spencer was coming up. I’ve seen all of you but him. Is something going on?” He can’t possibly be catching on that quick, is he?

“Friends can’t just happen to meet? Things always have to be complicated with you, don’t they Wentz?”

“I guess you’re right I am making a big deal out of this. I’m gonna go get my sugar fix, see ya.” He left into the store.

“Was it smart to get him sugar?”

“It’s too late for us to start thinking now Andy.”

We found Pete sitting at a table by himself staring out the window. He looked like he was in deep thought, maybe our trying has helped? He was absentmindedly stirring his coffee sometimes sighing.

“Why don’t you go talk to him we’ll sit over here.” Joe said while pointing to a spot.

“Hey Pete, you look sad. Care to elaborate?”

“I miss her Jon.”

“Then why are you here in a coffee shop?”

“If I go back now I’ll be weak. I don’t want to be weak.”

“If you’ve forgiven Joe then why can’t you forgive Breauna?”

“Cause Joe’s been my best friend for I don’t know how long it’s just easy. You get in fights; you make up, that’s what you do as friends.”

“Sounds like the same thing you do in relationships. Pete she loves you, you know she does or else you wouldn’t be here right now thinking about her. You love her so just do it.”

“You know what, I will.” He said suddenly getting courageous.

“Why are we still sitting here then?” I said after 10 minutes.

“I can’t do it.”


Try #4- Spencer

“I brought coffee!” Jon yelled as he came into the house. Breauna and Brendon rushed to the front as quickly as possible.

“And cookies??” They both asked. And before Jon could say anything else the bag he had was snatched from his hands.

“What’s in it Bren?” Breauna asked

“Sandals, Jon why couldn’t you be useful and get cookies?” Brendon said disappointed.

“You mean the ones he’s hiding in the car?” I said

“Spencer, how did you know?”

“We all know he can’t hold a straight expression for long.” Ryan walked outside, and came back with a mix of sugar and chocolate chip cookies. I was about to get one for myself but noticed half was gone.

“What happened?!” Brendon complained.

“Pete. Spence you should go now.”

Where I was going I didn’t know. I had my hand on the knob, opening it to find Pete about to knock.

“Spencer?” He asked, and then he looked beyond me. “I knew this was a setup!” He turned to leave but was blocked by Patrick, Andy, and Joe.

“Go.” Patrick ordered.

“What are y’all trying to pull here?” Pete said glaring at us.

“We’re getting two people that are miserable without each other, together.” Andy answered.

“I should’ve known you 3 were apart of this, betrayed by my own best friends.”

Patrick nodded at Brendon who did the same. He grabbed Pete while Brendon took Breauna.


Why didn’t I see this coming? If they’ll turn on Pete, they’d turn on me too. Their idea didn’t seem to work, we’re still not talking. We may be closer but still, not talking. I got an idea, they put us in my room and that locks from the inside. Ha! They aren’t so smart now.

I got up to try my new plan. Turns out they were smart; they must’ve tied this knob to another one. “It’s official; I’m stuck!”

“No we’re not. The boys aren’t guarding the window.” Pete opened my window and crawled onto a tree. “Aren’t you coming?” He asked when he noticed I didn’t move.

“I’m afraid of heights.” He laughed.

“Don’t worry, I’ll watch you.”

It wasn’t so hard climbing down that tree after all. I guess you really can do just about anything with the one you love.

“Pete, what are we right now? Are we together or…” I trailed off. I just couldn’t bring myself to say we were separated.


“You mean…”

“What? Oh, you thought I said we’re separated. I was just finishing your sentence. I’d like to say we never broke up.”

I smiled. ‘That means he forgives me…I hope.’ “So you wouldn’t mind if I did this?” I took a hold of his hand but he let go. ‘So he doesn’t forgive me?’ Instead he bent down in front of me as if to give me a piggy back ride.

“Hop on.” I decided to take a leap of faith and be first to say it.

“I love you.” He didn’t say anything back. He just kept on walking. We ended up at his parent’s house. No one seemed to be home.

“Follow me upstairs.” I did as I was told and walked into his room. As soon as we got by his bed he started attacking me with kisses. Each one pushed me closer towards the bed.

“Actions speak louder than words?”

“Way louder.”
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