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Chapter 8

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October 25, 2007.

Posted to: LittleDrummerBoy

I was searching through my closet last night and I found all this crap I didn't even realize I had! So, instead of going out and searching for a job to make money, I put it all up on eBay! There was this one jacket that I don't remember seeing before, much less owning, that I also put up for sale. It was nice and PVC, but I really don't have a use for it-- so off it goes! I really don't understand why my mother insists that I need a job. Making money this way is so much easier.

I feel all sneaky and cool today. Besides selling a bunch of useless shit on eBay, I out-witted my mom. Every other Friday she yells at me to change my sheets, and every other Friday I tell her that they're fresh and clean and don't need to be changed. She's a mean bitch, though, and makes me do it anyway. So this week, as she left to get her nails done, she left me a list of things to do (because she's a tyrant). Number one was "change your sheets". She never actually remembers what my sheets look like anyway, so I got a new one, had the dog roll around on it for a while, and threw it in the hallway to be washed. She'll think they're the old ones. Haha, I'm clever.

Guys, I hate you for not dressing up with me on Halloween.

Comment(s): 7
GuitarHero: You're so unhygenic. That's disgusting.
--LittleDrummerBoy: You're disgusting!
KissMyBass: I think I'm going to "find myself a job" on eBay, too. We can be rich and buy a horse!
--LittleDrummerBoy: Or we can buy something useful. Whichever.
Sing4Absolution: Hey, did that PVC jacket have a small rip on the inside of it?
--LittleDrummerBoy: Yeah, but I had my mom sew it up.
---Sing4Absolution: That was my jacket.


October 29, 2007.

Posted to: Sing4Absolution

Ray and I played dolls last night. That is not a metaphor. We actually played dolls.

We made the next door neighbour retarded and she liked to sit on the roof. And one day a big, plastic Raptor came by and took her to his dinosaur lair, which happened to be a pile of Beanie Babies. Also, there wasn't enough room for the baby in the Medieval castle they lived in, so the baby slept in the oven.

Also, my John Lennon action figure was the other neighbour. He was shacking up with the Little Mermaid in a plastic pirate ship. As lame as it sounds, it was one of the most entertaining things I've done all week.

I haven't seen Bob in the past few days at lunch. I'm worried, because lunch is his favourite period! We haven't harassed Dave together in days and I miss it. Does anyone know where he is?

Comment(s): 5
GuitarHero: He's in the hospital. He tried to kill himself a few days ago. Mikey and I went to visit him... It was a really devastating sight, Gerard.
--Sing4Absolution: HOLY SHIT. Is he going to be alright!? Why didn't anyone tell me?
---KissMyBass: We didn't tell you because it was due to the fact that he's in love with you-- and hates Ray. I'm sorry.
----Sing4Absolution: Oh my God... I didn't know...
-----GuitarHero: Haha, just kidding. He has appendicitis. He's fine. Actually, he's more than fine because he's all drugged up on medication.


October 31, 2007.

Posted to: KissMyBass

Bob came back from the hospital last night, just in time for his favourite holiday. He used the "But I'm sick! You have to do what I say" excuse and actually got Frank, Geray and I to dress up. Geoff wanted to come trick-or-treating with us but we told him no, he couldn't, because he didn't intend on dressing up. Trick-or-treating with no costume? Hell no. Bob had a fit when Geoff told us he wasn't dressing up, but still wanted to accompany us. You know how he gets...

Bob has a really awesome scar now on his lower stomach!

Somehow, and I'll never fully understand how all four of us agreed to this, Bob convinced us to dress up like prostitutes-- with Ray as our pimp. We borrowed a bunch of clothes from Adrienne, Bob's little sister, and paraded around town for a long while.

I thought Bob and Frank made wonderful prostitutes. They were acually hot looking for once. JAYKAY!

We found our friend Seth and kidnapped him for a while, since his parents grounded him (on Halloween)! Eventually we had to give him back, which was okay since we were going back to Bob's to scare the hell out of the trick-or-treaters anyway.

Bob has this obsession with decorating his lawn into a "haunted house" and frightening people. This year's theme: Mental asylum. Frank's dad had a bunch of old workshirts, so he let us have a bunch of unwanted ones. We put them on backwards, tying the sleeves in the bak to create a "straight-jacket" look, and wrapped belts and chains around ourselves. Bob splattered fake blood on us, and we hid in the shadows of Bob's lawn, playing a Cradle of Filth CD for a spooky effect, making shrill cries at anyone who passed us by.

For whatever reason, two drunk guys stumbled onto the lawn, saying that we were awesome for putting on good music. They stayed there for a long time until Bob's mom kicked them out. They were really nice, though. I miss them.

An hour or so into playing "psycho", Dave showed up, unwanted. No one has any clue why he did, or how he knew we'd all be there. Bob, Geray and I just assume he stalks Frank now. Frank hates it when we tell him this, but it's true. Sorry.

Bob yelled at Dave to go home, which Dave ignored. We all agreed it'd be nice if Dave actually told us he was coming over (so we could not be there), instead of just appearing.

In the end, we all had a nice time-- except for Dave who had to deal with an angry, drugged up Bob. But when Bob is on his painkillers and isn't angry, he's more pleasant than usual-- which is why I have now decided to like Vicadin's side affects.

Comment(s): 6
LittleDrummerBoy: I am always pleasant. I don't know what you're talking about.
--KissMyBass: Hahaha, okay. If that lie helps you sleep better at night, so be it.
Sing4Absolution: Bob and Frank were just marvelous tramps! If I ever needed whores, I know exactly who to go to.
--LittleDrummerBoy: Oh, thank you! How kind of you to think so, Gee.
GuitarHero: Dave DOES NOT stalk me. Hell, I don't know why he would! Stop making up lies!
--Sing4Absolution: He stalks you because he loves you. Just deal.
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