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Chapter Nine: 1000 Dreams Aren’t Worth This Special Moment.

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Sexual Stuff. WARNING.

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Dedicated to ZOE! And to all the people that have supported me, and influenced me to continue writing.
(DID YOU KNOW. I was going to delete this!) But then I got such nice reviews and was like “AWWW!” So in the end I kept it. THANK YOU DEAR CHILDREN, who are perverted and want Gerard To screw Frankie.

Chapter Nine: 1000 Dreams Aren’t Worth This Special Moment.

I smiled during our kiss, once we pulled away I felt the heat rushing towards my face.

“Frankie..” I began.



I looked into Frankie’s emerald eyes, then shun. I watched the sun set in his eyes.

Frankie smiled at me. He broke my eye contact and watched as our tour bus pull to a stop in front of us.

“Well, well, well.” Frankie laughed. “Then really did come to get us.”

I joined in laughing.

Frankie stood, and held out a hand. I took it. He led the way.

Once we entered the tour bus, Bob awaited our arrival.

“Oh Frankie! Come out to play!” Bob smirked.

“BOOBBB!” Frankie yelled, hiding behind me.

Bob smirked.

“PFFT, and what’s Gerard going to do to protect you?!” Bob snared.

I eyed him hardly.

I took once step back toward Frankie, I smirked.


With all my force, I body slammed Bob to the ground, we began rolling around hitting and tackling each other. Suddenly, as I stood Bob pulled my feet dragging my toward him. I slammed my head on the kitchen table.

I felt the warm liquid poor out of my head, my vision began to fuzz and distort everyone image.

“FUCK!” I herd Bob yell.

I felt hand lift me unto my buck bed, and the dabbing at my wound, it stung. I felt someone lift my head and bandage it tightly.

I lost conches, blackness.


I groaned as I turned my head.

I rubbed my eyes. Slowly opening them to find two emerald green eyes staring at me.


“He’s away!” Frankie yelled.

Soon after he had mad the announcement, the best of my band crowed mybunck.
“Gee! I’m so fucking sorry!” Bob began.

I groaned once more.

“Gerard, how many finger am I holding up.” Mikey held up his hand.

“2 you fuckers.” I mumbled.

The sighted in relief.

“What the fuck is the time?” I asked.

“1:00am.” Mikey answered.

“Shit.” I placed my hand over my eyes. “I’m tired.”

“Yeah, we all are. I think we should go to bed.” Ray muttered.

I heard the rustling of sheets and feet moving around.

“Night guys!” Mikey called.

“Night.” I heard everyone call.

“Good night babe.” I heard Frankie, stand.

I suddenly reached out, and tugged at his shirt.

“What?” he asked.

I lifted my head.

“Stay.” I whispered.

He chucked. He removed his shirt and shoes.

“I’ll turn of the light and come back, okay?” I smiled at Frankie.

I shuffled my body towards the wall.


The light had been switched off.

I could barley see, but make out the shadow walking towards me.

I felt Frankie take his place next to me, he shuffled closer to me.

I loved the feeling of his bare flesh. He was so warm, I saw him smile. He moved closer to me.

“Mmm.” I mumbled. I ran my hand down Frankie chest. He tensed, I stopped.

“Sorry.” I apologized, Frankie loosened. Moving close to me.

“Don’t be. Your such a turn on Gerard” he whispered seductively.

I licked my lips, I rolled myself on top of him.

Frankie escaped a moan.

I chucked, I began to kiss a trail down his chest towards his hips.

“G-Gerard!” Frankie gasped.

“Mmm?” I moaned naughtily.

“Gerard, do you reall-”

I silenced him with a passionate kiss, I bit his lower lips and played with his lip ring. I licked Frankie’s lips, he allowed me entrance and we were soon roughly kissing, Frankie moved his body up against mine, I moaned.


Frankie had turned me over. He lay on top of me, and began sucking my neck.

“You have a vampire fetish don’t you!” I whispered, holding in a moan. My privates had hardened, I felt his had also.

“Yeah.” He gasped breathing heavily. He moved his body against mine, is a slow pleasurable motion.

“F-Frankie!” I yelled.

His lips soon met mine, we broke into a passionate kiss, our tongue raced against each other. Our lips bruised.

We broke apart gasping for air.

“F-F” I began. But paused as Frankie hand trailed down my chest then to my stomach, then to my hips, his hand slip under my hip, lifting my private region towards him.

I groaned in satisfaction.

Frankie rocked his hips hard against mine.

I moaned.

We were both filled, will cold swat and newly warm sweat.

“Frankie- Oh. OH. Take.” I paused as a moan escaped my mouth, I felt Frankie smirk, as he fasted his pase. “T-T. Take me now!” I gasped.

Frankie slowly game to a stop, kissing me.

“Not tonight babe. Not tonight.”
He rolled himself next to me, I whined.

He held my injured hand and brought it to his lips and kissed it.

“Gee. I love you.”
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