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Chapter Eight: Tonights A Beautiful Night To Die

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This chapter. Fucking killed me. I nearly cryed. I loved it. REVIEW.
~Still In Frankie’s Point of view~

Chapter Eight: Tonights A Beautiful Night To Die

I stood outside Gerard bunk, I breathed in deeply, and smirked.

“I could have you bow down to me on your knees.” I stated under my breath, I chucked to myself when suddenly, the purple curtain flew up.

‘Oh shit.’

“I’m sorry Frankie. What was that?” He eyed me darkly.

“Ahaha.. Nothing! Nothing!” I ran my fingers threw my hair.

Gerard raised an eyebrow.

“Frankie, are you-”

“Yeah! Yeah! I’m fine.” Little did he know, I was burning. Crumbling inside. I felt so horrible for faking that scene I had made in the hospital. God, I would kill for this man. I would die for this man.

I truly did love him.

But—I felt strange. Was it because he was a man? Or really, was it because I was worried what everyone would think.


“Umm.. Frankie.” Gerard tugged at my shirt.


“I wasn’t going to ask if you were okay.. I was going to ask if you were hungry.”

“FUCK.” It slipped. Dead giveaway, now he’ll be all fucking worried. I slammed my head against Gerard bed frame, in a continues pattern.

“Fuck. Fuck. Fuck. Fuck. Shit. Shit. Shit SHIT!” I yelled, unaware that Gerard was starting at me, one eyebrow raised.


“Fuck. Fuck. Fuck. Fuck.”


“Shit. SHIT.”


“WHAT!” I yelled at him, a little harshly than I mean to.

He rolled his eyes.

“Okay. Now I’ll ask. Are you okay?”

“Yes!” I snapped once again

“Fuck.. What’s wrong with you?”
I breathed in deeply. Calming myself. I stopped hitting my head repeatedly.

I sighted. I turned to face Gerard, his face filled with concern.

“I’m sorry Gee.” I bowed my head in shame.

“No. No. Don’t worry about it.”

Knock. Knock. Knock

“Eh um, can you guys stop what your doing?” Bob called.

“What the fuck?” I called out.

Gerard began to burst out laughing.

I looked at him, then towards the white wall Bob was hiding behind.

“Don’t worry its PG.” Gerard called out, through laughter.

I razed an eyebrow.

“OHH THAT’S SICK!” I yelled out. I had just understood. When I was banging my head against the bed frame, they thought otherwise.

Gerard busted out in laughed once more.

I shook my head, as Bob entered.

“Your fucking sick you know that!” I shouted.

Bob shrugged. “WHAT!?” “Come on, it sounded like-”

I raised my hand and, and hit bob hard across the head.

Everything went suddenly silent.

“OHHH SHIT GERARD. RUN!” Ray yelled, appearing behind Bob with Mikey next to him.

“He disserved it!” I shouted. Bob began to pull up his sleeves.

“Frankie. Your gonna get it now.” Bob smirked.

“STOP THE BUSS!” I screamed to the driver. We soon came to a halt. I pushed my way threw Bob and ran towards the door. I opened it and slammed it shut running full speed, luckily it wasn’t a busy road, I ran as fast as I could laughing.

I turned my head, and Bob was racing Gerard, I picked up my speed.

“BOOBBB! I’MM SSOOORRRYYY!” I yelled running fast, farm land surrounded us, and the light was becoming dim.

“YOUR DEAD FRANKIE!” Bob yelled.

I felt someone on my heels, I turned my head slightly to find Gerard running next to me, laughing.

“GEERRAARRDD!” I yelled, running faster.

“STOP FRANKIE!” I slowed down my pase soon stopping looking back to Find Bob standing 10 meters away from me, giving me the finger.

“FUCK YOU FRANKIE. FUCK YOU!” He yelled, I laughed. I kneeled down on one knee trying to catch my breath.

I felt Gerard hand on my shoulder, he was breathing heavily also trying to catch his breath.

We both began to laugh.

“SUCK BALLS BOB. SUCK BALLS!” I yelled, laughing. I stood up and waved, Bob stuck his rude finger at me once more and began his walk back to the bus. I laughed.

“That was fun, yeah?” Gerard coughed.

I smiled and nodded. ‘He had forgotten what happened earlier. Bob. I love you at this very moment.’ I thought.

Gerard seated himself on the hard rocky floor, I laughed.

“Come on! Get up, time for the walk back.” I teased.

Gerard grunted.

“They’ll come get us!” He smiled.

“Come on Gee!” I tugged at his shirt. “One more concert! Then were free, for.. like what? 3 weeks.”
We both exchanged laughs.

“Fuck. Got a cigarette?” He asked.

I smirked.

“Always.” I dug deep into my pocket and retrieved the cigarette packed an lighter, I handed his one and we both lit up our cigarettes, I took my seat next to him.

I shivered.

Gerard moved closer to my side.

“Frankie.. What happened before?” He asked.

“Umm. Nothing.” I mumbled, taking a drag from my cigarette.

‘Fuck cancer.’ I thought, taking another long drag.

“Come one. Tell me.” He pushed.

I looked at him, the sun was setting behind him.

“Gerard.” I began. “I think. Tonight, if I were to die. I would die a happy man.”

He smiled, he looked so beautiful.

I brought my hand to cheek, it felt warm and smooth on my fingertips.

I brought myself towards him.

And with one final sentence. “I love you.” I kissed him.

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