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Chapter Seven: Follow Me To Heaven, Devil

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LMFAAAOOO Ohkay. This chapter gets a little heated up! XDDD!!!! LMFAO. I'm sorry little perverted children they wont have sex. WELL ACTUALLY- i'll think- LALA XDDD LMFAAOOOO~!

~STILL Frankie’s point of view~

Chapter Seven: Come Back To Me, Angel.

Gerard ran full speed towards me, my mouth dropped.

‘Where the fuck did he get that sudden burst of energy from!’

“Frankie!” He screamed.

His body slammed into my own.

“Frankie. I. I.” He pleded. “I’ll give up.. I swear.”

My heart melted. How could he love me so much?

He reached out and touched my hand.

I could feel the guilt begin to rush threw my vanes. ‘Gerard.’ I thought. ‘I- I. I need time.. I’m not ready for the kind of relationship.’ The guilt rushed threw me, it burn. It hurt me so much. I couldn’t tell him this.

But I had no choice.

“Gerard.” I whispered. “I. I need time..”

Gerard’s face dropped slightly, he was trying so hard not to show me how much that hurt.

“Ok.” He simple answered, his bright hazel eyes shun. He ket his hand fall.

God. I wanted to kiss him so badly.

“Fuck it.” I whispered in his ear.

“What?” He looked as me puzzled.

I smirked.

I placed my right hand around his waste and pulled him towards me, I moved my body closer towards him.

Gerard mouth feel, I chuckled evilly.

“Your so seductive. So innocent.” I whispered, nibbling his ear.

He gasped.

I bit his lower neck, sucking it slightly. He remained still in shock.

I smirked, as i had left a on hickie his neck, I felt him tense against me.

“Frankie.” He whispered.

“Hmm.” I mumbled, breathing deeply down his neck.

“Your- Your such a turn on.” Gerard whispered, kissing my neck.

I pushed him further away from me.

He’s cheeks were crimson red, he was blushing. He looked so beautiful when he blushed.
I turned my head to face Mikey.

His eyebrows were raised, and his mouth had been open wide in shock.

I laughed.

“EH. EH. EHH!” Mikey began.

Gerard turned to face Mikey, and began to laugh loudly.

I smiled.

I’m glad I made him happy. Yet the guilt continued to rush through me.

‘How long would it take me, to do what I just did.. and mean it.’

My chest ached.

What I had just done, was fake.

‘How long until I really mean it?’ I asked myself.


We had checked Gerard out of hospital, quickly making a run for it before they saw the room.

Gerard had begun to talk a lot more, laugh and slowly turn back into his old self, yet I could rid thus feeling of guilt.

~Back On The Tour Bus~

We all sat quietly.

Gerard seated next to me, his head resting against my chest. Mikey sat opposite us, smiling to himself.

‘That bastard new all alone.’ I grinned.

Mikey, threw me a smirk. I glared at him.

We all then turned out heads and began watching Ray and Bob roll around the floor wrestling.

I laughed.

“Idiots” I mumbled.

“Eh.” Gerard mumbled.

“Hmm?” I questioned.

“I’m tired. I’m going to go sleep.” He breath deeply, and exhaled.

I nodded, Gerard tugged my hand in gesture to join him.

I smirked, and nodded.

He stood and walked toward his buck, disappearing against the purple curtain.

I laughed. “I’m kinda tired also. I think I’ll go bed.”

I winked at Mikey.

Mikey licked his lip. “Have fun Fee. Fee.” He mumbled winking back.

My mouth dropped. I began to piss myself laughing.

“You fucking perve.” I muttered throwing one of my picks at him.

I followed Gerard trail to his buck bed.
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