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Chapter Six: “It Was A Lie When They Said, You Wont Feel A Thing.”

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ZOMMG. Chap 6. Smirk I’m totally on a roll. ALSO Review please! It makes me wanna write more. Lols. COME ON PEOPLE~
~Frankie's Point of view..~

Chapter Six: “It was a lie when they said, you wont feel a thing.”

I chuckled. “Don’t worry Gerard. Your not dreaming.” I smiled.

He returned my smile, turning his head away from me and looking towards the window.

I gave his hand a little tug.

“Babe.” I began. “About the co-”

I froze as he shot me glare, he’s eyes wide.


No answer.

“Gee!” I stood from my chair, and placed my two hand on either side of his cheeks.

He seemed to snap out of it, as soon as I touched him.

“T-The,” He began.

“Shh. Don’t worry.” I hushed him to be silence.

“Frankie..” He whined.


“Frankie.. I- I.” He paused. “I’m sorry.. For. Um. What happened at the concert. I- I didn’t mean-”

I cut him off.

“You be sorry! Hell, I’m the one who should be sorry babe.”

Gerard smiled at me. I grinned. ‘He liked me calling him babe.’ I thought to myself.

“Babe” I smirked as a blush crept on his face, he new that I was aware calling him babe made him smile. And of god.. It had been a long time since he had smiled. “Babe I- Do you remember what happened to you 2 nights ago?”

He took a while to answer.

“No.” He simile answered.

‘Liar’ I thought.

“Nothing at all?” I pushed on.

“No.” He answered again.

“Gerard. Then aren’t you wondering why the hell you in hospital?” I grumbled a little harshly then I should.


I snorted.

“You can be a real stubborn bastard sometimes.” I mumbled under my breath.

“Excuse me?” He snapped.
“Hmm, yeah what? Sorry. What did you say?” I mumbled.

Gerard eyed me evilly.

“You’re the stubborn bastard that wont admit to your feelings!” He yelled.

‘He heard me talking to Ray!’ 1000 thoughts ran through my mind.

“I have no fucking feelings for you Gerard.” I snapped.

My heart ached. But why?

Gerard face had softened, his eyes had dropped. He’s body had become tense.

‘SHIT!’ I could have slapped myself that very moment.

Gerard, turned him head to face the window once more.

“Gee.. I. I.”

No answer, I must have really hurt him.

I slid my hand toward Gerard. I touched it. So cold it was, he seemed almost lifeless.

Gerard suddenly snapped his hand away from mine.

‘Gerard.. oh god. That hurt me. I want to tell you so many things—maybe Ray was right, maybe I do love you. I don’t know!’

Knock, knock, knock

“Come in!” I shouted harshly.

I heard the door squeak, and shut.

I payed no attention to the intruder.

I watched as Gerard slowly turned to see who had entered. He smiled warmly.

‘Fake.’ I grumbled in my thoughts.

“Gerard!” I herd a familiar voice mutter with joy.

“Hello Mikey..” Gerard whispered.

Before I new it, a black figure ran past me, and then stood Mikey looking over Gerard bed.

“Mikey began explaining what had happened.” Gerard simple looked down in pure shame. I payed no attention, I stared at the white walls thinking.

“Gerard.. Promise me.”

I looked towards Mikey, this had caught my attention.

“That you will, never drink again.” He stared, pleading.

Gerard just lay there. He didn’t say a word. He suddenly turned his face towards me, I nodded slightly. He new I wanted him to stop.

“Mikey..” He began. He eyed me. “I’m sorry but.. Drinking takes my pain away.”

My heart ached more than ever, he was blaming it on me.

Mikey sighted.

“Gerard!” He shook his brother by the shouldered.
‘Two can plat this fucking game’ I thought.

I eyed Gerard.

“Gerard. I love you.” I whispered.

Gerard’s eyes widened, Mikey snapped his head my way.

“What?!” They both yelled at the same time.

I arose from my chair.

“Gerard. I fucking love you. And until you stop drinking, you’ll need to find a new rhythmic guitarist. I’m leaving My Chemical Romance.”

There I had said it.

I fucking loved Gerard. I new it all along. That’s why my heart ached every time I saw him like this.
I tried to convince myself I didn’t but I failed.

I FUCKING LOVE YOU GERARD WAY. And until you stop drinking, you’ve lost me. Your lover. And you guitarist.

“Frankie!” Gerard whispered as I turned my back and was preparing to leave.


I turned my head, Gerard had suddenly unhooked himself from all the machines, and ran towards me. Blood began to soak up in the white bandage, yet he didn’t care.

He ran towards him.

“Gee!” Mikey yelled after him.

His body slammed into my own.
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