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Chapter Five: 48 Hours Of Hell

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HELLO AGAIN! WOAH, 2 chapters in one day! You bloody better be happy! xD. Also, this chapter is in Frankie point of view. SO WERE GONNA BE FRANKIE FOR A DAY. Lets see what Frankie thinks..
~Frankie's Point of view..~

Chapter Five: 48 Hours Of Hell

I watched silently over Gerard body.

Guilt swelled up inside of me. “Poor Gerard..” I whispered.

Beeb, Beeb, Beeb

The continues rhythm of the machines Gerard was hooked up to, played. Over, and over again.

He has been in hospital for 2 days now. The doctor had said, he had seen him awake. But it seems when we all walk in the room he closes his eyes and sleeps.

My heart ached.

He doesn’t want to see us.


I turned my head to rind Ray resting against the door.

“Yeah?” I answered.

He grinned. “He’ll wake up, don’t worry about it dude.”

I nodded, turning my head towards the injured Gerard.
He’s eyes, smudged with eyeliner, red and bruised from crying. His face, so pail so smooth. He hair messy, and filled with stick and dry blood. His head had been bandaged with a white clean bandage. His right hand, also bandaged and sprained.
Gerard looked dreadful, and in serious pain. And all because of me.

I felt Ray’s eyes upon me.

“Ray. You fucker, piss of.” I snapped.

I heard him chuckle, I shot him an evil glare. He smirked, somewhat amused.

“What, do you find this funny!?” I yelled.

Ray smiled.

“No. I just find it amusing that Gerard can admit his feeling to you, and you can’t.” He’s smile disappeared, he shot me a serious face.

My mouth fell.

“What the fuck are you talking about you fucker?!” I snapped at him once again.

“Frankie. Frankie. Frankie.” He shock his head in disapproval. “For once. Look in between the lines. ”He grinned at me once more and left.

“AYE!” I yelled. He ignored me and walked away, probably going to sit with Mikey and Bob.

I turned my back towards the door when suddenly, I felt a hand tap me on the shoulder.

“What the fuck do you want now!” I grunted.

I turned my head to find a young woman staring at me in offence.

“Oh! I’m so sorry!” I apologized.

She eyes me for a while, then recovered.
“I’m- I’m sorry to have disturbed you sir” She bowed her head in shame.

“No! No! I thought you were someone else! Forgive me. I’m so sorry.” I muttered back to her smiling kindly, she returned the smile, blushingly she walking towards Gerard.

“May I cheek how his progress is going.?” She asked, blushing harder.

“Be my guest.”

She chuckled, and began her work with the machinery I played no attention to her, I simple stared at Gerard.

‘His face.. so white. So beautiful. Why hadn’t I noticed this before? He’s lips-’

“So the nurse at the front office tells me your in a band. What band are you in?”

The woman had interrupted my thoughts.

I looked towards her. Crimson hair she had, that waved slowly down towards her shoulders, her eyes bright green. She was a pretty girl.

“Umm, I play in a band called My Chemical Romance, I’m the rhythmic guitarist.” I paused. “And that man lying in the bed.. is the lead singer.” I stated give her a fake smiling.

“Wow! That’s awesome.” She giggled. “So can you sing also?”

It took me a while to answer her.

Gerard had always said I was a good singer, but I never agreed.

“He always thoughts so.” I looked towards Gerard than back at the nurse to gesture who I was talking about. “He said I had a good voice, he always liked my voice. But in the band.. I’m the screamer.”

The nurse, smiled. “Well.” She began. “ If he liked your singing so much.. sing for him.”

“Pf-WHAT?” I nearly choked on my spit.

She giggled.

“Sing for him.” She simply smiled. “I’m sure he’ll like it. Trust me.”

“I- I-“ I paused as she had interrupted me.

“Well. I’m done. I’ll close the door, so no one will hear you, and I’ll make sure there someone watching the door so no one comes in to disturb you.” She smiled, and exited the room.

“But- But-But.”

She had left, and closed the door as promised.

“Sing for him?” I whispered.

“But what song.” I mumbled “Disenchanted? The black parade?! What song!?” I argued with myself.

“S-Sleep.” Gerard whispered, softly.

I arose from my chair instantly.

“Gerard!” I yelled.

No answer.

“Gerard! Answer me!”

No answer.

‘Bastard..’ I thought. ‘He was going to me sing.’

I moved my chair towards his bed, sitting slowly.
I breathed in deeply.

“Some say now suffer all the children. And walk away a savior. Or a mad man and polluted from gutter institutions. Don’t you breathe for me.” I paused. “Undeserving of your sympathy. Cause there ain’t no way that I’m sorry for what I did..”

I took hold of Gerard injured hand, and carefully held it in my own. And continued

“And through it all.. How could you cry. For me. Cause I don’t feel bad about it, so shut your eyes
kiss me goodbye. And sleeeeeepppp. Just sleeeepppp. The hardest part.. Is letting go of your dreams..” My voice broke off.

I stroked his cheek, so soft it was.

Gerard smiled. He rapped his injured hand around mine. He turned towards me, and smiled.

“Frankie… Is this a dream?” He asked.
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