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Chapter 1

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Kat brings in a vampire, Bob doesn't like Plan B. [Rated for very very mild violence.]

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Chapter 1
I walk slowly and stealthily down the blackened alley way. I try to push the thoughts about whether or not I locked the flat door to the back of my mind and concentrate on the job at hand. I’m following a hotshot local vampire, one that’s been responsible for the deaths of a lot of homeless people. They think they’re doing us a favour, cleaning up the streets, that’s what one of the guys from intelligence said anyway. I think they’re murderers robbing us of the life they abandoned when they let vampire blood into their veins.

“I’m closing up on him now, I think he can smell someone, as soon as I see him go into attack mode I’ll snare him.” I whisper to my mic. Bob insists on us being wired up whenever we go out on surveillance or for the kill. Apparently it’s so he knows where we are and so that he can send help if anything happens. I think it’s just so he can be as close to the action as possible whilst sat in a wheel chair. It’s a shame really, he used to be the best, now he’s ordering around a nineteen year old girl, two seventeen year old boys and a hoard of twenty somethings. I’m the only girl, I’m also the best.

“Don’t get too excited Kat, his senses will be fully extended right now, and we don’t want him to pick up on your racing heart.” He replies into my ear piece.
“Sure thing chief.” I agree and guiltily try to steady my pulse. I’m passionate about my job, what can I say?

The tall vampire in front of me pauses and looks behind him. I’m safely concealed behind a waste bin before he’s even thought about turning around though and when I hear his heavy footsteps pick up again I take a deep breath and carry on in my pursuit.

I know I didn’t get caught but he shouldn’t have even turned around. I’m getting sloppy. I need to focus. If I’m going to go after the Lamia I need to be on top form, not falling apart at the seems.
After another hour of tracking something interesting finally happens. The vampire’s pace picks up and I can see the change in his bodily shape when a street lamp briefly illuminates him and I manage to catch a glimpse of his silhouette. Our dear vampire has changed into monster mode. Ten minutes and I should be able to move in for the kill.

I follow him through a parking lot, down more twisting side streets and across the roofs of several buildings until I finally catch a glimpse of what he’s been chasing all night.

A young girl.

She’s homeless, as is his repertoire, and I recognise her vaguely as one of the girls who works the streets by night and tries to look sweet and innocent whilst begging during the day. Still, she doesn’t deserve to die this way, stalked like an animal, hunted down the way an eagle would hunt a mouse. I would stake this one good, but not before getting some information.

As we’re narrowing in on the girl I step on a patch of broken glass. As intended the vampire turns around erratically and swoops back down the empty side street towards me. I walk behind a skip and creep up behind him as he passes me. I pull out my wooden cane and handcuffs.
“Looking for me?” I say through gritted teeth then bring the cane down hard on the back of his afro covered head.
“I’m going to need the truck to pick me up if we’re going to bring this one in. I’m just behind Paradise Road. I’ll see you soon.” I inform Bob then set to handcuffing my captive.
“You’re in for a long night, sucker.”


“Wha- What. How dare you?!”
“Well, I only wanted to ask you some questions but if you’re going to be like that…” I trail off with a smirk and pick up a bundle of kebab skewers, wooden of course, from the table next to me. I twirl one around in my fingers looking at it thoughtfully while the vampire struggles against the handcuffs.
“We know our stuff, you won’t get out of here. Not alive any way. Not unless you give us some really good information. Then we might be tempted. We’re not monsters you see.”
“What are you talking about?” He says through gritted teeth.
“Sorry I forgot to introduce myself. I’m Kat.” I laugh as recognition dawns on him. “Yes, that Kat. The famous vampire hunter.” I prise some dirt from under my nail with the end of the skewer. “So how about you talk or I’ll start sticking these into your body?”
“I’m not telling you anything.”
“Oh I think you are.” I correct him then begin to circle him where he is sat on the floor. “Where can I find the Lamia clan? Is Gerard still with them? How can I get close to them? Where are they headed? What are they planning to do? I heard they were trying to organise a blood feast? Actually I heard you were part of those celebrations. Care to discuss that?”
“I don’t know what you’re talking about.”
“Oh, yes you do.” I scowl and stab one of the sticks into his left arm.
“Ow! You bitch!”
“I didn’t get my reputation from nowhere asshole. Speak up or the next one’s going in your cock.”
“I can’t say anything. I’ll be killed. I wouldn’t betray my people to a bitch like you anyway!”
“Well let’s look at your options shall we? Either you answer my questions and once we’ve checked the information and found it to be true we provide some protection for you and cover our tracks about where we got our dirt from. Or you don’t tell us anything and you die, painfully and slowly at my hands. Or you tell us wrong information, we set you free, find out you lied to us and tell Marcus it was you who let slip where he’d been keeping all those young boys. I can assure death at his hands is going to be ten times worse than anything I could ever do to you.”

He swallows and looks around the room. Noticing that there are no windows and that the floor, ceiling and walls are all panelled with wood he looks into my eyes and glares.
“What do you want to know?”


“So, the Lamia clan are due to arrive here in a months time as far as he knows but he said there may be some arriving early. Gerard is still leading them and a made vampire by the name of Frank is controlling the clan while he is away on ‘business’.” I ignore the concerned glance Bob throws me. “This is causing some dispute between the group as the pure vampires think they are more deserving of being second in command than a made vampire that was born to them barely 3 years ago.

“Rumour has it that Frank is incredibly strong. He’s evolving at a faster rate than many of the born vampires let alone the made ones. He’s harnessing his powers quicker and easier than any of the others. His new powers don’t just explode in rages of emotion, he can control them. He can use them to intentionally destruct. We may want some one to check up on these claims though before we start collectively shitting ourselves.

“The Blood Feast rumours were true but the information was distorted. They’re not only coming here to collect the meat they’re holding the party here too. He wouldn’t tell me where but to be honest I don’t think he knows. He was supposed to be collecting those homeless people to serve on the night but he was draining them instead. Seems the organisers weren’t best pleased and therefore he was kept on the outskirts of their plans.”
“Shall I try and get more info out of him?” Shane asks me with a dark gleam in his eyes. His Mum was killed for her blood in front of him a few years ago, he joined six months after me but his rage always got the better of him when it got to the crucial moment.
“There’s not much point. He’s told all he’s going to tell. You going in will just work him up. He might be useful to us later on if we can keep him on our side.”
“Fine.” Shane sulkily agrees and stares at the floor.
“Erm… what else…” I trail off. Annoyed that Shane had interrupted me mid flow and now I had forgotten what I was saying in the middle of a speech to the whole group.
“Ways of getting into the clan or getting close to them?” Bob smiles at me.
“Ah yeah.” I smile my thanks at him then pick it up. “He said he doesn’t think there’s any way of getting any of our moles into the clan. No one leaves their clan to join the Lamias. You’re either bought into it by blood sharing; being made into a vampire by one of them, or you’re born into it. Occasionally a vampire can be married into it but that’s only happened 3 times in the last 80 years. None of them under Gerard’s rule.”
“What are we going to do then? Try and bring them down without any one on the inside? We can’t let this opportunity go.”
“I know we can’t. Which is why I came up with a plan B. It’s risky and I’ll be asking a lot of anyone who accompanies me but… like he said we can’t let this pass us by. It’s once in a life time. If we can do this… we can wipe them out guys. We really could save the world.”
“What’s the plan?” Shane asks with renewed vigour.
“The plan is that me and one, maybe two of you, work our way onto the menu.”
“No Kat! That’s too dangerous.” Bob objects.
“It’s our only choice!” I shout back. “It’s ok for me to go following them around alleys and staking them in the backs but it’s not ok for me to go into the field?”
“You could get recognised.”
“Frank doesn’t deal with the food. He won’t see who’s for dinner until we’re laid out on the table. And of course I don’t plan for things to get that far.”
“I’ll send some of the guys in. You can be part of the group who storm the house.”
“No! I’m the best you’ve got and you need the bloody best inside that house!”
“We can’t loose you Kat. You’re too good.”
“Then let me work up to my potential!”
He hesitates then lowers his gaze. “If anything happens I want it remembered that I thought this was a bad idea. A crazy idea. Ingenious of course… but bloody crazy.”
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