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Chapter 2

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Mikey is mentioned over cups of coffee back at Kat's flat. [chapters do get longer after this]

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Chapter 2

“So Kat, you never told me how the date went the other night?” Bob asks me as I make us both coffee back at my flat. We’d both decided to call the meeting short and had sent everyone back to their beds. It was as if it had just dawned on us how dangerous this new mission was and all we wanted in that moment was to send everyone home to where they were loved. We wanted them to be safe just for one night.
“How do you think it went?” I scowl and scoop sugar into his coffee before giving it a stir.
“Judging by past performance? I think he probably called you sugar and you put him in a head lock. Or he tried to kiss you good night and you jabbed him in the temples.” We laugh and I shake my head as we sit down at my table clutching the mugs of steaming liquid.
“Something like that…” I sigh.
“Seriously Kat, what happened? You seem more bummed out than usual about this one.”
“I just wanted this one to work out.” I put the coffee down deciding that it’s too hot to drink right now. “He was really nice. Too nice I guess. I told him I couldn’t see him again and he said that he understood. That I should call him when I can see him. How could he say that? He must hate me but he was so nice about it. He never asked why I used to sneak off in the middle of the night. He never moaned about me snapping at him during the day coz I was tired. He never even jumped to the usual conclusion that I must be seeing someone else.”
“Why did you say you can’t see him again?”
“I don’t know.” I answer truthfully and look down as tears spring to my eyes. “I don’t know.” He takes my hand across the table and I look up at him.
“It’ll be ok. You just need to find the right guy that’s all.”
“I did though, and they took him away from me. And no matter how much I dream I’m never going to get him back am I? He’s changed now, he’s a monster. He could never love me, I could never love him. I’m stuck loving a ghost. My Frank is dead. He’s never coming back to me. I’m never going to kiss him ever again.” I say and let the tears fall this time.

“Kat are you sure you want to do this? Be in on this one? I’ll understand if you want to take a back seat.”
“No. I have to do this. He took Frank, he tempted him away with immortality. I have to kill Gerard. You know that.”
“I do. But I also know that your head is all over the place right now and that placing yourself in front of Gerard is basically suicide whilst you’re like this.”
“I can handle it.” I say gruffly then take a sip of my coffee.
“Can you?”
“Of course. I’m Kat aren’t I? Heartless vampire slayer. No vampire too strong, no chase too fast, no rooftop too high. I’m invincible, rumoured to be immortal just like them. I’m a killing machine.”
“That still doesn’t mean you wont loose your head.”
“Ok. Fine. I honestly don’t know what’s going to happen when I find myself face to face with Frank or Gerard. I could completely loose my cool and fuck up the whole mission. But then again I might not, I probably won’t, because deep down I know that staying cool and being as level headed as possible is the most likely to get Gerard killed and Frank back to normal.”

“Oh Kat…” He sighs then looks at me pityingly. I could smack him for that look.
“You know you can’t rescue him. There’s no cure to vampirism. If there was he wouldn’t want it. You need to let go.”
“I am. I’m trying.” I rest my head in my hands and close my eyes. This conversation is just going round and round in circles and I know we’ll have many more like this until the mission finally gets going. Bob can be too caring sometimes. We’re the closest of the group. More like brother and sister than anything. He doesn’t like to see me hurting. I don’t like it when he looks through everything and sees my broken heart.

“How are you planning on getting yourselves in then?”
“Well I had a quick ideas session before everyone left and most ideas were useless or impossible but Shane came up with a good one.” I begin, glad to be able to focus of facts and plans and strategies again.
“Ok ok.” I smile whilst raising my hands in mock defence. “Well obviously we have Mr V trapped in our interrogation room, we really need to find out his name, but any way that gives us an opening. We set him out there but keep him on a tight reign. I go out onto the streets like a new run away and he ‘finds’ me. He captures me and hands me over. Voila!”
“Can we definitely trust him to follow through on this?”
“That’s the only snag. But while we still have the threat of the Marcus incident we should be Ok. Plus he seemed a little disgusted by the Lamia any way, turns out he isn’t actually one of them, just working for them, so we can play on that.”
“And how will I keep in contact with you?”
“I’ll take multiple transmitters and wires. It should be easy to smuggle stuff like that in, obviously I won’t be able to take the phone and headsets.”
“There might be bad reception.”
“But by the time I get in the intelligence team will have found out where the bash is being held and you’ll know where I am, even if technology fails and you can’t talk directly to me.”
“I’m still not happy.”
“If anyone can do this it’s me Bob.”
“I’m sending Mikey with you.”
“Yes. He’s a Hunter I knew from up north. A good friend of mine trained him up. He’s about your age but he’s been doing this since he was 10. Dare I say he’s better than you.”
“Well… I can’t wait to meet him.”

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