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Chapter Eleven: Annoyance

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WWWAAAZZZ UPPP CHILDREN! XDD. My gosh, I’ve updated like what 4 bloody chapters in one day!? ZOOMMMGG. Amazing. I usually get lazy and don’t xD. Well enjoy this chapter.
Poor Bob, XD couldn’t sleep. LMAO.

Chapter Eleven: Annoyance

I sat quietly next to Frankie, nibbling on my toast. The rest of the band eyes us and grumbled, from there lack of sleep last night. I giggled.

Mikey continually stared at me, that at Frankie. It began to drive me mad.

“Mikey. Can you stop that please?”

Mikey snorted.

I handed my half bitten piece of toast to Frankie. “What the rest?” I questioned.

“You eat it.” He pushed the toast towards me.

“I don’t want it. You eat it.”

He took to toast from my hand, and consumed it all in on bite. I rolled my eyes.

“Show off.”

“What?!” He began. “Gosh, sorry I have a bloody big mouth.”

I chucked.

“That’s not such a bad thing Frankie.” I whispered.

Frankie coughed, choking on the toast.

I laughed harder.

Our tour bus soon came to a stop.

“Sir!” James had yelled. “I’ve found a 4 star hotel.”

We all thanked him. We stood and retrieved a clean change of clothes, wilts Ray checked us in.

I stepped out of the bus, shutting my eyes and turning away. The sun was so strong.

“Ahah. Vampire.” Frankie muttered behind me.

I grumbled, making my way towards the shade in a quick strut.

Ray walked towards us.

“Okay guys. I check us in for 3 days. Our concert isn’t for like what, a week?” Ray muttered, fanning himself, the heart was horrible. “Anyways. Gerard and Frankie, room 34. Mikey, Bob room 37. AND ME. ROOM 41!”

“WHAT! You get your own fucking room!” Mikey yelled, snatching Rays key as he handed them out to each of us.

“HEY.” Ray snatched back his key, throwing Mikey’s on the floor.

Mikey eyed him evil.

“Your asshole! I’m gonna kick your ass!” Bob held Mikey back, as he struggled to get out of Bob grasp.

“Wow.” I laughed. “Note to self- Give Mikey his own room”

Mikey shot me an evil glare.
And Bob lead him towards his room.


Once we arrived at our rooms, we gasped. Golden silk curtains, silver bed sheets.

“Where the black!?” Frankie yelled, I laughed loudly.

“Awww, Frankie doesn’t have his black-ness” I wondered around the room.

So big. SO CLEAN!

I walked into the white bathroom. It was a light purple with flower’s painted on the walls, the shower an average size.


I felt to arms wrap around my waste pulling me closer. “Wanna try the shower?” Frankie asked, nibbling my ear.

The head rushed to my face.

“Eh-Um,” I had difficulty trying to give an answerer.

Frankie breathed down my neck, seductively.

‘JESUS!’ I screamed in my head.

He chucked. Shrug, his hands slowly moved down my waist, and across to my pants, he unbuttoned them.

I tensed.

Frankie shucked, kissing my neck.

“I’m gonna have a shower. I’ll be back soon.” He whispered, his hands dropped. I watched as he walked towards the bathroom door, and close it, with one last smile at me.

I remained still. I turned towards the mirror, I was shocked to see me facile expression.

‘I looked like I got fucking raped!” I thought. I shoot me hand, and ran my fingers through my hair.


Once Frankie had finished, I avoided his eye.

I quickly power walked my way towards the bathroom, quickly undressing and sighted as the hot water had began to poor onto me.

“Why did I react like that?” I whispered to myself.

I scrubbed myself with the soap Frankie had left in there for me to use.

Once cleaned i stepped out of the shower, I rapped a towel around my waste.

I froze.

“Fuck!” I snapped.

Knock. Knock.

“Gee, you alright?”

I bit my lip.

“Eh, uh- I left my clothes onto of my bed. Eh, can you get them for me”
I heard his laugh.

I could had slapped myself.

“Got em, can I come in?” He asked.

‘Fuck no!’ I thought, burring red once again. “Sure.”

The door squeaked as it opened, and there Frankie stood raising one eyebrow.

“Well.” He began, causing me to look the other direction. “Aren’t you.. all.” I felt him smirk. “Wet.”

I grinned. Times like these, I hated being pail, he saw my cheeks turn red.

He walked towards me, his hand warped around my back, pulling my closer towards him.

“Gee? What’s wrong?” He asked.

“Nothing” I answered, trying to avoid my eye contact, his left hand caught me chin, he turned my head towards him.

He smiled.

“Why are you blush?” He asked.

“What!? Pfft, I’m not!” I laughed awkwardly.

He nodded. “I know why, is it because of this”

Unexpectedly, his right hand, ran down my back. He griped my towel pulling it from my waste.

“That better.” He whispered, he brought his lips to mine, kissing my roughly I felt my lips bruise against his.

And there I stood naked, as Frankie kissed me.

We broke apart gasping for air, he smiled. He turned his back and left, dropping my clothes near the door,

‘FUUCCCKKKK!’ I screamed slightly in my head.


I changed quickly, spraying myself with deodorant.

I opened the door, the room was silent. I tiptoed out, and looked at myself in the mirror.

I worse, black jeans, and my Green Day band t-shirt. I ran my fingers through my hair, to give it the messy un-brushed look, I smiled.

I entered the main room, and there Frankie lay on his bed playing his Nintendo DS.

I shook my head.

He lifted his head as I entered.

“Wanna go down see what the other guys are up to?” He asked.

I nodded, I needed to talk to Mikey.

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