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Chapter Twelve: Flirt

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Chapter Twelve: Flirt

I followed Frankie to the pool area, where Ray, Mikey and Bob were swimming. I laughed at them, sitting myself at the bar watching them.

“Gee! Come in!” Ray yelled.

I shook my head. “Hell no! The suns out!” I yelled, as the shook there head and continued splashing each other.

“Bloody vampire.” Frankie muttered, as he sat next to me and ordered a coffee.

I chuckled, Turing my body towards the rows of liquor. My lips throbbed, I wanted it so bad.

Frankie eyed me.


I turned my head towards him smiling, he grinned.

“Your coffee sir.” A young lady interrupted our graze, Frankie turned towards her and his eyes widened.

She giggled, as he smiled at her and took the coffee from his hand.

“So you live around here, or visiting?” She asked.

I bit my lip. ‘Whore.’ I muttered under my breath, they payed no attention to me.

I eyed her. She had pail skin, long blond hair that was tied up in a high pony-tale and aqua blue eyes.

Frankie’s type.

Frankie laughed. “Actually” He began, taking a sip at his coffee. “I’m in a band. Were touring.”

The bar tender gasped. “Wow!” “What band!?”

Frankie giggled at her reaction. “My Chemical Romance.” He stated proudly.

“Oh yeah, I’ve heard of that band. Are you the singer?” She asked, playing with a lock of her hair.

‘Jesus, may as well fucking strip’ I thought.

Frankie took another sip of his coffee. “Nope. The fag next to me is.” He laughed, the young girl smiled at me.

“I’m sorry darl, did you want anything?” She offered.

“Scotch and coke.” I mumbled.

Frankie shot me a glare. “What?!” He snapped.

I eyed him. “A scotch and coke please.” I snapped back, Turing to face the girl smiling.

“O-K.” She started at me weirdly, begging to make me my drink.

“Gerard!” Frankie snapped.

“What the fuck is wrong with one little, scotch and coke?” I snapped.

“Ge-” He was interrupted, as the girl handed me my drink.

“Thank.” I grinned. I brought the glass to my lips, and drank.
The delicious alcohol, rolled around in my mouth I swallowed.

“Ahh. Delicious.” I turned to face Frankie, who’s face was burring with anger.

“Anyways.” The bar tender began. “What do you do in the band?”

Frankie shook his head, and turned to face the young girl.

“I’m the rhythmic guitarist, and screamer.” He sipped his coffee, ignoring me completely.

“Frankie. Give me a cigarette.”

He continued, talking to the girl, ignoring me.

“Frankie.” I grunted. “Give me a fucking cigarette.” I raised my voice slightly.

Anger grew inside of me.

“That’s awesome. Can I have you number? You know-” The young women blushed. Frankie giggled.

“Sure, you got a pen.”

I sculled the rest of my scotch and coke.

Frankie held the young women’s and wrote his number.

“Fucking bastard. Give a cigarette!” I snapped.

Frankie shot me a glare.

“No.” He answered arrogantly.

“Fuck you!” I yelled.

I lost control, i had snapped. I tipped Frankie’s coffee onto him, he yelped in pain as it burned his skin. He jumped up, I stood.

“What the fuck Gerard!” He yelled, pushing me.

The whole pool had silence they eyed us.

“Frankie!” I heard Bob yell.

“Your such a fucking ass hole Frankie!” I snapped, pushing him harder, Frankie threw a punch as me, I had dogged it, I kneed him in the stomach, he pulled at my hair and we were off, we began throw each other on top of the bar, smashing glass, Frankie punched me hard. I felt my lips crack.

“Gerard STOP!” I heard Mikey yell.

We ignored them, throwing punched at each other, everyone began to gasp and scream.

Before Frankie could throw another punch at me, I quickly grabbed the class and smashed it on top of his head, he screamed as the blood dripped down his skull, he charged towards me, but was stopped by Bob who held him back.

“Frankie stop!” Bob yelled, holding him tighter as Frankie struggled to escape his grasp.

I moved forward but was caught by Mikey, he dragged me back.

“GERARD YOU CUNT!” Frankie yelled.

My heart stung.

What ha just happened.

Mikey dragged me back to his hotel room
I could taste the blood in my mouth.

“Gee, what the fuck happened!?” Mikey questioned as he, wet a towel and began dapping at my wounds, my head aced. I felt the scab on the side of my head, it stung. Mikey began disinfecting all my cuts, I yelp as it stung. My hand was through the healing process, it stung as Mikey dabbed it with disinfected.

“Mikey..” I whispered. “I- Get Frankie.”

“NO!” Mikey yelled.

“I- I, don’t know why I did that.” I mumbled through tears.

“Gee..” Mikey grinned, he embraced me.

Bob entered, phasing.

“How’s Frankie?” Mikey asked, ending the hug.

“I- I dunno.” Bob mumbled nervously. “Ray’s driving him to the hospital. He’s cut pretty bad.”

I clenched my fists.

“I’m so stupid.” I yelled.

Bob payed no attention to me.

“He should be fine. He.. Was crying.” Bob whispered.

My eyes widened.

Mikey slowly turned towards me.

“What?!” I snapped.

“Gerard.. It’s over between you and Frankie.” Bob whispered.

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