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Chapter Thirteen: Heartbreak

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Poor Gee. >=[ POOR FRANKIIEE! Dies
Ahah, Sad chap yea? GAH. I didn’t want to but it’s the story line.

Chapter Thirteen: Heartbreak

I rocked back and forth, I bit my lip. Blood began to poor into my mouth, I sobbed. Mikey hushed me, placing his arm around my shoulder.

“Frankie..” I mumbled through sobs.

I had sat on Mikey’s bed for 5 hours, sobbing. It was 3:00pm, late afternoon.

Word had been given to Bob that, Frankie was fine but had to stay the night.

Mikey assured me this would all blow over.

“Mikey.. Don’t bring his hopes up.” Bob whispered, his face filled with compassion and sadness.

“Bob!” Mikey snapped.

I buried my face into Mikey’s shoulder.

‘I truly fucked up. He was never going to take me back.’ I thought, I cried harder.

“F-F-FRANKIEEE!” I screamed, Mikey held me in a tight embrace.

Knock, knock.

My head lifted suddenly, Bob’s eyes widened. He rushed towards the door, slamming it open.

There stood Ray.

“Where Frankie!?” Bob yelled, shaking Ray by the shoulders.

“Hospital! Get of me!” Ray snapped, Bob’s arms dropped.

Ray pushed his way through Bob, rushing to my side.

“Gerard? Are you okay?” He asked, placing his hand on my shoulder.

I breathed deeply. “Wh-What, eh. Did he say?” I had mumbled, sniffing.

Ray hesitated, looking towards Mikey, who still held me in an embrace.

“Umm.” He began.

“What did he say!” I snapped, loudly causing Ray to flinch.

“Gerard. He- Umm, said nothing really. He was pissed, really bad. He-” Ray paused. “He was crying.”

A tear escaped. It ran silently down my face.

“Be-Because of me?” I mumbled.

Ray grinned.

“No. Because of the pain. He- Eh, was.. calling you a cunt.”

“Ray! Fuck!” Mikey snapped, embracing my tightly.

“What! Jesus! He should know this shit, stop hiding it from him!” Ray snapped back, snapping his hand to his mouth. He had just muttered, something his shouldn’t have.

“Way to go, fuckhead.” Bob threw a pillow at Ray head.

“You- You new this!” I snapped, pushing Mikey away.

“Gerard, listen we didn’t want to tell you for your own good.” Mikey began.

“Were the fuck is Frankie?! What the fuck did he say!” I yelled, I walked towards Ray.

“Frankie- Eh, is in the room.” Ray took a step back from me.

“RAY NO!” Bob yelled.

My eyes widened. “HE’S HERE!?”

“He really did go Hospital Gee! But they let him come back here!” Ray stated.

“So your fucking telling me, I sat here for all those hour’s waiting for Frankie to get back, AND HE WAS FUCKING HERE ALREADY!”

Ray stumbled as he walked towards the door, blocking it.

“Get out of my fucking way Ray.” I threatened.

I had lost control, I needed to see Frankie.

“Gee, clam down dude. You look like a fucking murderer.” Ray mumbled.

Tears escaped from my eyes once more.

“I-I need to see him.” I whispered, I calmed myself.

100 emotions were running through me.

I felt Mikey’s hand on my shoulder.

“Let him go guys.” Mikey whispered.

Ray was dumbstruck.

“But- Frankie!” Bob yelled.

“God damit, fuck Frankie! Let Gerard see him!” Mikey rose his voice.

Ray stepped aside. “He’s in his bed.” Ray held out the key. Ran past him, snatching the key and running towards the door with the big golden 34. I paused. I placed the key in the key hole and turned the door knob it opened.

I saw a figure lying completely still.

“Frankie” I whispered.

Frankie groaned.

“Ray, hurry the fuck up and come in. Don’t just stand there” Frankie snapped.

I obeyed, I closed the door placing the keys in my pockets.

I dragged my feet towards Frankie, tears dropped from my eyes.

His hand was covering his eyes, I kneeled beside his bed, tear continual fell yet I sat quietly.

“Ray what are you-” He froze as he turned his head to face me.

I bit my lip, I tried my best to hold the tears, yet the dropped freely from my eyes.

The right side of his face was bandaged, his lip bruised purple.

‘Did I really do that to him?’

We remained silent for a while, he started at me no emotion in his eyes.

“F-Frankie.” I sobbed.

He remained silent.

“I’m sorry. I-I” I paused.

Frankie had rolled to the opposites of me, he turned his back on me.

A sad moan escaped my mouth, as I sobbed harder.

“Gerard.” Frankie whispered. “Fuck off.. And never talk to me again.” He snapped harshly.

“F-F-” I began but was cut of by Frankie’s yell “FUCK OFF!”

I bit my lip, holding in my tears.

‘He hated me. It was all over now.’

I lifted myself, and dragged myself towards the bathroom. I felt his gaze on me.

I leaned against the wall, and slid down it, I held my knee’s, and cried.
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