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Chapter Fourteen: One Night, And One Last Time

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*ALSSOO Please, before you read. LISTEN TO THE DESERT SONG.
The Desert Song – My Chemical Romance -
~Frankie’s Point Of View~

Chapter Fourteen: One Night, And One Last Time

I lay silently, I tried to block out Gerard cry’s and moans. But every time I tried, I failed,

My head spun, it still felt like there was glass still sticking to my skin. I tossed and turned.

“F-F-Frankkiee!” I heard Gerard gasp.

My heart burnt, my veins were inflamed, all because of that weeping man, I sniffed as a tear trickled down my face.

I sat up, looking at the clock beside me. 5:30.

I grinned.

“Gee.” I called.

No answer.

“Gee.” I called louder.

I heard him sniff.

“Y-Yea?” He replied, trying his best to make his voice sound normal.

Tear’s began to fall from my eye’s.

‘This cant go on, it has to end.’ I thought, I whipped my tears away.

“Gee.. Come here.” My voice broke, as I held in a sob.

I heard him shuffled, and saw his shadow walk towards me, his black locks covered his face.

He stopped in front of me, I tried to make out his face. I couldn’t he was hiding it to well.

I moved over. “Sit.” I sniffed, tears began to form in my eyes. ‘shit’

Gerard sat silently, his face still hidden.

I reached out, touched his cheeks, they were wet, I slowly lifted his face, so he look at me.

My heart dropped as I saw him.

His eyes were red and saw from cry, his nose red also from blowing, and his lips, cracked and stained with blood from him biting.

He looked away.

“Gee.” I whispered.

“I-I’ll go sleep in Mikey’s room.” He whisper, standing.

I held his hand, pulling him back down, he gave in and sat next to me once again.

“Stay, you’ll have to sleep on the floor if you go to Mikey’s room.” I muttered.

Gerard sniffed.

God I hated seeing him like this. He looked like, someone had just struck him with a dagger and tour out his insides.

“F-Frankie.” He sobbed. “I-I’m sorry.” Tear fell from his eyes.

This image would scare me forever. I took in a deep breath.

“Gerard.. We.” I paused, looking for the right words. “This will never work out.”

He yelped.

My stomach had turned inside out, it was killing me to say this. But it was the truth.

“Gerard.. I. I don’t think we should ever date. Or, stage kiss or anything.” I paused, as tears streamed down my face. “Ever again.” My voice broke.

Gerard tears continued to fall, as of mine.

“F-F- FRANKIE!” he screamed. “I-I’m so sorry! Don’t H-Hate me!” He reached out and grabbed my hand.

“Oh, Gee. I will never hate you. I- I love you babe.”

My heart was ripped open.
God, kill me now make this pain end.
I was suffering, yet he suffered so much more.

Tear leaked from my eyes now, as I embraced him. I hugged him tightly.

I never wanted to let go not now. Just one night, just one more time.

We pulled away from each others embrace.

I stared at him, I lifted both my hand and brought them to each side oh his cheeks.

“F-Frankie. P-Please don’t leave me!” He whispered throughout a sob.

I felt the tears drop from my eyes.

I brought his face towards me. I kissed him. I tasted his blood. I playfully licked his lips, I felt him smile. We broke apart. Tear fell from both of our eyes.

I brought my lips to his once more, he allowed me entrance, and our tongues were racing each other.
Soon, I rolled him over, and I lay on top of him, we continued to kiss passionately.

We broke apart gasping for air.

“Gerard. This our last night together as a couple. Lets make the best of it.” I whispered.

I felt him nod.

I brought my lips to his neck, and kissed it seductively, I began sucking his neck.

He moaned, I lifted my face towards Gerard. I smiled, I slowly unbuttoned his shirt.

His hand reached out towards my waste undoing my belt.

“Aww, you don’t like the intro do you?” I smirked, I unzipped my pants, dragging them off..

Gerard bit his lips, rolling me over, laying on top of me now. His unbuttoned shirt slid of his arms, he threw it to the ground.

I moaned as his fingers scratched my bare flesh, Gerard’s hand trailed there way towards my Boxers, the only piece of clothing I had left.

Gerard slipped his hand into my boxed, and began rubbing my privates.

I moaned loudly in satisfaction.

“Y-Yes! T-There!” I lifted my waste towards Gerard. “Harder!” I yelled.

Gerard, brought his face towards my waste kissing it, he’s had slid up and down my private. I moaned louder and louder. I came in Gerard hand.

Gerard chuckled, he pulled of my boxers. Cleaning up the mess, he had caused me to make.

I breathed deeply, I reached out and undid his pants, Gerard lifted himself as I pulled the off, underwear and all.

We lay silently for a moment, embracing each others body head, we stood there naked.

Gerard, lifted my hip towards his and thrusted, our privates rubbed against each others.

We both moaned, as out flesh was rubbing against each others.

We broke into a passionate kiss.

I suddenly, rolled onto of Gerard, I lifted his two legs onto of my shoulders.

“Reedy?” I muttered, smirking as he closed his eyes.

I slowly entered him. He gasped. “MORE!”


We lay breathing heavily, next to each other. Gerard held my hand, and kissed my lips tenderly.

“Frankie..” He began, still breathing heavily. “D-Don’t leave me.” He’s voice soon came to a whisper. Tear’s tricked down his cheek.

Our breathing soon calmed itself.

“I- I don’t want to Gee, but it’s for the sake of our band. Our fans, our family.. ourselves” I whispered back.

Gerard began to sob once more, I shuffled closer towards him, I held him in my embrace.

“Gee. I love you so much, and always will.” I whispered, kissing his forehead.

“W-What will happen when we wake up tomorrow.” He asked. I cleaned his tears with my thumb.

“Babe- This’ll all be a dream.” Tears tricked from my eyes.

“N-NO!” He yelled, crying harder.

I sniffed.

“G-Gerard. This will be a dream. When you open your eyes tomorrow, I’ll be gone.” I whispered, my voice began to break and I sobbed.

“B-But where will you, go!?” Gerard’s hand brushed against my cheek.

“I’m not leaving you babe.. I’ll still be here. Just not like this.” I paused. “When we wake up tomorrow, we’ll never talk about these nights ever again.” My voice broke.

I cried harder.

“And through it all. How could you cry, for me. Cause I don’t feel bad about it, so shut your eyes.
Kiss me goodbye, and sleep.. Just sleep” I began to sing, I wiped my his tears.

Gerard closed his eyes, and I did also. I fell asleep in his arms for the last time

~Gerard Point of view~

I awoke yawning.

I felt a smooth arm wrapped around my waste.

I turned my body to face a pale white girl, with long black hair.


She opened her eyes slightly.

“Morning babe.” I whispered, kissing her.

She giggled.


3 years had passed since me and Frankie were together. And as he had said, when we woke it had become all a dream to us.
We never spoke of what had happened that day for years.

We soon moved on with our lives.

Frankie had gotten a beautiful girlfriend called Jamia.

And I?

I recently found myself a beautiful bassist by the name of Lindsey.

Everything was well, me and Frankie had gone back to being Best Friends, and the rest of My Chemical Romance had never mentioned a thing to anymore, or even talked about amongst there selves.


I yanked one more.

“Concert today babe.” I mumbled.

Lindsey kissed me, I smiled.

“Mmm, I love you.”

She giggled.

“Me also.”

“Gah, fuck. I gotta get changed.” I grinned, she smiled.

“Okay. Have fun!” She teased.

I stood, walking towards the shower.


Once dried, I changed into my Black jeans and my average button up t-shirt, I had kissed Lindsey good bye, and walked outside.

And there stood, out black tour bus.

I smiled, as Mikey greeted me at the door.

“Hey. Ready for out tour?” I questioned him.

He chucked, nodding patting me on the back.

I entered, Ray sat strumming his guitar, Bob sat next to him beating a tune on the kitchen table.

I laughed as they all greeted me.

“Where Frankie?”

Bob snorted, “Sleeping. His favorite thing to do.”

I smirked. “I’m gonna go wake him up.”

They laughed.

I walked towards the bucks. And there lay Frankie snoozing. I chucked.

“Frankie!” I yelled, as I jumped onto of him.

He groaned, I began laughing.

“Get up you asshole!” I shouted.

“Ah, fuck off ba-” He froze.

‘Was he just about to call me babe!’ I thought.

I looked towards Frankie, he’s face was inches away from mine.

‘Kiss me.’ I thought.

My eyes widened. ‘SHIT!’

Frankie’s eyebrows raised in curiosity, I jumped of him. Laughing awkwardly.

Frankie rolled his eyes “Fucking perve.” He cursed.

I shot him a glare. “WHAT!?”

Frankie, smirked. “Perve!”

I grinded my teeth in his direction.

2 Hours had passed and we had finally arrived at the venue we were to play our first concert at, New Jersey Arena Hall.

“Home sweet home!” I called, as we entered the ‘Chill Room’ as Ray liked to call it.

“MCR, MCR, MCR!” The crowed began to chant. I jumped in one stop, pumping adrenaline through my system.

“SHOWTIME GUYS!” A female yelled, appearing at the door.

We jogged out way through the dark hallway, the dark figured of the crowd suddenly came into view.

I saw Mikey, Ray and Bob run past me, I smiled.

I suddenly stopped, I felt Frankie’s hand on my shoulder.

“Looking for me?” He smirked, I snorted.

I was about to make the cleaning onto the stage when, I was pushed up against the wall.

“Frankie!” I shouted. “What Th-“ I froze, as Frankie pushed his lips against mine. I gave in, I accepted pushing my lips towards him.
We broke apart.

“Gerard—What happened 5 year’s ago. Babe, it wasn’t a dream. I love you.” Frankie kissed me once more than ran towards the stage.

I was dumbstruck.

“He-He loved me?” I gasped.

I remained frozen.

‘After all these year he still had feeling’s for me!’ I thought, I gathered myself up and ran onto the stage.


Ray began the intro to Sleep, I smiled.

“Some say now suffer all the children. And walk away a savior. Or a mad man and polluted from gutter institutions, don’t you breathe for me. Undeserving of your sympathy. Cause there ain’t no way that I’m sorry for what I did..” I breathed in deeply, the crowed cheered.

I walked towards Frankie’s side, placed my hand over his shoulder and Sung the chorus. “And through it all. How could you cry, for me, cause I don’t feel bad about it. So shut your eyes.Kiss me goodbye. And sleeeeppp.. Just sleeeeppp”

I looked down upon Frankie he smiled at me.

“This is just the start of a new dream..” I whispered in his ear, I heard him chuckled and nod.

I continued the song, smiling and swaying to the music.

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