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Getting Out

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Liliana needs help and guess who saves the day. Gerard/OFC

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“What the fuck is wrong with you?!” my mom’s boyfriend Gary yelled as he shoved me against the wall.
“Gary, please calm down,” my mom pleaded. Unfortunately, he just shoved her out of the way.
I always kind of hated my family. Mom and Dad had gotten a divorce about 6 years ago and now I never saw my father. Mom had started dating Gary almost a year ago and everything seems to have gone downhill. It started out friendly enough; he’d come to dinner, rent movies, take us shopping, everything. But I soon found out his fatal flaw: Gary was a drug runner. Yeah, big shocker there. Between his insane mood swings and random disappearing acts, I knew something was up. And then he got mom into it too. I hated it. Now between their “evening jobs” and his drug and alcohol habit, my life has turned to shit.
I knew Gary had it in for me. I’m 19 and I still live at home. I’ve tried more than once to go away to school and get out of Belleville, but alas, those plans always fall through because he uses my college savings to support his habit. Meanwhile, he’s been trying to convince my mom to throw me out. Clearly he’s oblivious to the fact that I’ve tried getting out for a year now. But everything is about to change.
Tonight he came home, drunk off his ass and with a bit of lingering cocaine on his nose. He found the cable bill and decided that it was my fault. How that’s possible, I couldn’t tell you; I’m not at home much anymore. He began yelling and the next thing I knew, he had me backed into a wall.
“Liliana, I don’t know who the fuck you think you are, but this is my house goddammit! I won’t have you running up bills!”
He smacked me across the face. It stung and I wanted to cry, but I wouldn’t dare shed a tear in front of that bastard.
“Gary, I’m never even home!” I tried to defend myself.
“I know good and damn well it was your fault you little bitch!” He hit me again.
This time though, I was stupid. I hit him back.
Before I had time to protest, I was kissing carpet. He straddled me and began to punch me in the face. I could feel the blood trickling down the side of my head and knew that my eye was blackened and beginning to swell. I tried to squirm away and yell to Mom for help, but just like always, she backed away and shut herself in her bedroom. That bitch.
I was shaking my head and pounding him with my fists in an attempt to escape, though I knew it was in vain. When I opened my eyes again, I saw he had pulled out a knife.
“You stupid little cunt; I’ll teach you to disrespect me.”
I felt the knife cut into my stomach and I yelped in pain. This had to stop. I tried to grip my stomach and stop the bleeding. My hands were red and my shirt was soaked through with blood. Finally he climbed off of me. I thought I was home free. Needless to say, I was wrong.
Before I could scramble away, I felt a steel-toed boot kick me hard in the ribs. He was laughing as he inched me closer and closer to the staircase. The next thing I knew, I was tumbling down the stairs. I heard the sickening crack of my ribs breaking. Then I heard something much worse than that; he was stomping down the stairs. He gripped my shirt, opened the door, and threw me out.
“Now stay the fuck out of my house!” And he slammed the door.
I was left to curl up on the porch, blood pouring out of my wounds, while the snow continued to fall.
I ripped my shirt and tried to bandage my stomach. I almost smiled when I realized that I had my wallet on me. Stumbling to the pay phone, I dialed my cousin’s number.
“Hello?” He said in a half-asleep voice.
“Frankie?” he could hear the pain in my voice.
“Lilly, what’s wrong?”
“I’ll explain later. Just please come and get me.”
“Where are you sweetheart?” He had called me that forever, even though he was only a few months older than me.
“I’m at the bus station in Belleville. I know it’s a little bit of a drive, but I need your help.”
“Alright, I’ll be there as soon as I can.”
After about an hour, I saw his car pull up and I climbed in.
“Holy shit, Lilly. Why didn’t you tell me you were hurt?”
“I didn’t want you to worry.”
“Look, we need to get you to a hospital. I’ll call mom and let her know what’s up and then you can tell me what happened.”
When we got to the hospital, I filled Frankie in on the situation and he swore under his breath. The doctor decided to keep me at least overnight and Frankie stayed the whole time.
The next day we began to discuss where I was going to stay.
“I suppose mom would let you stay with her. I know she and her sister (my mom) don’t exactly see eye to eye, but you can’t go back to that house.”
“I know Frankie. I just can’t bring myself to think of moving to Trenton.”
“Well, you need to go somewhere. Maybe one of my buddies can help.”
“I don’t know. I mean, I don’t know any of them, and I’d feel like I was imposing.”
“I’ll talk to them. Don’t worry Lilly. We’ll figure something out.”
And with that, I fell asleep.

Well, that’s Chapter 1. Lemme know what you think!
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