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My number one customer

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Exactly the saem story to Love In Unusual Situations! its kinda got stuffed up so yea new title!

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Like i said, same story, the original title was ' Love in Unusal Situations' but got stufed up so here it is again!

“Where are you guys taking me?” I laughed.

“Your hotel room” said Mikey who wrapped his arms around mine.

“But why? Why this early? Aren’t we gonna party?” I asked as I got pushed by my mates down the corridor.
“Because it’s a surprise!” said Frank, “Dudes you so gotta do this same thing to me too!”

“What is it?” I got paranoid.

“All I’m gonna say is that it will be the happiest time of your life” said Frank.

I sighed, this was not getting anywhere. We stood in front of my door. “So is my surprise in there?” I pointed to the door.

“No, it will come. Now you get in and wait. Some one will knock the door” said Mikey.

They pushed me into my room before I could say or ask anything. I lied on my bed, today is my birthday and I am 30 years old. I’m getting old but today was the greatest. We partied without me having alcohol and yea it was great and now I’m surpriseingly in my hotal room at 10pm which was too early. I jumped as I heard the door knock, I got up and opened the door. Teher stood a beautiful blue eyed, blonde hair, pale skin and medium height girl. She looked about 25 and she was really really pretty.

“Are you Gerard Way?” she asked.

I nodded.

“I’m Rylee, may I come in?”

I nodded again and moved out of her way.

She walked in and looked around.

I almost drooled over her until she turned to me. “Are you ready?” she asked.

“Ready? Ready for what?” I asked dumb folded.

“The whole reason why I’m here” she smiled.

“Err… not to be rude or anything but why are you here?”

She giggled, ‘I almost forgot that its your birthday and I must be one of your presents that you don’t know”

“So you’re my surprise present?”

She nodded and stepped towards me until she was inches from my face, “I’m here to make your sexual fantasies come to life” she whispered.

“Wait, we’re gonna have sex?” I asked.

She nodded, “Are you ready then?”

I smiled.

She sucked down my neck and down my chest as I softly moaned. She undid my black shirt and kept on going with her hands rubbing against my chest. Once she reached my pants she rubbed directly where my penis is until it went hard.

“You’re so big” she said and she led me to the bed

I turned to my side and saw that Gerard was asleep and he was snoring lightly. I smiled and quietly and slowly got out of bed. I quickly pulled on my clothes and made sure I didn’t leave anything behind due to my past encounters where the men I slept with kept on stalking me. I took my belongings and headed out the hotel room. I almost jogged out of the hotel to catch a taxi; I didn’t want to stay here any longer.


I groaned as I heard the door knock a couple of times. I opened my eyes and saw a beautifully carved cream coloured ceiling, for a second I didn’t know where I was but then the thoughts of last night came to me. Melissa; sweet name. I turned to my side and saw the dark blue bed sheet crumpled and empty; she’s gone. The door knocked louder, I wrapped myself with the soft silky bed sheet around my nude body and opened the door. Mikey and Frank stood at the doorway.

“Hey, how’d it go?” Frank asked and walked in and checked me out, “Omg, Gerard! I never knew you looked so good in the bed sheet! Can I be your prostitute?” he said in his girly voice which kinda freaked me out.

I quickly moved back, “Uh… no thank you. Be right back” and I made it in the toilet in one piece.

“Mikey don’t sit on that bed! It has sex germs!” I overheard Frank say or rather scream.

I smiled. I sat on the toilet seat and thought about last night. Wow did she know what to do, she was like… wow. She knew my soft spots… now I’m marking this as my best sex ever yet. I stood up and grabbed the bath robe and got out.

“Um… why did she go without saying bye?” I asked deep in my thought.

“What do you expect from a prostitute” chuckled Mikey.

“So did it go really really good?”
Frank asked in his sexy voice.

“Yea” I answered.

“Good, I just wanted to know if the money was worth it all” he said.

“What? How much did you pay her?” I asked.

“Um… $1000… why?” Frank looked at me.

I should remind myself that she only did me for the money. “Oh ok” I said.

“Ok, let’s go to your first breakfast of being 30…after you put on clothes” Mikey pointed at my bath robe.

“Yea, you’re already turning me on… any minutes now I’ll…” Frank got interrupted by me.

“Ew… I’ll change” I said and grabbed my clothes and went back in the bathroom.


I stumbled into my apartment and crashed on my ever so comfortable cherry red sofa.

“Oooh, you’re home late” said my room mate/friend Jane.

“Well, we’ve been doing it all night” I said.

“Really?” her eyes widened.

I nodded sleepily.

“How much?”


She whistled, “Wow, was this a rich guy?”

I nodded.

“Is he old?” she gave a sour face.

I shook my head, “He was about my age, he was sexy” I smiled.

“Ooooh…love…” she whispered.

“Shut up!” I stood up, “I don’t have relationships with men”


“And I aint a lesbian either” I said, “I’m going to bed”

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