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'I miss you...' Lullaby #96.

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Choose your own POV I'm lazy... although I personally read it as if it's a girl of my own character talk about Gerard....

I miss talking to you until 4 in the morning and annoying the boys by laughing so loud that they woke up.
I miss holding your hand and smiling so wide my face threatened to crack.
I miss winding you up about your hair and how paranoid you’d become about whether it looked good or not.
I miss kissing your lips ever so lightly, looking into your bottomless eyes and drowning.
I miss holding onto you so tightly and being held back with the same need, the same want.
I miss how you would taste when you came off stage.
I miss the way you’d look at me with a gleam in your eye and I’d know that everything was going to be Ok.
I miss telling you everyday that I love you.
I miss hearing that I’m loved everyday.
I miss the way you’d watch me from across the room at parties, just checking I was Ok.
I miss the way you’d call me just to hear my voice.
I miss the stupid arguments we’d have about stupid things. We’d stop shouting, look at each other and laugh at our stupidity.
I miss the ‘make up’ sex.
I miss having tea with your mum.
I miss being part of something bigger than myself.
I miss how you’d always be there for me no matter what.
I miss the way you’d great me by kissing my neck.
I miss the random conversations we’d have about nothing at all that would last for days.
I miss the competitions and bets we’d make to pass the time and the forfeits the loser would have to play out.
I miss watching your face fall when you saw me cry.
I miss seeing you smile simply because I was happy.
I miss twisting your words and watching you fall over yourself to explain.
I miss your revenge that always seemed to involve me cleaning or being drawn on in my sleep.
I miss making you laugh.
I miss making you scream my name.
Mostly I miss falling asleep in your arms to the lullaby of your heart.
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