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Dead #45 'My salty tears falling on your stone cold face. 'I love you...'' Sad, again... I apologise.

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POV is Frank’s.
Italics are words his partner has said to him in the past and that he is remembering.

I never want to see your face again .

I can’t stop your words ringing in my ears. Your last words to me. The last words that would ever pour from your lips and into my ears. The last thing you would ever say. Well your wish was granted. You were dead two days later with 10 unanswered texts from me and a ton of voicemails. You never saw my face again until I was peering down at you where you lay in your coffin dripping salty tears on your chalky white face.

I wish we could be this way forever .

We used to lie together on my sofa and watch horror films and chick flicks and comedies and science fiction films and it would all be so perfect. We’d stay that way all day and all night. It was perfect. It was our perfect moment. Perfection never lasts. Roses wilt. Love letters fade. Beauty becomes wrinkled and disappears in the blink of an eye. Love is cut short. I wish we could have stayed that way forever.

Why? Why did you do it? I love you .

I can’t believe that you believed them. That you really thought I’d do that to you. That I’d lie to you and hurt you and cheat on you. Why would I ever need or want to cheat on you? To be with somebody else? I had my soul mate to lie with every night. I had perfection in my arms. Why would I ever go to anybody else? Why did you believe them? Why did you let them ruin everything?

Never let me go Frank? Never let me walk out on something this special .

You had a commitment phobia. You told me this the same day you told me you loved me and couldn’t live without me. You said it scared you because you’d been hurt so much and you just couldn’t let yourself love any more. If you let yourself love, you’d said, then you’re letting yourself hurt. I promised you I’d never hurt you. I meant it. I tried to remind you what you’d said about never letting you let us go. You slapped me. You slapped me on the cheek and told me to fuck off. That I was just like the rest of them. That nothing I ever did or said could ever make things ‘special’ again. You said I’d ruined everything. I should have loved you more.

I hate you. I hate everything about you. I hate you from the bottom of my heart .

You didn’t hate me. You hated who you thought I was. Who they’d made you believe I was. I’m not that person though. I hope you know that now, where ever you ended up, I hope you saw the truth. I hope you forgave me. I hope you saw your mistake. When those words tumbled from your tongue and attacked me I thought I was going to die right there on the spot. I stopped breathing. I couldn’t move. I just looked at you and I knew right then that it was over. Everything it was all gone. You looked me in the eye and told me that you hated me and you were ready to kill me. You were ready to rid the world of me once and for all.

You’re the most beautiful man in the world Frank Iero. Marry me?

You were never one for tradition. You asked me to marry you and I’m glad it was that way. If I’d gotten down on one knee and asked you in the traditional manner it just wouldn’t have been us. It wouldn’t have been right for you. So you asked me and I said yes and you gave me my ring and the next day we went shopping for yours. Mine was a simple silver band with our names engraved inside with the date. Yours was silver with a small ruby in the centre. It had the same engraving as mine. We were going to get the wedding rings done in the same manner but with the date of our marriage. Things never got that far.

I was ready to spend the rest of my life with you. Now I want you gone. A life with you in it isn’t worth living .

I preferred it when you said that a life without me in it wasn’t worth living. I preferred it when you weren’t screaming the words at me whilst pulling your engagement ring off your finger and throwing it at me. When you weren’t reaching out for my hand, grabbing it, and yanking the ring off me. I never found the ring. I wish I had it. I wouldn’t wear it. I’d just keep it. Maybe I’d put it on a chain and wear it around my neck. Maybe I’d keep it in a special box and kiss it every night before I went to sleep like I do now to your picture in my wallet. Maybe I would throw it away myself. I don’t know. I just know that I miss you.

When we grow old and die I want to die first Ok? Don’t you go dying on me and leaving me here alone .

That had made me cry. I don’t know why. Maybe it was the sincerity of your words. Maybe it was the scared look in your eyes. Maybe it was the fact that my grandma had died a week ago and left my grandpa behind and that was were this new fear was stemming from. I just know that I cried and kissed you on the forehead and promised you once more that I would never ever leave you. Well, I didn’t leave you. You weren’t alone for very long. You died on me, not the other way around. You got your wish. Again.

I love Frank Iero .

I love you too. And it fucking hurts.
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