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Arsehole #41 'It's you and her... and me...' Gerard tells Frank the news no man wants to hear. Not Slash.

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It’s dark when I leave the hotel. It’s dark when I cross the road and climb into my car. It’s dark when I rest my head on the steering wheel and pray for the courage to do what I knew I had to do.

She’d been unfaithful to you. Your darling little princess had gone and cheated on you and now she’s refusing to let you know. I told her that I would tell you, and I will, because you deserve to know.

She said I’d pay but I don’t care. I can’t sit back and watch her trample your heart. I think you’d do the same for me. It’s hard to make comparisons like that though.

I put the car in gear and pull out onto the road. I race towards your flat and pray again that she won’t be there. I don’t want to be the one to make your always smiling face cry but you have to be told. It’s all so unfair.

I ring the bell and you greet me cheerfully then buzz me up. I make my way up the stairs slowly. The feeling of dread growing in my stomach. What if she’s right and you don’t believe me? What if you think I’m just trying to cause trouble for you because my own partner’s just kicked me out? I push the troubled thoughts from my mind and concentrate on putting one foot in front of the other and climbing to the top of the stairs.

You greet me at the door with a grin.
“Hey Gerard. I’m just putting some coffee on, do you want some?” I nod my head and sit down on your sofa. I perch on the edge of it and rest my head in my hands. This is all so wrong.

“Something up?” You ask and I don’t know what to say. Yes something’s up! It’s you and her, she’s a lying cheating whore! I’m about to tell you something that’s going to break your world in half … I can’t say that though can I? It would smash your little heart into pieces.

“Gerard you know you can tell me anything. If you’re not ready now… but I’m always here.” I nod absent mindedly and take my steaming coffee from your outstretched hand.
“I need to tell you something.” I frown and sigh. How can I tell you this without making you hate me?
“Go on?” You probe gently and I struggle not to cry at the caring look in your eyes.
“It, it’s about you…and her…” I trail off and the look on your face changes. You’re worried now, more intrigued, scared.
“Gerard please. Just tell me.” Your voice is just a whisper. It’s like you know what’s coming next but need to hear the words from my mouth before you’ll believe it.
“She slept with someone else. Quite a few times.”
“Oh God.” You moan and bow your head. “When? How?”
“I’m sorry Frank…”
“It’s… Oh God. How did you know? Does everyone know?”
“No. No one else knows.”
“Thanks for telling me.” You say sincerely. “I can’t believe this. I can’t believe she’d actually do something like this. I thought she loved me…” He looks at me in wonder. I hope he knows that my heart is breaking for him right alongside his. “Does she know you know.”
“Did you say anything to her?” He asks. I can tell he needs information and I have it, I have the knowledge he yearns for but I don’t want to give it to him because it’ll just hurt him even more.
“She knew I was coming to tell you. She told me not to but I had to.” I reply honestly, remembering the scene she’d made and the argument we’d had.
“I wish she’d told me.” Frank mumbles. I want to hold him tight in my arms but I can’t.

“Do you know who he was?” You asks and I hesitate. You misinterpret my pause as a no and carry on. “If I find out I’ll kill him. He must have known she was with me. Must have known…”
“He might not have…” I begin. Suddenly made uncomfortable by the anger in your eyes. “It takes two to tango and all.”
“Who was it Gee? Tell me. You know, I know you know. You never could lie to me. Is it Mikey? Are you protecting him? I won’t hurt him, I promise Gee, I just need to know.” You plead. I look away as crystal tears begin to fall down your usually beautiful face. “Please just tell me.” You croak and my heart truly breaks.

“It… it was me…” I say just above a whisper. “I’m so so sorry.” I beg as his face changes from one of pleading to one of utter hatred.
“Just go. /Go! / Before I do something really fucking stupid.” He says shaking his head in bewilderment. So I stand and I leave and I say goodbye because I know right then that I’ll never see him ever again. I didn’t. He deserves better than me anyway.

AN- I know it’s not one of the best pieces I’ve written; it changes from ‘you’ to ‘him’ randomly and it moves too quickly for my liking but try as I might I couldn’t get it to sound any better. Con-crit is highly welcomed.
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