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The Line

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The Line #60 'It's invisible but I see it. It keeps me from you and you from me.'

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So a few of you have been asking for a happy fic so this is my sad attempt. I tried! It’s not the best I know but I have to be uber inspired to pull off happy fics. It’s an over used plot too but… maybe you’ll forgive me as it was based on a personal situation when I originally wrote it (yes I’ve been keeping this from you for a while, I wrote it by hand but never had the time to type it until now.)
I hope you like it let me know what you think. The first line is from the song ‘Sound of Pulling Heaven Down’ by Blue October.

I want to show you just how fascinating kissing is when earth collides with all the space between.

That line, it’s invisible but I see it. It stays there between us keeping me from you and you from me. You’re lying on my sofa again. Crying over some stupid girl who left you and broke your heart. I’m sat opposite you on a chair trying to make you smile and I’m crying inside for you too.

I hate to see you like this. Every time you fall in love again it fills me with dread, not just because it dashes all my hopes and dreams but mostly I can see what is waiting ahead of you even if you can’t. The tears, the darkness, the loneliness. I see it all.

I sort of hate you for all this really. The way you’ll come crawling around here begging for sympathy once the girl is gone. They way you throw me away because all these pretty little things get jealous of our friendship and I get left behind in the dust because your quest for true love means more to you than a friend who has stood next to you throughout every up and down you’ve come across. I hate you because you just can’t see that it always ends up like this. I hate you because you can’t see that the only girl who would never, could never, leave you is sat just across the room from you listening to your tears.

“I thought she loved me.” You choke out now. You’re probably talking to yourself more than me so I just stay where I am and nod, like always, and remain silent, allowing you to elaborate if you so wish, which you won’t.

I stay there until the silence becomes too thick and too heavy and just too insufferable then I leave you to go and get some air in the garden. Not much of a garden really but it’s mine. There’s hardly any grass left, it’s just a patio, a pond and a patch of glorified mud, but it’s mine.

My garden, my house, surely I’m old enough now to have out grown such a childish crush? How many years has it been since we were first introduced at college? Too many to count. We hadn’t even been friends then, not even acquaintances, but I’d been attracted to you. Always will be I suppose. No matter how many boyfriends I go through the name always waiting patiently to be drawn from my lips is ‘Mikey’.

It’s cold out here so I head back inside, grabbing two energy drinks on the way back to you. The tears have stopped which is a good sign. I throw you one of the cans and open my own, nudging you over so that there’s room on the sofa for the both of us.

Silence consumes us again but it’s comfortable. It’s the silence of friends who have found themselves in this situation too many times to have to waste words. We know the story, we know the routine, it’s an old game to us now and we play our roles well without any effort, we know our queues and lines by heart.

How long we sit like that I’m not suure but when I regain my senses it’s quarter past eleven and we’re both yawning manically. “I’m sorry for lumping all this on you.” Mikey says suddenly, nerves making him rub the arch of his nose where his glasses would used to wait for him to slide them back up.
“It’s Ok. I don’t mind. It’s what friends are for right?” I smiles somewhat forcedly. This was unscripted and for some reason talking to him right now is just hard.
“Can I ask you a question?”
“Go for it.” I reply somewhat lack luster.
“Do you think I’m useless?” The serious look in his eyes stops the obvious, sarcastic ‘yes’ spilling off the tip of my tongue.
“What do you mean Mikey?” I ask him quietly.
“All these girls and not one of them wants to stay with me. You must wonder why?”
“Maybe you’re just not looking in the right place.”
“Yeah right, where am I supposed to go? Church? To find some pure woman who won’t screw me over?”
“Maybe if you just stop looking Mrs Meant-to-be will turn up suddenly, out of the blue, in the last place you would ever have thought of looking for her.”
“Oh right, like when you’re looking for a lost sock you mean?” He asks in exhasperation. “I think this might be slightly different.”

“Close your eyes.”
“What?” He looks confused at my sudden and abrupt command.
“Just do it. Stop looking, close your eyes.” He closes them with a small smirk on his face and a frown on his brow. He obviously thought I’d finally gone mad.
“Ok now what?”
“Now you find the woman you’ve been looking for who won’t hurt or leave you, or make you cry.” I reply, shifting around on the sofa so I could face him better.
“Now what?” I kiss him.

It’s warm and sweet and reciprocated which always helps. He tastes like coffee and breath mints. His hand finds my neck and mine find his hair. He pulls me round and onto his lap, eyes still closed, lips still attached, and kissed me harder.

When we move away he smiles awkwardly at me. “Did that all mean what I think it meant?”
“What do you want it to mean?”
“I don’t know, but I want to be able to do that more often, without feeling guilty afterwards.” He replies, looking embarrassed to have brought up our never talked about afterwards one night stands.
“Why would I let you do that?” I ask coyly, sure that I had him where I wanted him.
“Because you’re the girl I’ve been looking for.”
“Kiss me again, it might help me decide.”

He showers me with kisses. I don’t feel the electric shocks you hear about in stories or that you sometimes feel when a cute almost-stranger brushes up against you accidentally. It’s just, warm, but the warmth stays there long after his lips and moved from my lips to my forehead and my eyes and my cheeks and my neck.

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