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These hands, stained red

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I knew about ‘Rygh’s’ and so that was the first place I lead Donna and Donald to, to look for the boys.
“Turn down here, yeah. And just park up here, it’s down that alley,” I ordered.
“Okay, I’ll go and look for them, you two stay here.” Donald said, jumping out of the car.
With total disregard for Don’s orders, I hopped out of the car leaving Tyler with Donna, and sprinted past Don towards the bar.
I couldn’t just sit around waiting.

“Gerard? Mike…” I began to shout, “Oh my fuck…”
”Gerard get the fuck off him!” I screamed, pulling Gerard off of Mikey.
I knelt down beside the bleeding Way and wiped his bloody lip with my hand.
Putting my ear to his mouth, I checked that he was still breathing, before noticing and picking up his broken glasses from the path.
Clutching the bent frames and shattered lenses in my hands tightly, the glass cut into my skin.
I tried to clean Mikey’s wounds with my shirt, and then I pulled his limp, lifeless body into my arms. He felt so fragile and his head wilted over my arm. I looked over to see that Gerard was passed out on the floor beside where I knelt, and suddenly the world went blurry. My vision became impaired and my head began to spin.
It was then that Don rushed around the corner, after what seemed like ages, when in actual fact it was only a few seconds that had gone by in slow motion.
As soon as he saw his boys and me, covered in blood, his first response was to call an ambulance. I clung to Mikey, not willing to let his body go for anything. I couldn’t believe what was happening.
I still had Mikey’s glasses, imprinting spiteful wounds into my hands, but I wasn’t prepared to drop it, for the simple reason that I knew Mikey couldn’t see without them. I wanted to make him feel better. My mind was all over the place, as I lay on the gritty path beside him, tears streaming down my face. The broken glass from bottles that had been smashed cut into my face making beads of blood mix with my tears, and probably leaving scars.
I couldn’t think straight.

As the paramedics arrived, they quickly knelt beside me and Mikey and attempted to prize my hands away from his bleeding body.

Wrapped in a towel, cold and confused, I was lead into the back of the ambulance after being checked over, where Mikey was connected to machines and Gerard sat propped up against the side of the vehicle with only one gash on his forehead and a graze on his knee where his jeans were ripped open.
His hair hung flaccidly across his face as he swayed from side to side.
I looked down at my hands, all bandaged up with material, stained red, and noticed my old scars. Sore but fading scars- I remembered the times when I had made myself bleed.
Oh how I wished it was me bleeding not Mikey. I would do anything for it to be my face that was torn apart and bleeding profusely. I would give my life for it to be my neck that was slashed, and my limbs that were battered and bruised.
I cried myself to oblivion in the back of the vehicle, with the awful thoughts of how brutal Gerard was acting against his brother in my mind.
This nightmare continued for hours, until I awoke, screaming, with Frank and my parents by my bedside.
“Sarah! You’re awake,” Frank cried, hugging my aching body.
“Where’s Mikey?” I began to sob, “I want Mikey.”
“Mikey is in intensive care, honey,” My dad patted my sore hand gently.
I flinched, pulling back my bandaged hand.
I stared down at my stitched arms, felt the sewn up marking, running through my eyebrow and ran my fingers across the cut on my cheek.
“Gerard is fine, Sarah. He should be home tonight,” my mum tried to comfort me as I tears began to roll rapidly down my face, stinging my wound, “They want to keep you in over night to make sure everything is alright.”

I laid my head back, as my world became fuzzy and black.

I woke again to see the smiling faces of my family, Gerard’s mum and a nurse.
“How are you feeling,” the nurse bent down so she was at eye level with me.
“Wasted.” I answered honestly, “Like, with the biggest hangover in history.”
My head pounded.
“Well, I’ll give you some time to come around and get ready, but everything seems fine and you are allowed to leave.” she smiled and turned to leave, “oh, and also,” she looked at my parents, “the baby is fine.”
I could feel my face going pale.
I just wanted the ground to swallow me up.
I began to cry again.
Oh my…
Frank swallowed hard and tried to cover for me, “Umm... Mom, Dad, Can I talk to you, its kinda urgent…”
“Baby?” My mum looked on the verge of tears.
“Goddamn baby!?” My dad raised his voice.
“I had a wet dream about… umm… a... dog,” Frank stumbled.
I had to laugh in my mind at his pathetic attempt to grasp their attention.
“I can explain,” I stuttered.
“Yeah, and that Gerard kid is gonna explain to me what the hell he is playing at!” My dad yelled.
The nurse was in shock, “Im sorry, you didn’t know about your daughter’s pregnancy? She is 4 months along.”
“Whaaat?” My dad yelled, “Im gonna kill him!”
Donna just stood there, with her mouth wide open, looking shocked.
“Say something,” Frank poked her.
“Francis!” my mum slapped his hand away, “don’t be so rude,”

All of the thoughts running through my mind got mixed into one big mess, as we drove home. My parents weren’t talking to me, my dad was thinking of the best way to murder Gerard and Frank just sat beside me looking dazed.
What the fuck was I going to do?
I couldn’t let Gerard take the blame for this, even after seeing what he did to Mikey, as he has nothing whatsoever to do with it.
But I couldn’t possibly tell my parents or the Way’s that I got knocked up by the brother of my boyfriend.

My head spun.
All I wanted to do was see Mikey and make sure he was alright, but my dad had insisted we go straight home and talk.
I guess I will see him tomorrow…
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