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“My parents know about the baby, but they still think its Gerard’s. They’re letting me keep it seen as im already quite far along, so you are going to be a daddy. You’ve gotta get better, to see me get even fatter, and then to see your baby grow up. I love you. Get better soon. You’ll get through this, I know you will.” I ran my fingers through Mikey’s hair one last time before I had to go. Kissing his cold lips, I turned and left the room.

I wanted answers.
Why the fuck would Gerard do something like that to his brother. They have always been so close. Of course he would have been mad at Mikey, but surely that wouldn’t lead him to beat him to a bloody mess on the floor. Gerard beat his own brother so badly that he was put in intensive care, and then onto a life support machine. There’s every chance he could not pull through, and die.
I wanted to know why.

After feeding and changing Tyler, I told my parents, who still weren’t talking to me properly, that I was going to Ray’s with Frank, and kicked Frank so that the would play along with it.
“Are you really coming to Toro’s?” Frank looked at me puzzled as we walked down the street.
“No, dumb fuck. Im not telling you where Im going.” I said, being stubborn.
“C’mon Sarah, you can tell me. You’re not gonna do anything stupid are you?? Sarah,” Frank held onto my hand.
“No, im not gonna do anything stupid Frank. If you must know, im going to see Gerard, okay,” I said, kissing his cheek before he turned up the path leading the block of flats where Ray lived.
“Alright, but just promise me you won’t do anything that you will regret.” he said.
“Promise promise,” I smiled.

I knew where Gerard would be.
He’d be getting paralytic in the only bar that would serve him. Rygh’s.
I hurried down the dark alleyway, and through the door.
Low and behold. There he was, at the bar, his head bent over a pint pot, half full.
“Gerard,” I said softly, sitting on the stool beside him.
He didn’t answer. Neither did he look up to see who was talking to him.
“Gerard, don’t give me the silent treatment. I just wanted to talk.”
“I know what you want to fucking talk about, Sarah. You just want to know why I almost killed your precious fuck. You want to know what happened between me and Mikey. Well you can go find somebody else to ask, because this mouth aint talking about it.” he said sharply.
Only me and Mikey knew that it was Gerard who put him in this state. Everybody else thought that it was just a fight between the boys and some drunken thugs. If anything, they thought Gerard was trying to help Mikey out.
“Gerard you asshole. Just tell me why, that’s all I want to know,” I pleaded.
“Fuck off, bitch.” he snapped.
“I just…” I stuttered.
“If you don’t fucking get off my case Ill…” he clenched his fist around the neck of my shirt, and put his face right infront of mine.
He must have attracted some attention, because a random dude came over and defended me.
“Hey, get your hands off my girlfriend,” he said, winking at me discreetly and putting his arm around my shoulders.
“Dude, I suggest you get your hands off my girlfriend,” Gerard stood up.
“Oh, errrrm...” The guy stuttered.
I smiled pathetically at him, embarrassed for him.
“I’d better go,” he said turning to leave me and Gerard alone.
“Ex-girlfriend. Stay. Have a drink with me, please.” I put my hand on the guys arm.
“Err, alright then, what are you having?” he smiled sweetly.
Gerard made sick noises and went and sat at the other end of the bar.
“I’ll have a coke please,” I said, smiling.
His eyes reminded me of Gerard’s. Hazel. And his hair looked like Gerard’s used to when it was shorter.
"Just a coke?" he asked.
I patted my stomach and he seemed to get the picture.
“So, what’s your name?” I started a conversation.
“Mark, and yours?” he grinned, sitting beside me.
“Sarah.” I smiled.
“Suck a pretty name. It means princess, doesn’t it?”
“Yeah, sure does.” I laughed.
“Well, princess. Im sorry about before.” he looked down at his feet.
“It’s alright. Thanks. I appreciate what you did for me, Mark.”
He smiled.
“How old are you then?” I asked before talking a sip of my drink.
“19” he too took a drink.
“Oh, well Im only 16. I only came in here to talk to that fuckface,” I motioned with my hand in Gerard’s direction.
“Oh right. You don’t look 16. I’d have said you were at least 18, not to be offensive or anything.” he laughed.
“No offence taken,” I grinned.
“So you live around here then?” he said.
“Yeah, just a few streets away actually, I go to Belleville High school,” I smiled. I felt like a little kid when I said that, which made me blush.
“I went to that school, is Mr Jackson still there?”
“Yeah, the old fucker threw the board eraser at me the other day!” I laughed.
“Oh my, he still thinks he can do that? I used to be taught by him, and every lesson me and my friend would wind him up so much that he would start throwing random shit about. It was piss funny.” Mark giggled.
I looked over at Gerard. He was watching us, but when he saw me looking at him, he pretended to not give a shit, and looked back down at his drink.
Mark was obviously making him jealous.

Leaving the bar, Gerard following us close behind, Mark was drunk and I was giggling hysterically at him as he kept tripping over his own feet.
“Well, I guess this is goodbye,” Mark slurred.
“No, not necessarily.” I smirked.
“What do you mean?” he hiccupped.
“I pulled the pen out from his shirt pocket and wrote my phone number on his arm.
I looked up and noticed Gerard’s jealous stare.
After giving Mark a hug goodbye, I turned to leave but was pulled back.
My body was swivelled around and Mark pulled me into a kiss. One short peck soon turned into a long, romantic kiss which lasted a few minutes.

“Goodnight, princess” Mark smiled.
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