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I woke up suddenly, and a feeling of nausea took over my body.
Running into the bathroom, I had an awful feeling that today was going to be a seriously bad day.
Wiping my mouth and rubbing my eyes, I looked in the mirror. I looked like shit, and I had to go to school in a half hour. Fuck.
There was no point in going anyway. Frank was sick, Gerard was staying home because Mikey was coming home today and Bob was on holiday so there was just me, Toro and a load of bitches in class. Hopefully Alicia was in school today.

I quickly got myself dressed in my uniform, making sure that my tie wasn’t visible, just to piss off my science teacher, and then I took my makeup into the bathroom.
I painted black lines around my eyes, and used Frank’s red eyeliner to line the bottom. I combed my hair out of my face and shook my head so that it all fell into place.
“There.” I said, pleased with myself.

“Bye sugar,” I kissed Frank, who was sitting wrapped in his duvet at the kitchen table, shivering and watching his toast go cold.
“Be a good boy for nana now wont you Ty baby,” I smiled, kissing Tyler on the head.
“See you later,” I waved at my parents.
They uttered a goodbye. They were pissed at me even more now they found out that I was dating Mark. The guy who is 3 years older than me, has his own flat and has a roommate who is always getting laid by a different person every night. They were pissed because I broke up with Gerard, who they think is the father of my child, and who also, is now a saint in their eyes. Well, compared with Mark he is a saint to them. If only they knew.

“Toro,” I said, slapping hands with the afro haired guy strolling down the path towards me.
“Hey, how are you two doing?” he smiled, and looked down at my fat stomach.
“Its all good,” I said patting my stomach, “did I tell you, it’s a girl! I found out the other day.”
“Oh my god, Sarah. That’s great. Aww, another little baby Way,” he paused, looking at me weirdly, with the kind of look you give when you have just put your foot in it, big time.
“It’s okay. She is a Way, it’s not like you’ve said anything wrong,” I laughed at his cute expression.
“Have you heard from Mikey yet? He’s supposed to be coming home today, right?” Ray asked.
“Yeah he is, im not sure when though, and it’s not very likely that I will find out. It’s not like Gerard is gonna call me, is it?” I laughed.
“Sarah, are you sure you’re doing the right thing, y’know, not being with Gerard?” he looked concerned.
“Sure I am, I know what im doing Ray, Im not stupid,” I patted his arm, reassuring him that I was okay.
“I know, but are you sure that this Mark dude is a good guy? I mean, his roommate sure isn’t.” Ray looked down at me.
“Im sure, he’s a really nice guy Toro. And some people may argue different about his roommate,” I smirked, “He gets it good every night.”
“Yeah well, Im happy just being with my Christa, and not screwing every motherfucker I see,” he laughed.
“Well, I guess I will see you in science then,” I smiled, as we reached the school gates.
“Yeah, see you later,” he ruffled up my hair.
“Bitch.” I mumbled, sorting out my hair.

The day was long, and I ended up getting a detention because some motherfucker decided to call me in the middle of my maths class.
“Can I have my phone back, sir?” I asked the teacher.
“When you have sat here for 15 minutes and proved to me that you are sorry for interrupting my class and that I will never see this phone in my lesson again.” he spat.
“How the fff. How am I gonna do that... sir?” I sat down.
“You, young lady, will write 50 lines.” he handed me a piece of paper.
“What? Nobody does that anymore.” I protested.
“They do in my class.” he scowled.
“What are you 90?” I muttered under my breath.

After 15 minutes of hell, I was finally free to go.
I snatched back my phone and hurried out of school.
“Missed call from… Gerard?” I read out loud from my phone, “Fuck.”
Quickly dialling his number, I got frustrated when he didn’t answer the phone straight away. When he finally did answer, I didn’t even let him say hello. “What’s wrong? Is Mikey okay, are you okay?”
“Calm down, everything’s fine, I just wanted to tell you Mikey is home,” He said, sounding just like he used to when he would call me.
“Oh, that’s good, im on my way home now; can I call at your house and see him?” I asked.
“Sure you can. Why are you only just coming home? School finished like, ages ago.” he said, sounding confused.
“I got detention…” I began to explain.
Our conversation went on until I was stood out side his front door. We were laughing and joking, just like we would when we were together. For a minute I even forgot that I was with Mark now.
“Im outside your door,” I laughed down the phone.
“Im infront of your face,” He laughed, looking at me from the doorway.
“You can hang up now, Way.” I giggled, entering the house.
Our eyes were fixed on each other for a moment, until I broke the awkward silence. “Im having a girl.”
”Oh wow, that’s awesome,” He smiled, holding out his arms to hug me, but then backing off when he remembered about my new boyfriend.
“No its okay, I want a Gerard hug, I haven’t had one in ages.” I laughed, pulling Gerard into a hug. He squeezed my body.
“Gerard, who was that?” I heard Mikey’s voice coming from the front room.
“Our parents have gone to get some things from the supermarket,” Gerard said to me, “It’s just me and Mikey in the house,”
“Gerard?” Mikey called.
“Mikey!” I cried, throwing my arms around him as I entered the room.
He clung to my body, burying his face in my hair, “Oh my god.”
“Im so glad you are alright,” I cried, tears of happiness rolled down my cheeks. I stepped back to see that he too was crying.
“Oh I love you so much never leave me again, you had me so worried. I thought Id never see you again.” I snuggled up to him again.
“I love you,” He said, wrapping his arms tightly around me.
I looked across at Gerard, who just sat looking down at his feet. He looked as though somebody had just ripped out his heart and stamped on it.
“I was just telling Gerard, Im having a baby girl,” I told Mikey.
“Oh my god. A girl! Oh my god oh my god!” Mikey cried out with excitement.
“Yeah,” I laughed at Mikey’s smiling face.
“I can’t wait to have a little niece,” Gerard smiled at me with his big hazel eyes.
Another awkward silence filled the air. I played with my hair, hoping that somebody would speak, but nobody did.
“Did you tell him about Mark?” were the only words that would come out of my mouth.
“No, I thought it would be best for you to tell him,” Gerard answered.
“Who’s Mark? Tell me what?” Mikey said, still smiling.
“Mark is my… he’s my… my boyfriend.” I stuttered. I knew this would dishearten Mikey.
“Your boyfriend? But Gee is…?” Mikey stammered.
“We broke up.” I said softly.
“Oh.” Mikey looked down at his feet.
It was then that the phone rang. “Ill get it,” Gerard said picking up the phone.

His jaw dropped and he looked on the verge of tears. His skin went pale and he started to take short breaths.
“What’s wrong Gerard?” I stood up and put my hand on his arm, “What’s wrong?”

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