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Elena Lee Rush

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“Gerard, what the fuck is wrong?” I urged him to talk.
He just stood looking like a rabbit caught in the headlights of a car, and dropped the phone.
I was quick to bend down and grab it, placing it to my ear I spoke, “Hello?”
“Sarah?” I heard Donald’s voice.
“Yeah, what’s wrong? Is everything alright, I mean Gerard has proper zoned out.” I said, my voice shaking as I spoke.
“Sarah, its Elena.” He said. I heard sobbing in the background when he said her name.
“What? What’s wrong, is she alright? Please say she is alright.” I looked up at Gerard who was still stood staring into space. Quivering. Silent.
Mikey stood up and looked into my eyes.
“Hope who is alright, Sarah?” he said, tears forming in the corners of his eyes.
Donald told me the news, and I too dropped the phone and left it for Mikey to pick up.
I stood up and buried my face in Gerard’s shirt. I felt his arm slowly reach up and wrap around my shoulders. Suddenly, he collapsed onto the floor, sending me flying across the room. I quickly crawled back over to him and put my hands on his cheeks. “Look at me, Gerard. It’s gonna be okay. I swear, everything will be fine.”
I kissed his lips. They were cold. Throwing my arms around his neck, a single tear rolled down my cheek. “Everything has to be okay.”
Mikey gasped and began yelling down the phone to his dad, some gibberish that was hard to understand. All of his words merged into one, as he began to panic. He began to cry hysterically and he fell to his knees, still clutching the phone tightly.
“Oh baby, come here,” I put my arm around his neck and pulled him closer to me and Gerard.
We all clung to each other in an embrace for a while, all of us crying uncontrollably and shivering with grief and despair.
“Its okay, everything will be okay,” I tried to calm the boys down a bit.
“Promise me then. Promise me she won’t die. Promise, Sarah.” Gerard looked at me, his eyes wide and watering rapidly.
“I… I… I’m sorry, I cant,” I broke down in tears again, and collapsed on them both. Mikey stroked my hair and Gerard pressed my hand against his lips.

For a minute, time seemed to stand still, and it seemed as though we weren’t even on this planet anymore. It was as though our hearts had stopped beating for a split second, and everything was going nowhere.

“You’re making my leg numb,” Gerard giggled between snivels and tears.
“Im sorry,” I giggled and cried at the same time, moving my body from Gerard’s leg. I loved Elena like she was my own grandmother, and I hated to see two of the people I love the most in such misery. I wanted everything to be alright. All I wanted was to go back in time, and make everything okay.

Suddenly, Don and Donald rushed in through the door and found us in our ‘hug pile’ on the floor.
“Oh my god,” Donna bent down to our level and put her arms around us all.
It was then that my phone began to ring. It was my dad.
“Hello,” I sniffed down the phone.
“Where the hell are you?” he sounded angry.
“Im at Gerard and Mikey’s, their Grandmother, Elena has had a heart attack and fallen down the stairs. She has quite a few broken bones and she isn’t looking too good.” Tears began streaming down my face again.
“Well, Im sorry to hear that, but it’s not your problem Sarah, im sure the Way’s are capable or sorting this out for themselves.” my dad said.
“But dad, I love Elena like my Grandmother, I can’t just drop everything and come home, please dad.” I cried.
“But you have a son to look after,” my dad used Ty against me.
“I know I have, and I know I should be there looking after him, but this is just one time where I need you and mom to watch him for me. I need to make sure she is alright, dad. I can’t just leave.” I pleaded.
“Alright, alright. Call me as soon as you find out how she is. Ill come and pick you up.” he hung up.
The Way’s were like my second family, so I couldn’t just leave them at a time like this.
I turned to Gerard and pressed my lips to his. “It’s okay.”
I looked back at Mikey, “Im here for you both.” I said, kissing his cheek.

“Fucking phone,” I mumbled under my breath in the back of Don’s car, on the way to the hospital.
I rejected Mark’s call.
“Damn you,” I muttered when he rang me straight back 3 times in a row after I cut him off.
“Goddamnit hello.” I answered sharply.
“What’s wrong with you? Ive been waiting for you for fucking hours,” he sounded pissed off.
“Im with Gerard and Mikey…” I began, but was interrupted.
“What? Why the fuck are you with those motherfuckers?” he yelled.
“Because I love them, and their Grandmother is not too well, so Im being a good friend and staying with them.” I began to shout.
“Well, you can just stop being a good fucking friend and get your ass over here, I want you.” he shouted back at me.
“Why are you being so nasty to me? You told me you were okay about my situation with the guys, you said you didn’t mind me visiting them, you promised me you wouldn’t get mad.” I whined.
“Yeah well I fucking lied. Now listen to me, get the fuck over here. Now.” he was about to hang up when I began to shout once more.
“No, you listen to me, I’m staying right where I am, and you cannot tell me what to do,” I said, choosing my words carefully as Donna and Don were listening.
“You seriously think Im gonna stay with you now? You cant talk to me like that. You either come over here right now, or we’re over princess.” Why the fuck was he being like this, he was never nasty to me…
“Why are you being like this?” I began to cry.
“See, you want me don’t you? You can’t bare the fact that I can break up with you just like that, whenever I want.” he laughed.
“You’re right. I want you. I want you to fucking leave me alone and never talk to me ever again!” I lost my temper, swore some more and hung up on the fucker.
“There.” I smiled to myself, flipping down the lid of my phone.
“Woah,” Mikey muttered.

We finally reached the hospital, and we all jumped out of the car at the same time.
Speeding towards the reception desk the words “Elena Lee Rush” were said in stereo by 5 different voices.

“Gran!” Mikey cried out, grabbing her hand and kissing it.
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