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Author's Note: Sorry about the delayed post of this chapter. I got kicked off the computer right after posting the Pete one. Anyways, thank yous and reindeer go out to the following people:

kittkattbar - everything will turn out coolio. i promise. ;)
onlyyougetme - just to clarify, if you like pete&soap read the EVEN chapters following 23. if you like gabe&soap, read the ODD chapters after 23. i know it's kind of confusing, but it makes sense in my head.
pyrotechnist - joe's a pothead. to what extent, i'm not sure. but it's fun to write about him high as a kite. xp
SugarPlumFaerie - 1.) as mentioned earlier, stoner joe is super fun to write about. glad you enjoyed it. 2. ) Sinatra's pretty great. 3.) yes, that line was a real quote from patrick.
bindie611 - lmao. don't worry. it's slow going at the moment, but pophie will happen.
Lizzard - i know. when i heard about that patrick quote, i swooned. i swear, that boy is too adorable for his own good.
dflip07 - yay for cobra and oh, hush! refenences!
jewsicax - i want round walls. =P
TangerineSky - new reviewer! yay! super glad that you found my fic!
lil_chica007 - tis a real quote. you may swoon now.
x_slowdown - i think i was a bit high on gall out boy when i wrote up joe's part
rainydaykid13 - happy to make you "awh." after all of the funnies in this fic, it's nice to know that i can still write really cute scenes, too.
XXPoeticTragedyXX - nope, can't take credit for the speech. as mentioned above, it's a real quote from mr. stump.
glindapsawyer - sorry for messing with your head. this is how it's playing out in mine. hope you still like it.
astrozombie28 - lmao. 'untitled' and 'fuck a dog.' that's pretty amazing stuff right there.
Kill-Your-Own-Chorus - hehe. i loved the six flags reference. thankyou.
redballoon - don't worry. if you're on team pete, just keep reading the odd chapters and you won't be disappointed.

Now onto the story...

27: o n t h e i n t e r w e b z

Soap’s POV

Faced with three long hours of bus boredom, I whipped out my laptop and decided that a boardie update was long overdue. As I logged into, am IM box popped up in the corner of the screen.

peyton says: any cobra fans stalking you?
soapymess: no. why do you ask?
peyton says: haha. i’m guessing that you haven’t seen the boards

Curious, I clicked on ‘The Band’ section as I usually did. Nothing seemed out of the ordinary-- threads like YSI #100/, /Pete’s new blog/and /clandestine hoody. y/n? were on the front page. However, as I scrolled down, there were a few threads that caught my eye.

Gabe & Soap, ftmfw! (click for pictures)

Y/N? Are Saporta and Sophie really going out?

Sophia tiene un novio XP


soap’s a ho. j/k. onlynotreally. lollerskates.

“What the…”

Curious to what everyone was saying, I clicked into one of the threads.

soap’s a ho. j/k. onlynotreally. lollerskates
Registered user
33410 posts

Apparently our very own Sophie Matsumoto has landed herself a rockstar boyfriend. Though it isn’t Joe (-sighs-), I think she and Gabe are adorable.

click here for peektures.

As directed, I clicked on the link and found myself on friendsorenemies. Literally.

I’d already seen the picture that Joe took, but the one Dirty snapped backstage was something new.

Fresh from our first kiss, Gabe’s forehead was pressed against mine. Our lips were almost touching as we smiled at one another.

Below the picture was a caption:
Gabanti & Soap. They’re giving Vicky-T and J. Walk a run for their money.

peyton says: explain.
soapymess: umm…
peyton says: i can’t believe I’m finding out about this through the interwebz. The boardies found out before i did. I thought we were bffs. -tear-
soapymess: sorry! i didn’t mean for it to get out like this.
peyton says: j/k. i know how tours get.
peyton says: the pictures are cute =]
soapymess: joe and dirty are quite the photographers.
peyton says: true, but you and gabe are also really photogenic
soapymess: lol
peyton says: seriously. you two are ridiculously adorable. pretty sure it’s illegal to be that fucking cute
soapymess: ;P
peyton says: so what were the events that lead up to the picture?
soapymess: we were backstage in NYC listening as the guys performed i’m like a lawyer. gabe asked why i liked the song so much and I admitted that i’m a sucker for love songs. he admitted that he had feelings for me and i kissed him.
peyton says: see. ridiculously adorable. you even had patrick singing in the background.

All of a sudden the sound of Hurricane Chris’ “Ay Bay Bay” started coming from my purse.

soapymess: speak of the devil. he’s calling right now. brb.
peyton says: k. tell him i said hi.

After fishing around the numerous pockets, I finally found my phone.

“Hey bay bay,” I said, flipping it open. He chuckled at my greeting.
“I’m guessing you haven’t changed your ringtone for me.”
“Your guess would be correct,” I said, smiling. “What’s up?”
“Nothing much. Just missing my new girlfriend.”
“You’re fully aware that you’re making me blush, aren’t you?”
“Maaaybe.” I smiled at his response.
“I miss you, too, babe.”

“Please,” Joe said, listening in on our conversation. “You guys haven’t even been apart for a day.”

“Was that Joe?” Gabe asked, amused.
“Tell him that he still owes me $20 from poker.”

“Gabe says that you owe him $20.”
“Shit,” he said scratching the back of his neck. “I’ll pay him back tomorrow.”

“Joe said that he’ll pay you tomorrow.”
He laughed. “That’s pretty great, because he actually doesn’t owe me a dime.”
“You’re a sneaky devil.”
“I’m a damn good one, too.”
“Oh, I almost forgot to mention that my friend Peyton says hi.
“Tell her I send my greetings and salutations.”

soapymess: greetings and salutations from gabe

“By the way, thanks to Dirty, all of the boardies know about us.”
“Oh really?”
“Ya really,” I joked. “Haven’t you seen the pictures?”
“Not yet. Are they cute?”
“Very. Apparently we’re giving Vicky and Jon a run for their money.”

I laughed. This boy was too cute for words.

Gabe’s POV

“So I was thinking--”

“You? Thinking? Don’t hurt yourself now,” Ryland interrupted.

I rolled my eyes and continued my conversation with Sophie.

“…We still need to go on our first date.”
“What do you have in mind?” she asked.
“Meet me at the next venue and you’ll find out.”
“Mystery. I like it,” she replied. I could hear a smile in her voice. “Well I’ve got to go. Joe’s trying to play Hide Sophie’s Stash.”
“Haha, okay.”
“Bye, Gabe.”
“Bye Soap.”

I flipped my Sidekick shut and slipped it back into my pocket.

“So what do you have planned for your big date?” Alex asked.
“Oh, this and that…” I said, digging through a duffel bag.

Shoe. Towel. Dirty sock. Toothbrush. Dirty sock that doesn’t belong with the other dirty sock.

“Ha, found you,” I said, pulling out a pair of ping pong paddles. “Now I just need some jell-O…”
“Gabe, what are you doing?” Vicky asked, curious.
“Getting ready for my date,” I said opening the fridge. With a sharpie, I started labeling the jell-O cups with my name. “Eat these and you will suffer my wrath.”

I received confused looks from Alex, Vicky, Nate and Ryland (in that order).

“Should we be worried?” Ryland asked.
“Probably,” I shrugged.

(Yeah, I know the same thing happened with the boardies in the Pete version of this fic, but Sophie's queen of in both, meaning that there will be some spill over.)

What will happen on Gabe and Sophie's first date? REVIEW and or AIM me @ Disast3rous. I swear I won't bite. ;)
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