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jell-o never goes out of style

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Author's Note: Again, sorry for lack of updates. I blame it on unrelenting teachers and stacks of homework.

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28: r e - e n a c t m e n t

Soap’s POV

We were about 15 minutes away from the venue when I received a text message from Gabe.

ready for our date?

yes. xp.

bring something you wouldn‘t mind getting wet in

I lifted my eyebrow, but nonetheless texted him back with an alright.

see you soon. besos, gabe

“What is that boy up to?” I thought aloud as I searched for my bikini. After much frustration, I eventually found it under a pair of Pete’s jeans. Sometimes I his clothes eat mine.

Upon reaching the venue, I saw that the Cobra bus was already parked.

“Have fun on your date,” Andy sincerely said as I departed from the group.
“Thank you,” I replied, giving him a half hug. He smiled and gave me a quick nod before following Joe, Pete and Patrick to the main gate.

The Cobras soon approached, also on their way inside.

Gabe greeted me with a hug and a kiss on the cheek.

“Hola, muchacha hermosa.” (Hey, pretty girl.)
“Hola, muchacho guapo.” (Hey, handsome boy.)

I smiled as he slipped his hand into mine.

“Now don’t go causing too much trouble,” Ryland said, wagging his finger at us. “We need you both back here by 5:30.”
“Yes sir,” I said, jokingly.
“Have fun, you two,” Vicky said.
“We will,” Gabe said, looking down at me.

A yellow sedan pulled up a few feet away. Panic’s merch boy, Aaron, stepped out of the driver’s side and tossed the keys to Gabe.

“Thanks, dude.”
“No problem. Just don’t go making little cobras in the backseat. I got it detailed yesterday.”
“Haha, okay.”

We said our goodbyes to Vicky, Ryland, Nate and Alex, then made our way to the car. Like a true gentleman would, Gabe opened the passenger’s side for me, then closed it as I buckled myself in.

After putting a duffel bag into the trunk, he climbed into the driver’s seat.

“Have everything?” he asked.
“Yep. Swimsuit’s in my purse.”

“Keep in mind that we only have enough money to bail one of you out of prison!” Alex called as Gabe shifted into drive.

We pulled out of the parking lot then headed toward… well, I wasn’t sure where we were headed.

“Aren’t you going to ask where I’m taking you?” Gabe inquired as we passed a gas station.
“No,” I simply replied.
“Because I’ll ask, you’ll tell me ‘it’s a surprise’, I’ll pout, then you’ll laugh,” I said, as we approached a red light. “Predictability is soooo ‘05.”

Gabe’s POV

I smiled at her comment. Sophie was unlike any girl I’ve ever met, let alone dated. The cobra who taught me how to dance must’ve been smiling down on me.

Still waiting for the light to change, I cupped her cheek in my hand and covered her lips with mine. The kiss only lasted a few seconds before I resumed driving.

“What was that for?” she asked, chuckling.
“The sake of unpredictability.”

“Here we are,” I said, parking the yellow Sebring. I got out of the car and opened the door for Sophie, then retrieved my bag from the trunk.

With a Beep! Beep! I locked the doors and slipped my hand into hers.

“YMCA,” she said, as we approached the building. “Very uncommon location for a first date,” she joked.
“Well I’m a very uncommon type of guy.”
“Good point.”

After talking to the front desk we were directed to one of the pools.

Soap’s POV

“What do you have in that bag?” I curiously asked as we got to the pools. The purple duffel looked like it would burst at the seams.
“Oh, you’ll see,” he responded. “For now, just go into the locker room, get out of those clothes and into a bikini.”
“Aye, aye, Captain!,” I said, saluting him. With a kiss on the cheek, I disappeared into the corridor into the corridor, still wondering what Gabe was up to.

After changing, I took a quick shower. By the time I finished up, he was already in the pool, doing flips off the diving board. While a Kerplunk! Splash! resonated throughout the room, I sat at the edge of the pool, swinging my legs around into the water. Upon noticing me, Gabe quickly swam over.

“A yellow polka dot bikini,” he said, smirking. “I like it.”

He pulled himself out of the water and took a seat next to me. After planting a quick kiss on my cheek, he got up and walked over to his duffel bag.

“Catch,” he said, tossing a ping pong paddle my way. A grin spread across my face as I realized what he was doing.

He pulled out a cup of cherry Jell-O and a paddle for himself before taking a seat next to me once again.

“Corny as it sounds, ever since we made up this game, I knew that you were gonna be one of my best friends.”
“You’re adorable, you know that?” I said, cupping his cheek. Leaning closer to him, I pressed my lips against his. He tasted like orange skittles.

In need of air, we reluctantly pulled away from each other and slipped into the water. Swimming to opposite sides of the pool, we started the game. He served first, sending a chunk of Jell-O towards me. I returned the shot, sending a dramatically smaller piece his way. He dove for it, but missed by a couple of inches.

Damn. This is gonna be fun.

An hour later, we, as well as the pool, were covered in globs of edible goop.

“There’s only one left!” I called out. “I guess this is game point!” I served the orange chunk over to him and he returned the shot. I hit it again, then it pretty much exploded as it made contact with his paddle.

“YES!” I said.

Gabe swam over and splashed me as I did a victory dance.

“Hey!” I said, splashing him back.

The splashing quickly turned into dunking underwater, which turned into gasping for air as we prevented each other from getting out of the pool. I was almost out--my foot was on the top rung of the ladder, but Gabe wrapped his arms around my waist and pulled me back in.

“Gabe! I’m--”

He cut me off mid-rant and pulled me under the surface. Before I could begin to protest, he pressed his lips against mine. Still underwater, our lips were locked. My brain insisted that I needed oxygen, but those thoughts were quickly pushed to the back of my mind, replaced with the feeling of Gabe’s arms around my waist.

We eventually surfaced, still holding onto each other.

“That was--”
“Unpredictable?” he asked, breathing heavily. For lack of air and words, I smiled and nodded.

Gabe allowed me to reach the ladder, then followed as I got out of the pool. Still coming down from the lightheadedness caused by the kiss, I leaned against his chest.

“This was by far the funnest date I’ve ever been on,” I said, smiling. He pressed hi lips against my forehead and grinned.
“I aim to please.”

We quickly changed back into our clothes and wrote a note explaining the mess we left behind.

To Whom It May Concern,

As my significant other and I were swimming, we noticed a large cherry-flavored Godzilla emerging from the deep end of the pool. It was about 7 feet tall, with a massive tail and eyes made out of fruit chunks. It was friendly at first, but quickly turned against us, trying to steal our funky fresh dance moves. Before it was able to acquire our extensive foxtrot skills, we created a super weapon composed of laser beams and ping pong paddles to vanquish the vile beast. Sorry about the mess, but it had to be done.

Gabanti & Soap

Chuckling, we stuck the note in the side of the door and quickly made our way out of the building. Getting into the car, we were still laughing to ourselves.

Gabe’s POV

“So how was your date?” Ryland inquired as we arrived at the venue.

“Superamazingfun,” I said, looking down at Sophie. She slipped he hand into mine and nodded in agreement.
“Is that jell-O?” Vicky asked, pointing to my hair.
“Yeah, probably,” I said chuckling.


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