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I Mean This, Forever

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Last chapter. Hope I don't blow it. Thanks for reading and sticking through 'till the end =) I'll be looking forward to reading your last reviews! =)

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7 months later

As I slowly woke up, images from the night before flashed through my head...

"...this alone, you're in time for the show, you're the one that I need, I'm the one that you loathe, you can watch we corrode like a beast in repose, 'cuz I love all the poison away with the boys in the band,"

I walked from one side of the stage to another, winking at Mikey, before continuing, "I've really been, on a bender and it shows, so why don't you blow me," before I could even finish the sentence, Frankie was already pressing his fingers against his mouth and he blowing me a kiss as I sang, "a kiss before she goes." I pretended to catch his kiss in the air and put it in the front pocket of my black shirt, patting it as the crowd grew wilder.

"Give me a shot to remember, and you can take all the pain away from me. A kiss and I will surrender; the sharpest lives are the deadliest to lead..."

Sweat poured down my face, chest and back as I continued to sing, not standing still for one moment. The room was jumping and singing along with me. I was blinded by camera flashes almost every second, but didn't mind it at all. I could see people's mouths moving, but couldn't hear the words as they were drowned out by my own singing and by the amplified sound of the instruments.

Ray was bobbing his head and playing like a wild man, while Bob was beating the hell out of the drums.

I glanced over at Frankie and saw him spinning around like he loved to do. A fan threw a huge pink fluffy flower at him, making me smile.

He saw me smiling and decided to come slowly over to the middle of the stage, where I was in that moment.

"...Juliet loves the beat and lust it commands, drop the dagger and lather the blood on your hand, Romeo." Looking towards the crowd, Frankie licked his hand from bottom to top, making some girls scream frantically.

I tried not to laugh, and continued,"...I've really been on bender and it shows, so why don't you blow me a kiss before she goes..."

Frankie walked up behind me, and placed his head on my shoulder while continuing to play.

"...give me a shot to remember, and you can take all the pain away from me..."

Right as I sang, "A kiss and I will surrender," Frankie quickly kissed me on the jaw, and whispered the order,"Surrender" into my ear, making a shiver run down my spine.

A smile crept over my face and Frankie returned to his place spinning and swinging his guitar around.

"...oooooh, oooooh, oooooh, oooooh..."

The crowd began to cheer even louder as I finished the song, and the next one started up...

I slowly opened my eyes and blinked a few times, before being able to see clearly. I didn't know what time it was but daylight was streaming in through the thin curtain of the window, letting me know it was late.

I was on my back, and as I stared up at the ceiling, I realized a warm arm was lying across my bare chest. I looked down at it, and followed the length of the arm up to the face of its owner.

Frankie was sleeping with his backside up and with his left arm on me. His face was turned towards me and he was still breathing deeply.

I smiled as I saw him there, looking so peaceful and beautiful. A warm feeling crept through me. It was the most amazing thing in the world to wake up next to the person you love more than anything else.

I turned towards him slightly, so I could watch him sleep. His hair was all ruffled and he was wearing nothing more than boxers.

Not being able to help myself, I leaned in and gave him a soft kiss on the nose, and then watched him wake up. He yawned loudly and stretched his arms out, dropping his arm back onto my chest where it was. He finally opened his eyes after a few seconds of trying, and saw me watching him with a smile across my face.

Frankie smiled back at me, turning around to lie on his back. "Was I snoring or something?"

I shook my head. "I just like watching you when you wake up. It's cute."

He faked disgust. "Cute? I don't wanna be /cute/."

I laughed at him and said, "Sorry, babe, but you're cute when you wake up rubbing your eyes like a baby."

He raised an eyebrow and looked at me out of the corner of his eye, still not convinced.

I laughed again and scooted in close, wrapping my arms around him and placing my head in the nook between his shoulder and head. "Now that you're awake, you're back to being hot again..." I placed kisses along his neck up to his jaw, making him shudder.

"Mmm... I hope you didn't say anything important just now because you know I can't concentrate on words when you do things like this..." He grinned, looking at me.

Just as I let out a short laugh, a blond figure opened the bedroom door and ran in, yelling, "Body slam!"

Frankie and I both yelled, "Bob, NO!" as he jumped and landed on top of us both.

Bob laughed hysterically as he tried to get up, while Frank yelled at him, "Get the fuck off me, man! You're gonna break every bone in me!"

Still laughing and imitating a little girl, he said, "Ohh, little delicate Frankie is going to get hurt! Poor little dear!"

"Bob..." Frankie answered calmly, "did Iforget to tell you that I'm not wearing any underwear under this thin sheet...?"

I started laughing out loud as Bob jumped off the bed, and ran to the door, mumbling something along the lines of, "Awww, man! That's not cool..."

Frankie grinned and turned to me, lying on his side as I was. I scooted in close to him again, and murmured against his lips, "Mmm... little liar... but I could make it true in a second..." I teased as Itugged on the elastic of his boxers.

"Be my guest..." he murmured back, before pressing his lips against mine in a deep kiss.

The door opened again, making us cut the kiss short. Frankie groaned in disgust, looking towards the door. Ray poked his head in, and then entered, ignoring Frank's outburst. "Guys, we have to go soon. Get the hell out of bed! How can you two sleep so much?"

"Who said we were sleeping...?" I whispered in Frankie's ear, loud enough for Ray to hear too. Frankie turned back towards me, a grin spread across his face. Holding my face with one hand, he continued with the kiss we had started before. A low moan sounded in my throat and vibrated through our mouths as Frankie deepened the kiss once again.

Looking at the floor embarrassed, Ray yelled, "Guys! We have to go! Can you keep your fucking pants on for now?!"

"It's too late for that..." Frankie murmured against my lips as we both grinned at each other. I put my arm around him, feeling the creases of his toned back, before lowering my hand to his tight ass, giving it a little squeeze.

Just then, Mikey appeared at the door, while Ray threw his hands up in the air yelling, "These two are impossible!" We could hear him yell as he stomped down the hallway, "Fucking fags can't control themselves for two seconds while I'm telling them..."

Unlike Bob and Ray, Mikey walked over to our bed and stood looking down at us, even as we continued to kiss and grope each other. "If you think you're going to scare me away like you did with Ray and Bob, think again. I'm use to your fucking around already. So get the hell up!"

With that, he yanked the sheet we had on us off the bed and threw it in a heap on the floor.

"Go fuck yourself, Mikey..." I murmured through kisses.

With his hands on his hips, he said, "If you two are hot, I can cool you down real quick with a bucket of ice cold water. Either way, we have to go. /Now/."

With an enormous groan of disgust, Imustered together all self-control possible and separated myself from Frankie, turning on my back. Placing an arm over my face, and told Mikey, "Alright, alright. We'll get up and dressed right now. Just give me a minute to... wake up."

With a smirk, Mikey walked towards the door saying, "I think Frankie already took care of that..." and closed the door behind him.

I let out a sigh as Frank scooted next to me again, wrapping his arms around me and pressing his forehead against the side of mine.

I closed my eyes, wanting to live that moment forever; everything was in place and perfect when Frank was near. Iturned on my side to be able to look into his eyes as we held each other close.

His beautiful hazel eyes swirled with love and affection as he smiled back at me. With one hand I brushed his bangs away from his face, then, gently holding it, leaned in and gave him a soft yet passionate kiss that he responded to quickly.

We broke apart, staring into each others eyes again, happy to be able to simply be together. "Frankie..." I whispered.


"I love you, babe." I watched him as asmile crept across his face. He gently grabbed the back of my head and gave me a kiss, and then murmured onto my lips, "I love you too, Gee... more than anything,"and then pressed his lips against mine as I held him close.

With a sigh of happiness, Frankie rested his head on my chest after giving me one last peck on the mouth.

As we laid there, I thought about everything that had happened to us in the last year, how much everything had much we had changed as people. It was amazing how everything worked out after all; we held on through the good and bad times, even through times when we thought that everything was lost.

It was hard, of course, but looking at how everything had turned out, I'd say I'd probably do it all again. I wrapped an arm around Frank as he silently listened to my heart beat with his eyes closed.

The sharpest lives are the deadliest to lead, that's for sure... but they are damn well worth living.

...I would drive on to the end with you, a liquor store or two keeps the gas tank full, and I feel like there's nothing left to do, but prove myself to you, and we'll keep it running...

A/N: There you have it, the last chapter. Hope I didn't totally screw it up. Thanks to everyone that stuck with me and this story until the end, thanks to everyone that left a review after every chapter, thanks to those who have ever reviewed any chapter, thanks to all you silent readers... thanks, it really means a lot to me. I'll be writing another long story called /The Savior of the Damned/, so be on the look out for that. I also have a few plans for some oneshots, one of them being Would You Lie With Me?, all of them will be Frerards of course =)

So, thanks for reading and for all the sweet reviews. I have the best readers on here, that's for sure. You guys have all my love xD Hopefully I'll see you all again when I start the next story, which will probably be around Christmas time. Until then, break all the rules, question everything, and never let them take you alive...

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