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Chapter 1: There's A Light On In Chicago

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It was a sunny day in Wilmette, Illinois. Tina's family had just moved from Texas. Tina was out by the moving van. She picked up a box and stepped up onto the curb, but fell to the ground. She just laid on her back with her eyes closed.

"Hey, are you alright?" She opened her eyes and seen the most beautiful brown eyes. "Yeah, but I think I twisted my ankle." She sat up. "Let me look. I'm Pete by the way." "Nice to meet you. I'm Tina." Pete gave her a smile.

Pete bent down and took Tina's ankle in his hands. "Does this hurt?" "Yeah, a little." She grimaced. "I think you should ice it. Do you want to come to my house or do you have ice?" "No, we don't. We just came here this morning. None of our furniture has come yet?"

"Tina, what happened?" Tina's mom came out of the house. "I fell. I hope nothing is broke in the box." "I don't care about that. How are you?" "I think I sprained my ankle. It hurts." "Hi, my name is Pete Wentz. I lived next door. I offered to bring Tina to my house to ice her ankle." "Oh, that would be fine. We don't have anything in the house."

"Thanks mom." Tina said. Pete and Tina's mom helped her up. Pete and Tina walked to his house. "Let me get you to the living room." Pete helped her to the couch. Two dogs came running in. "Do you mind dogs?" "No, what are their names?" "This is Marley. He's a little crazy. And this is Pandora." "They are cute." "I"m going to take them outside and then get your ice. Pete left and Tina laid back on the couch.

A few minutes later Pete came back. "Here you go." Pete put the ice on Tina's ankle. "Do you want to watch a movie?" "Sure." "Do you like Nightmare Before Christmas?" "One of my favorites." "Same here." Pete put the DVD in and sat in a chair. Halfway through the movie Tina fell asleep. Pete turned the movie off and put a blanket over Tina. He grabbed his books for school and started reading.

A hour later Tina woke up. "Good morning sleepy head." Pete said. "I'm sorry I fell asleep. It's been a long few days." "Where did you live before?" "Texas. We've been traveling for a couple days." "Wow." "Tell me about it. With two brothers and my parents. I like my space every once in awhile." "Same here. Are you starting college here?" "No, I'm still in high school." "Really? I thought you were at least nineteen." "Nope. Seventeen. What about you?" "I'm twenty-one. I'm not really happy with college though. I'm thinking of dropping out." "Oh, what will you do?" "Well, I'm in a band." "Yeah. What do you play?" "Bass." "Cool. I sing and play guitar." "Really? I'll have to hear you sing and play sometime." Tina blushed. "I usually don't play in front of people." "We'll have to change that."

Pete stood up and took the bag of ice from Tina's ankle. "How's your ankle feeling?" "Pretty good. It doesn't hurt anymore. I guess I should be going." Tina stood up. "If you or your parents need anything come on over. I know my parents won't mind." Just then the door opened. Pete and Tina walked to the door way. "Hi mom. Do you need any help?" "No, Pete. Andrew has the rest of the bags." "I want you to meet our new neighbor. This is Tina. Her family moved here from Texas." "Nice to meet you, Mrs Wentz." "Nice to meet you too." A younger boy came in. "This is my brother, Andrew. He's the same age as you." "Hi. Does she have a name, Pete?" "This is Tina. Her family just moved next door." "I see. I have to get the groceries in the kitchen. See you around." "Alright. Pete, I really should get back to my family." "Okay. Let me walk you home."

Pete and Tina walked next door. "Doesn't look like your furniture came yet." "I don't know what we are going to do." Tina said. "You know, I could ask my parents if your family could stay with us." "I don't know, do you think it would be alright?" "I'll ask my parents, but I'm sure it will." "Let me see what is going on first." Pete and Tina walked into the house. "Dad, this is Pete. He lives next door." "Hi, your mom told me about your ankle. How are you feeling?" "Better. Is the furniture coming today?" "No, there was a delay due to traffic. It should be here tomorrow morning. We'll probably have to go to another hotel." "Pete said that his parents wouldn't mind us staying with them." "I don't know, Tina." "Sir, we have a big house. I can talk to my mom now." "Why don't I go with you, Pete." Tina's dad and Pete went to talk to his mom.

"Does someone have a boyfriend?" Tina turned around. "Shut up, Tommy." "Mom wants to talk to you. She's in your bedroom." Tina went up the stairs. "Mom, what are you doing?" "Just putting some boxes in here. How's your ankle?" "Better now. Dad went over to Pete's. He said we could spend the night." "That would be nice, but only if it's alright with his parents. Anyway, I want to talk to you about Pete." "What about him?" "Just watch yourself. He is a little older than you." "Oh my god. We are just friends and I just met him." "I know. I just thought I would talk to you about him. I seen how your eyes lightened up when he was around. I haven't seen you smile like today since," "Yes, Mom. Please, I don't want to talk about Daniel. I will admit Pete is cute. Well, more than cute, but I don't want a relationship." Tina's mom smile. "Just be careful." "I will." "I'm going to go downstairs. If you need anything, let me know." "Okay. Thanks."

After her mom left Tina went to the window and looked out. Her window faced Pete's house. She thought about Daniel. "There you are." Tina turned around. "Hey, Pete." "Are you alright?" "Yeah, just thinking. So, what did you mom say?" "It will be fine. Your mom said for you to get an overnight bag." "Okay. I would offer you to sit down, but you'll have to sit on the floor." "That's fine."

Tina found a backpack and found some clothes. "Do you need this?" Tina turned toward Pete. He had a bra in his hand. "Give me that." She grabbed her bra. "Don't be mad. I tease a lot." "I can tell." She looked up at Pete and laughed. "I'm done."

Tina and Pete walked downstairs. "Mom, I'm all packed. Should I take Tommy and Jack over to Pete's?" "Sure. Your dad and I will be over in a little bit." Tina got her brothers and they all went to Pete's. They got inside and Tina introduced her brothers to Mrs Wentz and Andrew. "You'll be staying with my sister, Hillary. Is she home yet, mom?" Pete asked his mom. "Yeah, she's up in her room. Why don't you take Tina to her room and take the boys to yours." "Okay."

Pete grabbed Tina's bag. "Come on. Andrew take Tommy and Jack to my room. I'll be there in a minute." Pete and Tina went to Hillary's room. Pete knocked on the door. "Hil, it's Pete." "Come in." "Hey, did mom tell you about Tina and her family?" "Yeah, so your Tina. I'm Hillary." "I'm going to my room and get your brothers settled. I'll be back later." "Thanks for the warning, Peter." Pete gave Hillary the finger. "Love you too."

"Anyway, how old are you?" "Seventeen. I'm going to be starting my senior year at New Trier next week." "Cool. I'm just starting high school. Andrew is a senior this year and Pete's friend and his girlfriend. Oh, and another friend's girlfriend goes to New Trier. They will probably be here soon. Not a day goes by without his friends coming by." "They are in the band?" "Yeah, they practice here. Lucky you to have moved next to us." "Are they any good?" "Better than they use to be." Just then the doorbell rang. "Speak of the devils. I bet that's them."

Pete came to Hillary's room. "Tina, I want to introduce you to a few friends." "Oh, alright. See you later, Hillary." "Sure thing." Tina followed Pete downstairs. "This is Joe and his girlfriend, Brittany. They are also seniors at New Trier. This is Patrick and his girlfriend, Destiny. Destiny goes to New Trier and Patrick goes to Glenbrook. This is Andy and he's single and is out of school." "Nice to meet you all." "So you are from Texas?" Brittany asked. "Yeah, just got here today." "You'll like it in Wilmette. My family moved here three years ago."

"Okay guys, time to practice." Pete said. "Tina, if you need anything I'll be downstairs with the guys. You can stay here and talk to Destiny a Brittany." "Okay." The guys went downstairs. "So how did you meet Pete?" Destiny asked. "Um, I fell this afternoon trying to unload the van. Next thing I know Pete staring down at me." "Do you like Pete." "Uh, well yeah. He seems nice. I really don't know him." "Stop drilling her." Brittany said. "We are just worried about Pete. He needs a good woman." "Well, I just met him. I'm not looking for a boyfriend." "That's fine. He needs a good friend." The doorbell rang. "Oh crap. It's her." Pete came running up the stairs and answered the door. "Who's her?" Tina asked. Just then Pete came in with a girl. "Tina, I want you to meet my girlfriend, Jeanae." Destiny whispered, "This is why Pete needs a good woman."
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