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Chapter 3: Somewhere I Belong

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Tina watched as Pete walked out the door. She only knew him a short time and she already cared for him. She knew Jeanae would hurt him. Tina sighed and stood up to go to bed.

She walked to Hillary’s bedroom and changed into a tank top and pajama bottoms. Hillary was asleep on the floor, so Tina took the bed. She laid there thinking about Pete. She was getting feelings for him. She knew she shouldn’t. He was older, he had a girlfriend, his girlfriend was a bitch and would make her life miserable, and it was way to soon. She couldn’t have feelings for him.

After tossing and turning, she heard footsteps outside the bedroom door. “Shhh, you are going to wake my parents.” “Petey, why can’t we go to your room?” “I told you that our neighbors are spending the night and the sons and Andrew are in my room.” “Alright. Come on then. I need to get home soon.” Tina heard the bedroom door close. “Oh god.” She pulled the pillow over her head.

The next morning Tina awoke with the sun in her eyes. She got up and went downstairs. “Good morning Tina.” “Hi mom. Where is everyone?” “Pete’s parents are at work and Hillary, Andrew, and your brothers are helping dad unload the truck. The furniture came this morning.” “Why didn’t anyone wake me?” “We thought you could use the sleep.” “Thanks. I’m going to have a bowl of cereal and get dressed.” “Alright. I’m going to go to the house. Pete is still sleeping. I think his mom said that he has an afternoon class.” Tina’s mom left and she finished her cereal and went upstairs.

She grabbed her clothes and went to the bathroom. Tina started the shower and undressed. It felt nice to be in a real shower. Not a hotel one. She stepped out and dried herself off. She put on her panties and bra when the bathroom door opened. “Oh my god.” “Pete, shut the door.” Tina grabbed the towel to cover herself. “I’m sorry. I didn’t,” “Get out now!” Pete turned around and left, closing the door. Tina was so embarrassed. She quickly dressed and walked out of the bathroom.

“Tina I’m really sorry. I didn’t think anyone was home.” She couldn’t look at him in the eye. “I locked the door. How did you open it?” “Sometimes the lock doesn’t work. I’m really sorry.” “It’s alright.” She got her bag. “Hey, look at me.” He placed his finger under her chin and raised her face to him.

“What?” “Please forgive me? I honestly didn’t mean it.” “I know. It’s just, I’m embarrassed now.” “Don’t be. Let’s just forget it ever happened.” “Okay. Well, I’m going to go home now. The furniture came this morning.” “I’ll come over and help. I can skip this class.” Tina and Pete walked to her house. Tina went to her room and Pete went to help with the furniture. By late afternoon everything was unloaded.

Pete went to Tina’s room. “Hey.” “Oh hi. I can offer you a chair now.” He laughed and sat at her desk. You have almost everything unpacked. “Yeah. I hate looking at the boxes and not knowing where my stuff is.” Pete looked at her desk. “Who’s this?” Tina turned around. Pete had a picture in his hand.” “Oh, it’s an old boyfriend.” She took the picture and looked at it. And then put it on the desk. “I’m sorry. I keep screwing up today.” “No, you didn’t know. It’s fine.

“I should probably go. I did want to invite you over tonight. A bunch of us are getting together around 6 or so. You can come if you want?” “Okay. I’ll ask my parents, but I’m sure I can come over.” “Alright. See you later.” Tina watched Pete leave. She went over to the desk and picked up the picture again. She traced the outline of her old boyfriend’s face. “I miss you, Danny.” She put the picture back on the desk and laid down. She fell asleep.

A couple hours later there was a knock on her bedroom door. “Tina, are you alright?” “Come in mom.” Her mom opened the door. “Hi sweetheart. I was wondering if you were okay.” “Uh, yeah. Just a little tired. I wanted to ask you if I could go to Pete’s tonight. Some friends of his are going to be there.” “Sure. We really aren’t going to be doing much. All the furniture is set up. Just need to unpack and most of that is done.” “Alright. Thank you.” “Just be home by 1am. Once school starts you’ll have to be home by midnight.” “I know. Thanks again.” Tina’s mom walked out of her bedroom and Tina got ready.

She walked over to the Wentz’s and knocked on the door. Hillary answered the door. “Hi, how are you doing?” Tina walked into the house. “Good. Thanks again for helping.” “No problem. Pete and everyone is downstairs.” “Okay. Thanks.” Tina walked downstairs. “Hi, Tina.” “Hi, Destiny. How are you doing?” “Pretty good. Pete said that your furniture came this morning.” “Yeah, we are all moved in. Just some boxes that need to get unpacked.” “That’s good. I hate moving.” “Me too. Where’s Pete?” “By the drinks. You better talk to him before Jeanae comes over.” “She’s coming?” “Yeah. Aren’t we lucky.”

Tina walked to Pete. “Hey there. I’m glad you came.” He hugged her. “I told you I would.” “I know, but after today I didn’t know.” “I told you to forget about it.” “I know.” He smiled at her. “So, do you want something to drink?” “Sure. I’ll have a Mountain Dew.” Pete gabbed a can for her. “Here you go.” “Are you already for school?” “Not really. Tomorrow I’m going to get some notebooks.” “If you need company I can go with you.” “Won’t Jeanae kinda get jealous?” “Probably. Hell, she gets jealous when I spend too much time with Patrick.” Tina laughed. “Okay. I’ll probably go sometime in the afternoon. I’ll call you.” “Great.” “Petey.” Tina heard in the background. She knew that it was her cue to go somewhere else. “I’ll leave you two alone.”

Tina walked around until she seen Destiny and Brittany. “Hey guys.” “Hi Tina. I seen you talking to Pete. How are things going?” Brittany said. “Good. Jeanae just came and figured I’d leave them alone.” “That’s a good thing. Or she’ll be starting a fight tonight.” Destiny said. “I figured that. I’m not in the mood for it.” “Don’t blame you. Have you and Pete gotten close.” “Destiny, I told you that I’m not ready. We are just going to be friends. Maybe if Jeanae wasn’t in the picture and other things. I just can’t get involved with a guy right now.” “Okay. I’m sorry.” “It’s fine.” Around 12:30 Tina decided to go home. She told the girls goodbye and went to Pete. Jeanae was sitting on his lap. “Pete, I’m going to go. Thanks for inviting me. I had a nice time.” “Oh, okay. Jeanae, get up. I want to say goodbye.” Jeanae sighed, but got up. Pete stood up and walked Tina to the door. “I’m sorry that I didn’t get time to talk to you.” “I understand. We’ll have some time tomorrow. I’ll call you.” “Sure thing. Have a good night.” “You too.”

Tina walked home. She locked the door and went to her parents room and let them know she was home. She got into her pajama bottoms and a shirt and went to bed. She was so tired, but the last thing she thought about was Pete. The next morning Tina got up and got dressed and went downstairs and helped her mom with some boxes. Around noon, she decided to call Pete. They met out by his car. “Where would you like to go?” “Well, I just need some notebooks and pens. I have clothes. Probably Target.” “Alright.” They got into the car.

Pete drove to Target and Tina got everything that she needed. Then they went and got a late lunch. “I know you have only been here a few days, but do you like it?” Pete asked. “Yeah, I do. I’m glad I met you and your friends. I feel accepted already. Sometimes it’s hard for me to make friends. Back in Texas I just had one friend.” She looked down. Pete took her hand. “I’m sorry. I’m here for you anytime you need me.” “Thank you. That means the world to me.” Their food came and they ate and then went back home.

“Thank you for taking me shopping. I’m all ready for school.” “Good. I should get home. Come over later if you want. Jeanae and I are going on a date at 8:00 though.” “I’ll see what is going on. I might.” “Okay. See you later.” Pete kissed her on the cheek. “What was that for?” “I don’t know. You just look a little sad. See you.” Tina watched Pete go to his house. She realized she was falling for him and it wasn’t good.

I know it's kinda slow going. There will be drama coming up. Just give me a few more chapters. Hope you all like it.

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