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Enter Benvolio

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A/N: Wow, it’s been a long while since I’ve updated this story, and I’m really sorry about that. So, I PROMISE to update regularly until both this and my other story is finished. I apologies again to all those who asked for so long for this to be up. I might be a little rusty, and I’m sorry for that to. Well anyways, read on.

“What are we going to do?” Atlanta exclaimed. She was passing back or forth in her room, Theresa and Archie with her.

Just then a plump robust man walked into the room.

“Juliet we must prepare for our grand party this evening, remember? Young Paris will be there” Lord Capulet was smiling, and happy. Much unlike the face of his supposed daughter. “Tybalt, what art you doing here? You should not be in the chamber of a young lady. Out, out!”

“Sorry, I’ll see you tonight, we’ll talk then” He said as he walked out the door. Lord Capulet followed him.

“Paris? Who’s he again?” Atlanta asked Theresa.

“He’s the guy you’re supposed to marry at the beginning of the play. But I think we might have more urgent matter’s than who’s who right now.” Now Theresa was passing “You know, like how are we gonna stop Archie, Jay and You from being killed?”

“I don’t know, this whole thing is ridicules, I mean we’re stuck in a play” Atlanta was pounding her head on the wall now. “Ok, so we know that Jay is going to be at the party, and that this place affects us so that we act as though our character would right? So he’ll find us”

“Right, at that point we’ll have to find Archie, and hope that they don’t kill each other”

“Why don’t we feel affected?” Atlanta asked just realizing.

“I could give you about a hundred possibilities of why, but I couldn’t tell you for sure”

Both girls where now sitting on the bed in silence, both in deep thought.



As soon as Jay walked through the door, he saw Odie running towards him in a blue cloche and tights.

“Benvolio, what nonsense do you speak of? It is Romeo to whom you speak. Who is this Jay character you have so boisterously proclaimed?” Lady Montague stared at her nephew with an inquisitive look on her face.

“Oh, sorry, my bad…. I mean my apologies my Lady” Odie lowered himself into a low sweeping bow Odie lead him into a long empty corridor.

“Odie, how’d you get here?” Jay said whispering, so that none could here them.

“I was fixing the lights with Kim when she left to grab some new light bulbs and Cronus showed up. Man, that dude seems to know our every move. I backed up away from him when I tripped backwards into one of his vortex things”

“Do you know where Neil and Herry are?” Jay asked hastily

“Naw, sorry, I hadn’t seen anyone else until you walked in the door.”

“Ok, well Theresa, Archie and Atlanta are in the Capulet house, and I have no idea where that is”

“Do you think Cronus is here? I mean in the story with us?”

“I have no idea, but if he is, he’s not gonna make our lives any easier”

“Hey wait a minuet, we’re following act by act what’s in the play right?” Odie sounded like he had an idea.

“Yeah, I think so why?”

“Because at the last scene of act one, we all end up at the Capulet house for some big party. So that means…”

“That we’ll find the other three, and hopefully Herry and Neil”

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