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Chapter 50-

The bell rang of the end of recess.

“Oh come on! It can’t be maths already!” I screamed, throwing my arms up in the air dramatically.

I groaned loudly and walked to my locker.

I thrust the key into the hole and turned it before thrusting it out and slamming my locker door open.

I searched briefly in my messy locker before finding my Spiderman pencil case, along with my notebook and my maths textbook.

I waited until Scarlet had her books piled and ready, and started walking by her side to one of my most hated classes. Maths.

I didn’t mind maths usually. It was just the teacher we had this year that made it that much dreadful.

We were half way down the corridor; to the room we would be spending the next two periods in, when I heard an announcement through the school’s PA system.

“Could Rachel Cummings please come to the office for a visitor. Rachel Cummings to the office.” The office lady said, with that strangely annoying voice of hers.

I smiled giddily.

“Later bitch.” I said smartly, turning around the way Scarlet and I had just come, to put my books in my locker.

It wasn’t until I had put my books away in my locker, and was basically at the office, when I realized who my ‘visitor’ was.

I sighed and took the last few steps into the front office.

I saw Dad turn around and smile at me happily.

“Hey Dad.” I mumbled, looking down at the floor.

“Hey! How’s my little girl?!” Dad asked cheerfully, wrapping me in a tight hug.

My eyes widened as I tried to comprehend what was happening.

By the time my father let go of me slowly, I had come to the conclusion that my father was on crack. Or any other type of drug. Either way he was out of his mind.

“Come on. We’ll go for a walk, and we can talk along the way.” Dad said softly, placing a gentle hand on my back.

My brain turned into a pile of mush as I tried to think straight.

This whole situation so far was confusing the crap out of me.

I looked back at the office lady as we walked out of the big glass doors that were the front entrance.

“I’ve already signed you out. Don’t panic.” Dad said knowingly, with a hint of chuckle in his voice.

We had walked out of the school gates, and down the street a little bit, when I broke the uneasy silence, nervously.

“Dad, why are you here?” I asked quietly.

“Because I wanted to see you.” Dad answered, shocked that I even asked the question.

Yep, definitely on crack.

“Why?” I asked, shocked.

“Because you’re my daughter.” Dad answered calmly.

“Why all of a sudden do you want to know me again?” I asked.

Dad looked at me questionably.

“Does the line ‘I want nothing to do with you’ ring any bells?” I asked sarcastically.

“I didn’t mean that.” Dad mumbled.

“Well, whether you meant it or not, it still hurt the same!” I said loudly.

“I’ve changed Rachel.” Dad said simply.

“What?” I asked, confused.

“I’ve stopped drinking. Given all of that shit up… When I realized that I’d lost everything, is when I realized I needed to stop. It ruined my life.” Dad explained quietly.

I stopped walking momentarily, my mouth hung open slightly.

Was I hearing this right?!

“I want another chance with you Rachel. I understand the things I did and said to you are unforgivable, but, please. Just give me another chance!” Dad begged, taking my hands in his.

I lowered my brow in concentration, taking a step away from my Dad.

“Dad, I-” I stuttered, trying to find the right words.

“You don’t need to make a decision right now. But, I’m just letting you know that I’d love to have that second opportunity again to show you that I’m not that much of a screw up. I want to be the father you’ve always needed.” Dad said softly.

“I’ll, I’ll think about it.” I stuttered, complete and utterly shocked.

“That’s all I ask.” Dad whispered, hugging me once again.

My arms hung loosely at my sides at he hugged me tight to his chest.

“Now, you’ve got two choices. You either go back to school, and go back to whatever class you’re missing right now, or we stay out here together until lunch time?” Dad suggested, standing up straight.

“I’ll stay here.” I answered quickly.

There was no way in hell I was going back to maths when I had a perfectly good escape for the time being.

“Well good. There are a few things I wanna talk to you about.” Dad smiled, walking forward.

“Dad, know that I’m not doing this to give you another chance. I’m doing it to get out of maths.” I said firmly, not moving from my spot.

“Fair enough. Like I said, take your time. You don’t have to jump straight into it.” Dad laughed.

“Come on. I’ll buy us chocolate milkshakes!” Dad said, smiling once again.

I cracked a smile and walked forward.

At least he still knows I can’t resist a chocolate milkshake?

As we walked, and made small talk, I looked up at him, and noticed that something was noticeably different about him.

Maybe he was telling the truth about getting off the alcohol?

Maybe he did finally realize what bad it was doing to him?

Maybe he has changed? And this time, for the better.


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