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But Not Really

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Pete Wentz broke her heart.

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Its amazing what some will do to prove their love.
Some write lyrics.
Some just dedicate those songs.
Some fly halfway across the country.
Some fly halway around the world.
Some walk done the street.
But, I know one human that did something like no-one else.
He didn't just write one song.
He didn't dedicate just one stupid song.
He wrote a whole album.
He didn't fly across the country.
He drove.
He didn't go to the other side of the fucking world.
He toured the damned thing.
He didn't walk down the street.
He chased my fucking car.
Yes, that is what Peter Lewis Kingston Wentz, did to prove his love for me.
Some say is was for attention.
Some say he actually loves me.
All of them say give him another chance.
They say he deserves it after everything he did.
But I don't give a shit.
I can't forgive for all the damage he caused.
Most people wonder what he did.
I'll tell you.
It may take a while, but you'll hear it.
I want everyone single one of his freaking fans to know what he did to me.
I want them to know what he's like when not faced with flashing
cameras, screaming girls, & magazine reporters.
I want you to see him behind the fame.
Ok while we are here let's get the basic facts out of the way.

My name is Caprice Martin.

Yes, I know that my name is a shade of pink, but I like it.

I think its unique.

I am 27 years old one year younger than our dear Peter.

I haven't always known Pete.

I was and still am a diehard Fall Out Boy fan.

I was with the guys from the start.

I was there before Fall Out Boy was Fall Out Boy.

I was there when there were five Fall Out Boy's.

Pete and I met at one of the first shows.

Before 'Take This To Your Grave'.

I am not a big people person.

I do not remember details well, so this won't be a fact-by-fact sort of thing.

Well I guess that is all that matters about me you want to hear about Pete.
As I said before, Pete and I met at one of their first shows.

I was really into cool undiscovered bands, on of my friends knew the drummer.

If you have been listening the one before Andy.

She introduced me to whatever the hell his name is, then whatever the
hell his name is introduced me to Pete.

Pete and I hit if off immediately.

It was like I found a new best friend, or soul mate.

Like I had found the person whose body was created to fit perfectly
next to mine, kinda like a puzzle.

Pretty damn deep thinking for a kid under 30, isn't it?

Yeah well, I've always been that way.

Pete and I had been really good friends for about twelve months or so
when he asked me out.

February 6, 2003.

Yes, exactly four years before Infinity On High.

If you think that release date was a coincidence, think again.

It was supposed to be my four year anniversary present from him.

Somewhere around two months before then was when things started
getting all fucked up.

I guess one of my ex-boyfriends from high school had shown up and was
saying all kinds of crap about me.

Apparently, Pete believed every single word.

Some of the things he was saying to Pete were things like ... I was
cheating on Pete with him.

That I was a lying backstabbing slutty whore.

That I was a control freak.

This guy that Pete was hearing this from dated me for a week.

Pete and I were together for almost four years at that point.

Youd think he would believe me, right?


He believed the bastard from my past and broke up with me.

Then, about four months later, he realized that he made a mistake and
begged me to take him back.

I, being the sucker that I am, took him back.

Only to have my heart broken once more.

This time, he cheated on me.

Then denied it when I caught him red-handed.

I mean, I walked in on them.

By them I mean him and Ashlee Nicole Simpson.

That dumbass slut that he dated for around six or seven months before
begging me to take him back.


And you know what?

I did.

This time, things went OK for about a year and a half.

Then he started turning into that big ego rock star kind of guy.

He was blowing me off for parties when our date had been planned for
about a week.

He often times came home smelling like perfume that wasn't mine.

He spent more time writing music then he did with me.

To be honest, I got sick of it.

So, I kicked his skinny ass to the curb for the last time.

But this time,he decided he needed to prove his love.

He did.

When Patrick invited me to his house for a movie night, Pete was there.

So I left.

That would be when he chased my car.

When I moved to LA

He was there.

When I moved back to Chicago

He came with.

This is where people start telling me to give him another chance.

Where people say that hes done enough to prove that he is serious.

But as far as I'm concerned, there is only one way for him to apologize.

And that is to my face.

He has said it over the phone.

In a song.

On a card.

Hell, he as done it in almost every way possible except for the one
way that I want him to.

And that is where well begin the real story.

I'll let you enjoy the wait with me.

One more time ... Ill wait for him.

Wait for the one and (l)on(e)ly Pete Wentz.

One more time, just for his sake.

Well, you had better be ready, because here it goes................
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