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You Looked So Good in Blue.

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"Reecie ... its been four months. Just forget about it and lets have
some fun," my best friend Arabelle said.

Of course like the pathetic lovesick girl that I am, and Arabelle
decided that I needed to move on.

Which, I supposed I did, but wasn't ready to.

I needed him, and I knew it, but I would not ever admit it.

That was something that I would never do.

Admitting that you need someone is a weakness.

I do not, I repeat do not have weaknesses.

"Fine! If it will get you to leave me alone for once I will go with
you to the damn party," I said, getting up off of my couch and turning
off the TV.

"Yay! So, I have your outfit picked out already, it's sitting on your
bed," she said rapidly and excitedly.

Of course she knew that I would say tes, because she knows my secret.

Yes I am talking about the whole needing the bastard things.

She was the only person that knew anything about me that could
(potentially) destroy me, but that is because she is my best friend.

Everybody tells their best friend their biggest secrets, it's that
whole trust thing they've got going on.

I walked into my room and snatched the outfit that Belle had picked
for me walking into the bathroom ignoring the fact that Thnks Fr Th
Mmrs was on.

That is what I do most of the time.

I ignored anything that had to do with our dear (bastard) Peter Wentz.

Once I finished changing I applied what little makeup I agreed to wear
and walked back into the living room.

"Oh my god, you looks so good! I knew that blue shirt would looks
great on you" Arabelle gushed as I walked out of the living room.

You look so good in blue.

"Thanks Belle, lets get going before I change my mind" I said grabbing
my purse and walking out of the front door.

Once I got outside, I looked toward the house to my right.

Which was coveniently owned by Peter's mother.

Yes. Pete was (my neighbor.

Every once in a while he still is, because he tends to stay with his parents.

Apparently, this was one of those days.

As soon as I saw him my breath caught in my throat, once he looked my
way I felt tears threating to come out.

Amazing he can make my make-up run without trying. Isn't it?

"Reece my car is in the other direction" Belle annouced, waving her
perfectly manicured hand in my face.

"What? Oh um yeah.. s-sorry. I was just... distracted by someone" I
said shaking my head to erase the image of Pete from my mind.

"He is back isn't he?" she asked shooting a sympathetic look my way.

I just nodded and got into the car.

"Screw Pete. To the party!" she exclaimed, turning the car key.

As soon as the car started, her favorite mixed cd started playing.

The only reason I know is because the first song on that mix is, "A
Little Less 'Sixteen Candles' A Little More 'Touch Me'.

Isn't that just grand?

But instead of moaning and whining, I just sat back and listened (not
enjoyed) the song.

I confess I'm messed up.
Dropping I'm sorry, like you're still around.
And I know you dressed up
Hey kid you'll never live this down.
Cause you're just the girl all the boys want to dance with
And I'm just the boy whos had too many chances.

Im sleeping on your folks porch again, dreaming
She said, she said, she said........

"Why don't you just drop dead?" I whispered to myself as I stared out
the window.

"Honey, you really need to forget about him. If he apologizes, he
apologizes. But I doubt he will, I know that is a little bit harsh but
it needed to be said." Arabelle said out of nowhere.

I let out a sigh, knowing she was right.

"I know, I know. By the way, whose part are we going to?" I asked,
realizing that I had absouletly no clue.

"Joe's" she said, getting to the point.

"You suck" I said, pouting while giving her the finger.

"What's your point?" Belle joked.

"He knows Pete's here doesn't he?

"Yes...please don't get mad. I just wanted you out of the house" she
said biting down on her lip piercing.

"It's okay. If it is anything like the other parties that he has
thrown, I might not see Pete at all" I said shrugging.

"That is a good way to look at things I'm so proud!" she exclaimed laughing.

"Yeah, yeah, yeah. Just shut the eff up and drive. We're almost there
anyway" I replied staring out the window absent mindedly again.

Just in time to see a Chevy Tahoe drive by with a California license plate.

Oh How Convinent?

How convenient.

I don't mean to make Pete sound like a jerk-off, it just like happens.
Reviews are lovely.
I had tickets to the Young Wild Things Tour, but I couldn't go. I had the flu, that soo sucks for me.
Aubree (The scene emo gangsta)
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