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Little Brother Tendencies

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"Holy shit Caprice is here!" Joe shouted gleefully as I walked into the kitchen.

It is almost like I knew he would be in there. Crazy how that works isn't it?

"Yes, I am. Amazing, isn't it?" I said hugging him.

Yeah so basically Joe is also one of my best friends, more like a little brother though.

"So what made you come?" he asked, propping himself on one of the counters.

"Not what, Joe, Who" I replied. "and it was Arabelle. By the way I know Pete's here so don't try and hide him from me. If I see him, I guess I just fucking see him

"Um, ok. That works too I guess." he replied, looking shocked.

"Joe, did you spike the punch?" someone asked, making their way into the kitchen.

Well speak of the devil.

"Would I do such a thing?" Joe replied resisting laughter.

"Yeah, yeah you would" Pete replied coming into full view.

As much as I wanted to leave the room I couldn't, I was suddenly paralyzed and it sucked.

Joe obviously noticed and started to get nervous.

Which Pete noticed.

"What are you so fucking fidgety for?" he asked as he watched Joe look from him to me and back again.

Pete turned his attention to my direction.

"Caprice is here" Joe finally said, walking basically running out of the kitchen.

Little brother tendencies you just heard them.

Pete and I were unable to say anthing so we just stood there and stared at each other for what seemed like eternity, until I finally broke down and started to cry.
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