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Getting Closer

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Patrick and Lucy get closer to each other than ever before. This act shows them that they will be together for a long time, maybe forever.

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Author's note: Last chapter. Thankyou for reading all the way to the end.

The next morning Lucy and Patrick were eating breakfast. Lucy had been glancing at the newspaper but she stopped as she looked up to see Patrick smiling at his cereal. Lucy thought it looked quite funny. “How come you’re smiling at your cereal?” She asked with a grin, “Are you having a nice conversation with it or something?” She laughed.
“I wasn’t smiling at my cereal,” Patrick said (still smiling), “Well not intentionally. I was smiling because what you said in the middle of last night helped me. I haven’t had any more nightmares or flashbacks since.”
“Well I’m glad it helped. So I’m not useless after all?” She put on a pretend sad face.
Patrick stood up and rounded the table to hug her, “You’ve never been useless.” He looked down at her seriously.
“It’s okay, I was only joking. I know I’m useful! For so many things,” Lucy said smiling up at Patrick.
“Really?” Patrick said. He raised his eyebrows and did something Lucy didn’t quite expect. He lifted her off her feet. “Aren’t you useless now?” He laughed, “You can’t do much while I’m holding you?”
“Let me go!” Lucy said trying to keep a serious face even though she found the situation funny. She tried to get out of his grip, struggling for a bit but then she changed her mind. “Okay…well you can carry me around all day!”
“I can carry you to the bedroom. But that’s the furthest Miss Cromwell.” Patrick said in a posh sounding voice.
“I’d like that.” Lucy said playing along. The bedroom to her sounded like an ideal destination.
Patrick carried Lucy into his bedroom and they stopped their pretending game. Instead Patrick kissed Lucy and gently laid her on the bed. He stood up over her smiling.
“Should I go?” Patrick asked, “Leave you to have a nap?”
Obviously Lucy didn’t want to have a nap or let Patrick go because she sat up and grabbed his hand pulling him towards herself on the bed.
“You don’t want me to go?” Patrick said inches away from Lucy’s face.
“Nope…you’re staying here Mr. Stump.”
He grinned at her and leant forward kissing Lucy passionately. She lay down and he leant over her continuing to kiss her not only on the lips but also on her neck and other sensitive places. After a while they found themselves breathless and longing for more than just kissing. They hadn’t gone further than that in their relationship before, as it hadn’t ever felt like the right time to go further. But now it did feel like the right time to the both of them. Patrick asked Lucy if she wanted to go further and her answer was a kiss in return. They were ready to get closer than ever before. Slowly they found themselves getting undressed and then finally making love. It was a special and beautiful event for the both of them and one that signified that they would be together for a long time. That maybe in the future they would become more than just boyfriend and girlfriend and instead become a married couple. Two things were certain, Patrick and Lucy loved each other very much and they also knew they were meant for each other.
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