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A Nightmare...

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Patrick has a flashback in the form of a nightmare. Lucy tells him a way to keep the flashbacks away. Something she did when she was younger to stop the nightmares she suffered from.

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Author's note: I updated quickly. Does that mean I deserve some reviews?! Also, if you've written a review for this story before or if you do in the future remember to check back to your review/s to see my response to it because I do respond to them all! Read on...

It was the middle of the night. Lucy was asleep but Patrick was wide-awake and sitting upright. He’d just got another flashback. It was actually more like a nightmare because it had occurred in his dreams but it was exactly like the flashback he had had earlier on. Patrick had woken up and believed that the nightmare was actually happening to him right now. He was shaking and his body was soaking with sweat. He silently got out of bed and headed into the bathroom to have a shower. It was a horrible feeling being sweaty and he just wanted it to go. He also just wanted the flashbacks to go as well. They were making him tense and even quite scared. He turned the shower on and stood under the hot, steamy water washing away all the sticky sweat. He leant against the wall behind him and sighed. He realized that these flashbacks weren’t going to stop. They were just going to happen again and again.

Lucy woke up because she thought she could hear water. She firstly thought it was a tap or something that hadn’t been turned off, but when she was a little bit more awake, she realized Patrick wasn’t lying next to her. He was in the shower. She went and knocked on the bathroom door. “Patrick!” She called out to him. “How come you’re having a shower in the middle of the night?”
“Hang on a sec.” He called back. “I’ll be out. We can talk then.”
The water stopped and Lucy sat down on the bed waiting for him to come out of the bathroom. Eventually the bathroom door opened and he emerged with what Lucy realized were fresh clothes on. He went and sat next to her.
“I just had another flashback in the form of a nightmare.”
Lucy put her arm around him comforting Patrick. “And the shower?” She asked quietly to him.
“I was sweaty. It made me sweaty. You really wouldn’t want a sweaty boyfriend would you?” He managed a laugh. Lucy gave a quick smile.
“No way!”
“So I don’t think these flashbacks are gong to stop.” Patrick said seriously as his smile went away.
“Okay. Hang on. You’ve only had two Patrick. They could stop after this.”
“You think?” Lucy gave Patrick a hug.
“I do think. The more you think they’re going to happen, the more likely they will. You have to think positive. Think it won’t happen. Then there may be a chance they will stay away.”
Patrick looked a little skeptical but slowly he nodded, “Alright. I’m not going to have any more of these flashbacks. I’m not.”
“That’s better.” Lucy said, “I used to have nightmares when I was younger and they only stopped after I told myself that they would.”
“Nightmares?” Patrick asked.
“The same one over and over again.”
“Woah. Well I’m glad they stopped then. I guess that explains why you have been wanting to help me with my flashbacks.”
“That’s not the reason.” Lucy grinned, “It’s because I’m your girlfriend and I love you.”
“Okay, and that too.” Patrick joked.
Lucy laughed and crawled under the covers of the bed. Patrick leant down and kissed her before lying down next to Lucy. Shortly afterwards they both fell asleep holding hands.
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