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Chapter 04: Jokin' On the Bus

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"Yeah. You're the girl who made the plants grow this morning, right?" I asked Micha, because she looked vaguely familiar.

"Yeah, that's me. Are your tattoos for real?" Micha asked

"Tattoos? Aren't you not even legally old enough for tattoos?" Layla asked.

"It's called I had fun with my parent's credit cards before they were cancelled. They said I could anyway. So I got myself tattoos."

"Your parents said that you could get tattoos?" A short kid who seemed to like brown quite a bit (scratch that, a lot) asked dubiously.

"Well, no, not exactly. They just said that I could have a little bit of fun with the credit card. They never said that I could not get a tattoo. Or more than one." I said.

"Can I see?" Warren asked, finally piping up.

"Sure." I said, dropping my bag to the ground and pulling my sweatshirt off.

"Very nice." Warren said, looking at them closely.

"Those look so detailed. And so good." Will says, also looking closely at my arms and chest.

"Thanks." I said. I shrugged my sweatshirt back on and zipped it up.

"Yeah, I gotta go catch the bus." Warren says, picking up his bag and throwing it over one shoulder.

"Me too." This tall, none to bright looking blond kid says, slinging has bag over his shoulder. "Come on, Ethan."

Ethan, the kid who liked brown a lot, and the blond kid followed after Warren.

"I gotta go, I got detention." This girl with loads of purple on said, picking up her bag and throwing it over one shoulder.

"The first day Magenta? How did you do it?" Layla asks.

"I pissed off my math teacher. I gotta go but I'll see you guys tomorrow." Magenta says, walking back up the stairs.

"Ladies, since it seems our group has headed off in their own directions, may we start flying?" Will says.

"Yeah." Layla says, putting her arms around Will's neck. Micha held onto his waist and I held onto an arm. And with that, I flew for the first time.

"Where do you live?" Will asked as we emerged from the clouds.

"You can drop me here." I said, pointing to the street corner where I got picked up that morning.

"OK." Will says, landing on the street corner. I let go of Will's arm and stood there for a little bit, I wasn't completely used to flying yet.

"See you tomorrow." Micha says as Will takes off.

"See ya." I said, walking down the street to my house.

'Holy crap, I think I just made friends.' I thought to myself as I dumped my bag in the corner by the door and walked to the kitchen.

I got myself a glass of some berry juice Lisa had brought at the grocery store and I dragged my backpack into the living room. I turned on the satellite radio and started in on the homework I had already gotten. That way I would have more time to play video games later without my uber-grade obssessed aunt bitching at me. She seems to have this idea in my head just because I read slower then a lot of kids my age and because my hand writing is messier then a lot of girls my age, that I'm not going to be able to go as far as other kids will.

Which is a load of bullshit of course, but hey, that is my aunt for you.

About three hours later, I was done with most of my homework; I had started the mondo math packet but again, it was due next week and I could finish it another night.


"I'm in the living room Lisa." I replied as I heard my aunt come in the front door.

"How was your first day of school?" She asked as she dropped her purse and light summer jacket onto a chair.

"It was fine. Normal. Except, you know, it being a hero-training high school and all and not a regular high school."

"I see."

"How was work?"

"The same old thing. Except apparently there's now a rumor going around the office that Sarah in accounting is pregnant with Dave in Human Resources baby because they've been secretly seeing each other behind Sarah's girlfriend's back."

Yep. My aunt is a walking bundle of contradictions. That is fer sure. She says she hates any form of gossip, it's tawdry and tacky and all this other crap. But I know she loves it.

"Have you had dinner yet?" She asked.

"Nope. I just got done with my homework."

"Good for you Marie, I'm proud you're getting off to a good start with the homework."

"Thanks Lisa."

"Well, in honor of already getting a start on your homework and getting it done, how about we order a pizza for dinner tonight?"

"Sure. I'm just gonna go upstairs and play video games until the pizza arrives then."

"Well, what toppings do you want?" Lisa called after me as I headed up the stairs.

"Mushroom and pineapple." I said over my shoulder, not stopping the ascent of the stairs.

I walked into the electronics room and unplugged my X-Box and plugged in my PS2 and put in /Guitar Hero 2/. I love that game.

I stood there and watched the TV screen and flicked the strummer and pressed the colored buttons and played through the songs and waited for the pizza to get to the house.

"Marie, the pizza's here!" Lisa called up the stairs a little over thirty minutes later.

"OK, I'll be down in a minute!" I yelled. I finished my song and paused the game and went and porked out on pizza.

After that not much else remarkable happened, and I went to bed with my alarm set for an ungodly hour the next morning.

~The Next Morning~


"I'M UP!" I screamed at my door.

Somehow, it was harder to get up this morning.

I did manage to do it though, and my morning shower revived me some and I ate my customary bowl of Lucky Charms before heading out for the bus.

Again, I sat on the curb at the end of the street with my MP3 player on raging music into my ears (this morning it was Enlyfter). And I waited for the bus. Eventually it showed up and to my suprise, who was on the bus when I walked on? Warren was.

"Hey." Warren said as I walked up.

"Hi." I said, taking a seat next to him.

"How are you this fine morning?" Warren asked.

"Please tell me you're being sarcastic."

"Of course!"

"Wow. So, I didn't know you took this bus."

"Oh, yeah. Will brought me to school yesterday."

"I see. What can you tell me about this fantastic high school of ours?"

"It sucks?" Warren said, making me laugh.

"I figured that one out when Boomer came out the floor." I said laughing.

"Oh yeah, he does that every year."

"So, you're telling me that Boomer rises up outta the floor looking like he got a stick shoved up his butt every year?"

"Yes." Warren says as we both laugh.

"That means gym is gonna suck a lot."

"Oh, Trust me, wait until it's the day to play 'Save the Citizen.' Boomer unleashes a whole can of ugly."

"Yeah, I'm not really looking forward to playing that so I'm hoping I never get picked for that. Ever."
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