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Childhood and Friendship

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Chapter 2

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Francis was three years older than I was, and I looked up to him. I tried my best to follow him; to do what he did. After a while, he did become my friend, and the day this happened was one of the best and happiest days of my life. He became, after time, like a brother to me. Loving and caring, always looking out for me, sticking up for me. When the other children would bully me because of my glasses, or that I was so small, or something rediculus like that, he would protect me. He would tell them something about themselves, and ask how they would feel if others were to make fun of them for whatever that was. No matter what, I always felt safe with Francis. I always felt brave when I was with him. Always.
When I was at the age two months after my fourth birthday, there was a knock at our home's door. I, running from my bed, went to answer the door to see if some one were here to look around and find a child for their own, or if there was to be another child to join our family of orphans. But to no avail, only a small basket was found. Wondering if a small baby was inside, I picked the basket up and brought it inside for one of the caretakers to observe.
As she took the basket, she gasped in suprise and awe. There wasn't a baby in there, oh no, but a small kitten! It's fur was soft, and the colour a bright and shining silver, with black on the tip of it's tail, and a most pecular star pattern on it's left thigh which was also black. It's eyes were the most beautiful neon green, sparkling with youth and innocence, but also with something deeper that I was not able to notice yet at that age.
The caretaker, not exactly knowing what to do with this small and innocent kitten, gave it to me and said, "Here, a belated birthday gift for you, my dear. Take care of him well, and you may keep him."
At that moment I was overjoyed. I now had my very own pet to own and to care for! The caretaker said I must name him, and train him to come to that name. Looking up at her with my big, round innocent eyes, I asked what the animal name for 'black' may be, and she replied with, "Sable." And so it was; I named my new friend Sable.
As soon as she said I may go, I ran off to find Francis. Passing numerous children and doorways, I finally got to my room, of which I share with Francis. Walking up to the doorway, I knocked, waiting for the reply for me to enter. Upon hearing it, I walked into the room warily, unknowing if Francis were to hug me out of no where, or scare me by yelling 'boo!', as we often did as children. But no, there he was, laying on his bed reading a poorly made book that costed no more than 50 American cents. I ran up to him, causing for him to put down his book and look at me with a slightly annoyed face put on. As I got to him, I cried, "Look, look! A new friend for us to play with! He is mine to keep, so long as I take care of him." And he replyed with, "I'm very sure you'll take good care of him, Dom."
Grinning, I showed him my new kitten, giggling my childish giggle as Sable swatted at a falling piece of hair in Francis' face. (At this time, I also must note you that I had come to the terms to nickname Francis, "Dark", for the fact that all that he wore was dark clothing, his looks were dark, and he was always hiding in the shadows, watching.)
And so, after that wonderful day, I now had two great friends that would stay with me forever, so I thought at that time...
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