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Chapter 3

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Many years have past, and so have many adventures. Francis was now a bright 13 years of age, and I was now a young 10 years of age. By then, the younger of the caretakers had adopted me as her own, so I continue to this day to refer to her as 'mama'.
The lack of money that our home got led to the lack of education we got a day, causing for the children in the home, including Francis and I, to not know the more of things that our age children should know by now. We were going through puberty, and I didn't even know what that was; not even Francis knew a lot about it, and he was the smartest child in our home. So the day came when Francis had made up his mind and decided to tell me about it.
"Dom," Francis said as he walked up to me on one nice, yet cold evening, "I'm sick of this place."
I replied to him, with a questioning look, "How could you be sick of here? It's our home, don't you love it?" Oh, how very innocent I was.
"No! We hardly get the education we need, our home is a wreck, and we don't even know what's on the outside!"
"But we're safe here, are we not? Mama said we should enjoy our lives and what we have, and be happy." Oh!, how very very innocent I was!
"I don't care! You can stay here with your mother, but I am running away." His reply left me speachless, even though I hardly knew what 'running away' really meant. All I knew was that he would be leaving, weather or not he would come back, I did not know. And then it hit me, another reason why he would want to go away from our home; Francis was a vampire. He never could blend in with the other children, he was different. Wings that he could stretch out which were as black as the starless night sky, and fangs so sharp they could prick my finger with one small touch. None of the other boys or girls had these, nor did I.
And so, I replied to him, "But, why? Why would you want to leave me? I cannot stand on my own, without you, Dark."
"My name is not Dark!! It's Francis!! Stop calling me that!" he roared at me, causing unimaginable fear to come to me at that moment. Never before had Francis yelled at me in that manner. And when the fear struck, I began to cry. I cried so hard right then; fear, pain, and loss reflecting in my eyes as tears poured down my flushed cheeks.
He huffed at me, and retreated out of the room, leaving me to my sorrows as I curled up into a ball on my little bed, sobbing quietly for Francis to come back to me.
Hours passed, day had turned to night, and I had not heard from him since. I was soon afraid that he had left without telling me, and that I would never see my beloved friend again. Thinking of what he told me, about running away, getting an education, and seeing the outside, I slowly but surely decided to join him in his dream of leaving. Even though I believed that he had already left, I wrote a note on a small piece of paper and placed it onto my pillow, just in case he had not run away, or if he would come to terms to return to the home.
Grabbing my safe blanket, stuffed bunny, toothbrush and toothpaste, I placed them into my little suitcase I had for playing, and locked it up, ready for my leave. Hearing the jingle of a bell from behind, I looked to see Sable sitting on my bed, looking up at me with his mysterious green eyes. I smiled, gladly picking up my beautiful cat, telling him of how we were going to leave this place for good. He replied with a 'meow', and I figured that it meant as an okay. Opening up my window, though on the second floor of our home, I jumped out, meraculously landing on my feet, but spraining both ankles. I cried out in pain, as I was not used to the hardness of the earth outside, but limply walked on away from the home of which I was now abandoning, Sable by my side.
We passed many glorius buildings, big and small, from five floors up, to one floor. But all were amazing compaired to my old, two story home, with it's ratty, stained carpets, it's old, moldy walls, and the ever lasting, horrid, stomach churing smell of babies' diapers. (Ah, but still, it was home, I must admit. And I did feel safe when I was in it.) But all this glory was just the good parts of our town. Oh!, the things Sable and I ran into in the bad parts of town! I dare not mention them, as to the fear that you might quit reading this right then and there.
Once we had gotten ourselves out of trouble with the town, we made our way to the long, winding dirt road that lead to who-knows-where. After what seemed like hours, we had gotten to a part of the road where big, green bushes lined the road, leading the way to another town. Walking quietly, Sable and I heard a rustling from one of the bushes nearby as we passed it. I now grew nervous, fearing that it would be some type of bandit that the older children had told stories about when I was younger to scare me. And well, they did. Extremely. And I was now moving at a fast pace, one of which Sable had to trot to, causing the bell on his rag collar to jingle with every elegent step he took. More rustling then occured, and I was now at a running pace, Sable right next to me all the way. And then, just as quickly as the rustling had occured, a giant, harry, snarling brown wolf, in appearance, jumped out at me and took a bite to my arm. I cried out in fear and pain, and Sable hissed as he jumped back, startled and frightened.
It took a moment for me to relise what was happening, and I took in the view of this creature which was tearing at my arm. Bigger than the average dog and wolf, it was. It was aquipted with claws unlike I had ever seen, almost demon like. The face, to my fear, was scrunched up in the most horrible way, snarling at me with hunger in it's eyes. And the teeth of which this thing had... Oh!, the teeth! The teeth of which were being shoved through my tiny little arm, ripping through the skin as the creature tore away at my flesh, were huge and pointed, saliva dripping off of them. It was most likely hoping for a meal. I screamed at the top of my lungs, and ripped away from the beast, amazingly keeping my arm in tact, and not even loosing anything of my skin. All that it had done was given me a bite, leaving a bloody mark on my childish arm. I screamed again, taking off down the path as fast as I could go, knowing well that Sable was next to me, and that wolf like thing was far behind me.
What seemed about an hour later, I had stopped running around ten minutes after I was attacked, as my small legs had grown tired. I stopped and sat down, taking a breather for my young lungs to rest. I looked down and gasped to see that the skin on my arm was completely healed, nothing but the imprint of a huge bit mark on it. I looked to Sable, who seemed to be even more confused that I was, and stated, "It's healed." Sable gave me a skepticle look as if to say, 'No duh.' I then heard another sound coming up from behind. Frightened that it may be the same thing that attacked me, I quickly gathered myself, stood up, and started running. It was then that I heard a very familiar voice.
"Dom!!!", is what I heard it calling. "Dom!! Stop!!" And so I did. Once I stopped, I turned and looked to see whom was doing this calling of my name. I gasped in sheer shock as I was hit, full force, by none other than Francis. "Dark?!" I cried, suprised as anything. Francis was crying incredibly hard, clinging onto me as if I were on my death bed.
"Why did you go?! You fool!" he sobbed as he clung onto my body, even though it was smaller than his own.
I replied to him, "I listened to your advise, and ran away." My answer made him sob ever harder and louder than before.
"Never listen to me!! Never listen to my advise!! Never, Dom! Never!" he sobbed still more. I blinked, and hugged him tightly, dropping my case next to Sable. I clung onto him and started crying myself. After the moments of mourning for feelings, he unlatched from me, as did I from him.
He wiped the tears from my cheeks, forgetting about his own, and asked of me, "When did you leave?"
And I replied, "Some time last night." As it was now some time in the day. He took on a shocked expression, for it seemed that I had been gone for a long time. I gasped, remembering the thing that had attacked me not an hour earlier. "Look, Dark! I got bited by a weird doggy!" (My vocabulary wasn't that well, due to the lack of education we got at the home.) I held up my arm, and he flinched, looking away. I blinked, and asked, "Why are you turning away?"
He replied with a whimper, "I'm sorry. I cannot stand to look at raw flesh." And I did not understand then, but I do now, that he couldn't look because he was of the creatures of the night; attracked to blood, if he would have seen, he too would have probably attacked me. "Let us return home, Dom, please. I have made an agreement with one of the caretakers that if she were to give us a better education, and teach us what we should know, I would stay. And you will too, Dom." And with that, he hugged me tightly, being careful as to not touch my arm. We then retreated home, keeping careful watch as to not get attacked once more.
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