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Chapter 3

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When the Borg Queen is destroyed in Endgame. The collective needs a new Queen. The Borg Queen brings order to chaos and guilds the collective to perfection. This story is from the POV of the new Bo...

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Chapter 3

I woke up in a black void and I was all alone; as I looked around I could only see myself and nothing else. I could feel myself beginning to panic when a soothing voice entered my mind. “Calm yourself my child; you are not alone, and if you take my offer you will never be alone again.”

I spun around toward the voice and I saw the Borg Queen. “I...I thought you where dead,” I said in a shaking voice.

The Borg Queen laughed softly and smiled at me in a way that reminded me of my mother. “When you are Borg you will never truly die. My thoughts and my memories will forever be a part of the collective. But yes, I was terminated by the future version of Janeway. I am an Artificial Intelligence program that is guided by my memories and thoughts. So in essence I am approximation of what my real self would have thought and done herself.”

“Where am I, and what do you want with me?” I asked.

“We are in your mind; I can use your Cortical Node to interface with your thoughts and create a place where you can see me. As for what we want from you that is simple, we want you,” the Queen replied.

“Me! What do you mean you want me!?” I asked, afraid and intrigued at the same time.

“The Borg are a collective, all drones are connected to a single point. Through that single point the Borg are able to share thoughts and act as one unit, and from that single point the Borg are given a purpose. When Seven of Nine, Tertiary Adjunct of Unimatrix Zero-One was terminated by the Federation, you where next in line in accordance with the Royal Protocol. You where added just recently…”

“Seven was killed by the Federation?” I asked, feeling my chest tighten.

“It was confirmed,” the Queen answered, lowering her head for a moment. “I can show you the last moments of Seven of Nine’s life, if that is what you wish,” she offered, and I nodded.

Everything went black and a second later I was in what looked to be a large Federation research lab, but there were Borg alcoves resting against the walls. In the center of the room was a large circler device that looked to be a cross of Borg and Federation technology. Inside of the circular ring was a woman dressed in a starfleet uniform who had one too many Borg implant sticking out of her body. I heard the Queen's voice in my head. “You are seeing through Seven of Nine’s eyes. I will start the play back now.”

The room seemed to unfreeze and I heard the woman in the ring-like device. “Well, well, if it is not Seven of Nine. I must say it is a pleasure to meet you. You will make a very useful Borg dron…” I, or I should say Seven, lifted her arm and shot something at the woman. When it hit her she stopped speaking. The woman started to scream and within a few seconds she started to shake violently. After about thirty seconds the woman fell back against the circler device, deceased.

I felt myself moving forward when a hand grabbed me. I spun around and saw Admiral Janeway. “Seven…” she spoke, and I interrupted her and said in Sevens voice, “I must do this; it has to be done. Please let me do this.” Janeway hesitated for a moment, and then she nodded her head in acceptance. I felt myself moving toward the circler device. Once at the device I pressed a few buttons. The device opened up and I pulled the dead woman out of the circler ring and stepped inside it and pressed another button. As I turned around again to face Janeway I saw a bunch of Starfleet officers rush into the room. Three of them raised their phasers and fired at me. I felt the beams hit me and I fell back. At the same time I heard Janeway yell “NOOOOO!!” After that all I saw was the ground before blackness covered everything.

I'm not sure how it was possible with my mind stuck in Seven’s last moments of her life, but I felt tears running down my face. Seven was now dead; the only person I considered family that I had left had been killed by Starfleet. I was truly alone, I had nothing; everyone I ever had cared for was dead. I had nothing to live for. The only thing I seemed to have left was my hate, for I hated the Federation with a passion as they had taken away almost everything I cared for and loved. I longed for the days when Voyager was in the Delta Quadrant, surrounded by the stars where we were happy, where we were a family. But that was the past and I was in the present, alone.

The room where Seven was killed faded away and the blackness had returned. I felt a hand touch my shoulder and the former Queen's voice in my mind. “Join us, become our queen and you will never be alone again; no one will ever be able to take us away from you. We will fight for you, protect you and forever be with you. Let us fill the void in your heart.”

I turned to the queen and looked at her. Oh how I long to fill the void in my heart. It was too late for me. I could feel myself accepting the Queen’s offer. I needed this. I could not live the rest of my life alone. Suddenly I felt voices fill my mind, first a few, then a few hundred and then millions. It was overwhelming, it was all too much, and I could not handle it. The queen’s voice drowned out the other voices and said, “It will be ok my child, follow my thoughts and we will construct a system in your mind so you can handle the voices of the collective.”

I did as I was told and I put all my focus into following what the queen wanted me to see and do. I complied and within minutes I had created something. I’m not sure how I would describe it, a system of sorts that allowed me to sort out and categorize the voices in a way I understood and was able to handle them. Soon the pain went away and what was left was the collective. It was amazing; I felt like I was in thousands of different places at once but at the same time still in the darkness standing next to the former queen.

“Who are you?” The former Queen asked.

I thought about it for a moment and then I heard the voices of the collective speak to me. I listened, then I knew, and I answered. “I am the beginning, the end, the one who is many. I am the Borg. I am the Collective. I bring order to chaos. I am Naomi of Borg, the Queen of the Borg.”

The former Queen smiled. “Yes, that is right, you are the Borg, and you will never be alone again. It is time for you to wake up. The collective needs its queen; the collective needs to rebuild. You were chosen to bring a new era of greatness to the Borg. You where chosen for your imagination, something that the Borg have lacked for far too long. I will be here to assist you and answer any questions that you need answered. Now awaken, Queen of the Borg.”
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