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Chapter 4

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When the Borg Queen is destroyed in Endgame. The collective needs a new Queen. The Borg Queen brings order to chaos and guilds the collective to perfection. This story is from the POV of the new Bo...

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Chapter 4

When I opened my eyes the first thing I saw was that I was standing in some sort of chamber. The voices of the collective whispered to me and I instantly knew I was standing inside of a maturation chamber. I took a few shaky steps forward and nearly fell flat on my face, barely catching myself on the door frame. I felt different somehow, and images and thoughts rushed into my mind and I knew exactly what had been done to improve my body.

The Borg had used my memories and thoughts of the research I had done in Nano and Bio-implant technology in my re-creation, my rebirth. All of my internal organs had been changed to a perfect balance of organic and inorganic. One benefit of this was that if something were to attack my living tissue my body could adapt itself with inorganic systems until the attack was terminated or vice versa. My bone structure had been replaced with Tritanium, a compound 21.4 times as hard as a diamond, and Bitanium was used in the core of all my bones which, with the help of my Nano Probes, could transmit information at a much more efficient rate then my natural nervous system could ever accomplish. My strength, agility and reflexes had all been improved by a factor of twelve.

My brain had undergone the most changes. Like my other organs, my brain was a perfect balance of organic and inorganic. The most significant change being that my neuro pathways had been replaced with a whole system of Nano Probes that in a way worked like my old nervous system did. The Probes created a highly complex network of Nano Probes. My mind’s ability to process and retain information was exceptionally improved, along with a greatly increased ability to multitask. I had an internal sensor network integrated into my body which allowed me to gather data about the environment around me and also made my personal shield generator much more efficient. The sensor data would help me adapt to whatever weapon was being fired at me.

The pathways to my eyes had also been enhanced and one of my eyes was replaced with an artificial one that could see a whole multitude of visual spectrums. I could now see in very low light, infrared, and different radioactive activities. I could even adjust the eye to see down to microscopic levels.

Once I had remastered walking I strided over to the nearest drone and with a single thought he ended his regeneration cycle and looked at me. I could see threw his eyes and was able see myself as if I was looking in a mirror. I could see very few visual changes to my outer body. My face mostly looked the same as I remembered. I looked like a sixteen year old teenage girl. I still had long, light brown hair. My single organic eye still looked human but the color had changed from a light grey to a bright green. My skin was still pale white, if not a bit paler then it was before. I knew that while my skin looked perfectly normal it was actually a cross of enhanced skin tissue and a mixture of a rare diamond compound that made my skin very resistant to damage.

The only other visible implant was my right hand; it looked lot like Seven of Nine’s with a metal lattice covering my hand. The device was very complex and would not have been possible without my idea of making an implant composed mostly of Nano-Probes. The device allowed me to generate a stream of electrical energy or produce a small tractor beam that could be reversed, therefore allowing me to push or pull objects to me. I could also shoot tiny high-speed Nano pellets which would allow me to assimilate a person or computer system from a distance. I could of course use my tubicles to do the same task up close and personal.

I saw through the drone’s eyes that I was wearing a black body suit that reminded me of the one that Seven of Nine often wore. My armored suit was designed to help protect me from a multitude of dangers and additionally was able to adsorb ambient heat and energy into my body. While appearances were by Borg standards where irrelevant ,I thought that in a strange way I looked beautiful. I could see myself smiling. I could hear the entire collective and in that moment I knew I was no longer alone. I was no longer powerless compared to those beings who wished to harm me out of fear.

I released the drone I was using to look myself over and he went back to his alcove as I started looking inwards. I began studying the state that we the Borg where in, to see what needed to be done to bring us back to where we had been and beyond, to bring us closer to perfection. We needed to rebuild. We had lost so much when the future version of Janeway introduced the pathogen into the collective. Unimatrix Zero-One and much of what was in the Delta Quadrant had been destroyed before safety parameter 003 initiated which stopped the spread of the pathogen.

I also learned what had been going on at Earth. The former Queen it seemed had been successful in creating a virus that would slowly assimilate the planet. The plan would have worked if it was not for the action of Commander Diana Scotts. She was a researcher for the Federation and her duty was to find away to counteract the Borg threat. Through her research she learned of program 001 and, with the return of Voyager and the news of the former Queen’s termination, she devised a plan. She would try and corrupt the Royal protocol and make herself the next Borg Queen.

“Such arrogance,” I thought to myself, “to think that she could simply make herself the Queen of the Borg. How little that pathetic woman knew.” One did not decide that they were to be the next Borg Queen, they were chosen both by the collective and the memories of all the former Borg queens. Program 001 had resisted Commander Scotts’s attempts and because of this she could only command the drones on Earth. This had led to weakening of the virus that was to assimilate Earth.

The Federation was able to stop the spread of the virus when Seven of Nine terminated the wannabee queen. The Federation was able to use Commander Scotts’s personal logs to devise a way to stop the spread and even reverse the virus. It seemed Seven of Nine was willing to become the queen in order to destroy herself and the entire collective at once. The short-sightedness of the Federation had led to them killing Seven out of fear and ignorance. My loathing for the Federation only grew as I was learning of these facts through the collective.

Forcing the hateful thoughts out of my mind, I turned my attention to more pressing items, the main need being the reconstruction of the collective. We needed a place to construct new vessels for the collective and I started to go threw the Borg database of all the different species we had encountered. Soon I found the perfect candidate, species 521 who called them self the Shivolians in spatial grid 403. The last scan of species 521's system had shown that they possessed five different orbital construction platforms capable of creating large starships. These shipyards would be adapted to service us.

There was a Sphere just outside of range of the nebula, and with a mental call the Sphere sent its code to the platform that protected this planet within the nebula. While I was waiting for the Sphere I checked to see what ships I had at my disposal and I found that I had Cubes 04589, 00483 and 01294 that could be in spatial grid 403 around the same time I would be arriving there myself. I sent a mental order to the three cubes and again I got a response immediately from the three cubes saying they would comply. About ten minutes later I was beamed aboard Sphere 07287.

Once I was on board Sphere 07287 I could tell that we had immediately entered into transwarp via my link to the collective. I started to walk around the ship,and one thing I soon found out was that while a Borg ship was very efficient it had little in way of creature comforts.

I was beginning to realize now that I was lot different then the previous Borg Queens. When the other Borg Queens had gained their positions a great deal of their individuality was suppressed as well. They did not feel the need to have a bed or the desire to entertain themselves; they simply brought order to chaos and gave the Borg direction. In my case the Borg needed someone who still had creativity and an imagination, so almost all of what made me Naomi Wildman was still present.

Without realizing it a whole host of drones had terminated their regeneration cycles and started clearing out a small area on the ship, making me a small room that I could use for as long as I needed it. It was not until I was informed through my link that my temporary chambers where completed that I realized that the collective were even constructing a room for me. I would have to pay closer attention to the collective, for I knew I was still adapting to better control my influence over the hive mind. It seemed it would take little effort on my part to get the collective to do something for me; even a stray thought on my part and they would jump into action to do my bidding.

I quickly made my way to my new temporary quarters, guided by the collective. I found a small circular room that had a bed which also acted as my alcove where I could regenerate. There was a desk which had a variety of computer terminals on it and a large yet comfortable looking chair set behind it, and the wall in front of my desk was a large view screen. Overall my quarters were small and sparse, but it was sufficient for my needs as of right now.

I felt tired and I was also in need of regeneration, but before I went to bed I decided that my ship and the three cubes I was using for the attack should be cloaked for a total surprise attack. I sat down at my desk and called up all the information on cloaking technologies that we had assimilated. I was astonished at all of the information I was receiving and that I was able to completely remember and understand it all.

I then called up everything we knew about species 521 and after a little bit of studying I had selected a simple yet efficient method of cloaking that would not be detected by any sensor technology that species 521 possessed. I prepared to send out a command to the sphere and cubes 04589, 00483 and 01294 to adapt the cloaking device I have selected. However the collective had already seen and heard my thoughts and were already carrying out my directive to the applicable vessels. I laughed to myself and knew it was time for me to regenerate. When I woke up it would almost be time for the attack.
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