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reunion time?

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It's back!!! Sorry it took me forever and a day. :( Any weird html code errors are all ficwad's fault. xoxoxo

Lily sat in the taxi, staring at the plastic shopping bags beside her legs.
They rustled with every turn of the car, every slight movement of her feet.
A pink, fuzzy teddy bear stared up at her cheerfully, stuffed haphazardly into a thin plastic bag decorated with a large red target.
It was accompanied by a large pack of peanut M&Ms, cupcake mix, canned frosting, a small bag of gummi worms, and various and assorted other goodies.
She sighed as she stared at the city traffic, looking up at tall buildings and the skyline...the the thin layer of smog that hung in the air.
She hated doing business here.
She always noticed the constricting feeling in her lungs when she took her first breath; stepping off the plane and onto the concrete.
It was superficial and plastic; everything she hated, essentially.
But she had to grin and bear was part of the business, really.
The cab lurched forward, stopping before taking a sharp right turn.
The buildings were soon replaced with freshly planted trees and manicured lawns.
Lily stared out at the convertibles and SUV’s, the small dogs being led around by busty housewives.
She wondered what was going on behind the white walls and roman columns; if it really was ideal as it seemed.
The dust mites floated around the cab, lazily riding in the stray rays of sunlight that broke through the poorly tinted windows.
Suddenly a large mansion appeared before her, framed by a large, iron gate.
The cab stopped unexpectedly, causing Lily to jump slightly.
“This is the place.” the cab driver stated, tapping the pay meter with his index finger.
Lily raised an eyebrow,
“Are you sure?” Lily asked skeptically, peering out the window with a squint, taking a second to pull her sunglasses away from her large blue eyes....eyes that had become clearer in the past couple weeks; since her encounter with Bert at the Label party.
“Yes.” he blurted impatiently, “Paramour mansion.”
Lily took it all in with a frown, stealing one last wary glance before pulling a 20 dollar bill out of her pocket and placing it in his tan, cracked outstretched hand.
“Alright...well.” She began as she gathered the bags in her hand, “Thank you.”
The driver grunted, watching her exit the cab silently.
Lily stood in front of the elegantly twisted iron as he drove away, bags resting on the sidewalk beside her.
She took one last breath before pressing a small white button embedded within the gate.
Moments later a steely, cold voice came from a plastic speaker,
“Name please.”
Lily looked around awkwardly before stating her name,
“Uh..Lily McKay?” she said, hand wandering to her nose.
A buzzer sounded, followed by a metallic click.
Lily raised an eyebrow, quickly readjusting her purse and gathering the bags in her hands.
She wedged the large, pink teddy bear underneath her arm and slid through the gate, slightly alarmed as it shut behind her.
The place had an eerie feel to no one had lived there in ages.
It was too kempt..too stale and pristine...and too quiet.
And she wasn’t one for Spanish architecture.
She made her way up a large, cobblestone driveway, taking a deep breath before walking up marble steps that led to a large, wooden door.
With every step she took..she became more aware of what she was faced with..what she had been asked to do.
I’m not asking you to fall in love with him...
She hadn’t heard from Gerard for a month or so.
It made sense...considering he had been writing and recording..or trying to. least that’s what she told herself.
And when Brian had called her..telling her Gerard had been depressed...saying that he NEEDED her...her heart twisted.
They had been playing phone tag...texting one another casually for a while now.
And when Lily had spun into was as if she was stuck at the bottom of a well...and didn’t make any effort to claw her way out.
Nothing could make it better.
Nothing could take back what she had done...all the regret she felt.
Nothing could bring him back....
She rang the doorbell.
Her heart beat fast as she heard footsteps...realization coming over her..
She would be seeing Gerard for the first time in months..and the LAST time she had seen him...
Suddenly the door swung open.
She was greeted by a grinning Frank, who welcomed her with outstretched arms.
“AND SHE BROUGHT US STUFF!” Frank announced with glee, wrapping his arms around her tightly and patting her back.
“H-Hey Frank.” Lily stuttered, quite overwhelmed by the sudden human contact.
In truth, she hadn’t really touched anyone in months...
Before she knew it, Ray had joined them, followed by Bob.
After saying rather timid hellos, she tucked her hair behind her ear,
“Where’s Mikey?” she asked, still clutching her belongings and plastic bags.
“He’s taking a break.” Frank answered quickly, and rather abruptly.
Lily nodded slowly, noting the expression on the other band member’s faces.
“So, How the fuck are you?” Frank asked, grinning broadly.
“Yeah.” Bob asked quietly, biting his lip ring with a smile.
Lily took a deep breath,
“I’m...” she paused, “Ok.” she said with a nod, pressing the teddy bear against her chest; arms locked around it for security.
She could tell by the way they looked at her..they knew all that had been going on.
It was almost as if they could see right through her.
“I’ve just been taking a break too...” she began, only to cut herself off,
“How’s writing going?”
“Ah...” Frank began, “It’s ok...this place gives me the creeps though.” he said, staring up at the high ceiling with a frown, hands in pockets.
“Yeah.” Bob agreed, biting his lip ring,“Some spooky shit has been going on around here.”
Lily raised an eyebrow, clutching the bear tighter,
“What..what do you mean ‘spooky’?” she asked apprehensively.
Ray sighed, staring at the other boys with a look of annoyance,
“Nothing Lily, they’re just exaggerating.”
He began, crossing his arms impatiently,
“ It’s just an old makes strange noises during the night. Just little kid shit.” he said with a nod, staring at her with a reassuring and dismissive smile.
Lily nodded, taking time to brush her bangs away from her eyes.
“Hey...” Frank said, gesturing to his own hair,
“Back to blond, huh?”
Lily smiled weakly,
“Yeah...I just wasn’t feeling it anymore.” She began, staring at the ground,
“Not really me, you know?” she finished with a shrug.
Bob ran a hand over his chin,
“I like you better blond.” he admitted, tugging at his facial hair.
“I liked the brown, but...blond does suit you.” Ray agreed with a nod.
Lily smiled,
“OH and..we never got to tell you..” Frank interjected, “Congratulations on the MTV award, you guys deserve it. Will’s reaction was classic.” Frank said with a laugh, imitating Will’s facial expression upon winning the award.
Bob and Ray agreed as Lily let out a small laugh.
She realized she hadn’t seen any of them since that night out in front of the tour bus...since the fight.
Memories flooded over her like warm water...comforting and rich.
“Thank you.” She said with an earnest smile...body becoming warmer with every breath she took in their presence.
“So....what did you bring?” Frank asked with a grin.
Frank always had an impish smile on his face....and it always cheered Lily up.
Today was no different.
“Uh..” Lily said with a smile, crouching down to sort through the bags,
“Gummi worms.” she said,casually, “Cookie dough..”
Frank let out an enthusiastic ‘Ohhhh’ as Lily continued,
“Peanut M&Ms, cupcake mix..frosting..and I brought some movies..”
She sorted through the bags once more,
“Oh and some pork rinds...I know you love those, Ray.”
Ray let out a sigh,
“You know me too well.” he said with a smile.
Lily laughed,
“Do you guys...have any cupcake tins here, or?” she asked, straightening up.
Frank shrugged, biting his lip ring.
His hands were in his pockets casually,
“Uh...” he wondered aloud, “I could check, but I don’t know...”
He trailed off, eyes glazing over as he stared at the small, red heart on her forearm and the thin white scar that it covered....
“This place has lots of stuff.” Bob murmured thoughtfully as Lily caught Frank’s gaze, quickly standing up and pulling down her sleeve.
“Yeah.” Ray agreed, staring up at the high ceilings.
“And...” Frank began, staring at the large, fuzzy pink teddy bear resting against Lily’s leg,
“Who is that for?” he asked, a small, curious smirk on his face.
Lily let out a nervous laugh,
“Uh..” She began, picking up the bear,
“It’s for Gerard.” She explained, staring at it’s black nose,
“I heard he could use some cheering up.” she said, staring up at them.
Frank nodded in agreement,
“I...I think he’s asleep right now..” he thought aloud.
“He’s always asleep...” Ray mumbled.
Bob shrugged.
Frank smiled weakly,
“Hey..let’s go look around the kitchen..I think I might’ve seen some cupcake tins when I was making macaroni and cheese...”

Lily stirred the cupcake mix slowly, staring at the small flecks of powder and multi-colored sprinkles.
She glanced up at Ray and Bob, who were busy placing pastel cupcake liners into the tins.
She couldn’t help but smile at the efficiency in which they performed the task.
Bob insisted on organizing his tin by colors; pink on this row, blue on that row.
Ray didn’t have a pattern, nor did he care.
“Alright.” Lily announced,
“It looks ready.”
They watched her as she poured the funfetti cake mix into the small, round indentations.
She rested the bowl on the table after filling up one tin,
“Do you guys want to give it a try?” she asked, scooting the mixing bowl in Ray’s direction.
Ray hesitated a moment before taking the bowl in his hands, Bob criticizing his pouring technique as he carefully tilted it.
“You can help him, you know.” Lily said with a smile, extending a wooden mixing spoon in Bob’s direction.
Bob took it with a smile,
“Alright Toro, the expert’s here.” he said with a grin, tapping the spoon against the counter.
Lily smiled, genuinely smiled for the first time in months, as she watched them.
After the cupcakes were in the oven, Lily set the timer.
“About 30 minutes you guys..” she said with a sigh,
“Then we can frost them.”
Ray pumped his fist in the air enthusiastically, turning to high-five Bob.
“Do you guys want the rest of the batter?” Lily asked, motioning to the partially scraped mixing bowl.
“Hell yeah I do!” Frank exclaimed, popping his head into the kitchen.
He took the bowl in his tattooed hands with a smile, disappearing into the other room with Bob behind him.
“Do you want some help cleaning up?” Ray asked, staring at the bits of cake mix splattered about the kitchen counter.
Lily stared at the measuring cups and spoons piled in the sink.
“Uh...” she began with a sigh, “No, I’m ok.” she finished with a shrug and a smile.
“Alright.” Ray grinned, “Well if you need help, just yell for Frank.” he said, taking a step backwards,
“I’m going to work on some stuff...but yell at me when it’s time to frost.” he added, raising an index finger before grabbing the bag of pork rinds from the counter.
Lily chuckled softly,
“Will do.”
For the first time in the past hour, she was left alone.
She listened to Frank in the adjoining room...his impish voice bouncing off the high ceilings.
She could almost visualize him scraping the bowl clean; his boyishly crooked teeth revealed in a grin.
With a sigh she stared at the kitchen counter..the shining white tiles flecked with confetti cake-mix...the plastic bags and their contents spilled out....
She turned on the sink, taking time to watch the running water before placing the sponge beneath the steady stream.
It was peaceful, watching the water run over her hand..the feeling of the sponge expanding.
The soft trickle of the water...the filtered sunlight pouring in through the skylight above her...
the sound of Frank’s mischievous laugh in the other room...
It all filled her with a warmth she hadn’t felt in months.
With a small smile she grabbed the bottle of dish soap and squeezed a small amount into the newly submerged dishes.
She stared blankly as bubbles formed...the water spilling over.
As she began to scrub away the slick measuring cups and spoons, she heard footsteps in the distance.
They were slow...soft.
She placed the dishes into the drainer..the sound of Frank’s voice off in the distance...Ray’s guitar strumming upstairs....
Bob’s laugh...
“Hey Frank,” Lily called, “You done with the bowl yet?”
“Uh..” He called back, “Yeah...”
She heard a shuffle of footsteps before Frank emerged into the kitchen, bowl in hand.
“Thanks Lil.” he said, gingerly placing it into the sink.
“ prob-“ She began, only to trail off.
Frank’s eyes were locked on her arm once more as Lily stood before the sink, sponge in hand.
“What does...J.M stand for?” he asked, nodding his head in the direction of her tattoo.
“Oh...”Lily started softly, scrubbing the bowl clean,
“James dad.” she finished blankly, rinsing the bowl and placing it in the dish drainer.
She wiped her hands on her jeans.
“We...we’re all really sorry about that...” Frank paused,
“You know, you could’ve called us.” He broke off, stumbling on his words,
“I mean...I know you and Gerard...had your...but we’re still here for you, if you need it.”
Lily smiled, staring up at the sky-light,
“’re sweet Frank..” she scratched her head, “ but I’m ok now.”
She stared at her feet, shuffling across the linoleum awkwardly before she willed them to stay still.
Frank opened a bag of gummi worms...the silence broken with the slick tear of plastic,
“Want some?” he asked, shoving a worm into his mouth before extending the multi colored confections in her direction.
Lily shook her head.
She took in a deep breath as Frank spoke once more, mouth full of gelatin,
“Brian begged you to come, didn’t he?” he asked, eyes narrowed, mouth twisted into a knowing smirk.
Lily’s mouth dropped open slightly, before twisting into a grin,
“How’d you...?”
“Know?” Frank finished her sentence before swallowing.
He placed the bag on the counter,
“How would you?”
Lily nodded slowly, staring at the pink, fluffy bear resting on the kitchen counter.
The only way Lily would’ve known about Gerard’s depression at the Paramour was from an inside source..and seeing as they both belonged to the same record label...and Reprise had spent quite enough money covering up their romance and wasn’t hard to believe they wanted to ensure Gerard’s health and happiness...and maybe Lily was the key to it all.
And Aaron and Brian were running out of ideas...
A ray of sunshine shone down across Lily’s face...causing her to squint.
She took one deep breath,
“Where’s Gerard?”

Lily ventured up the winding staircase, cupcake in hand.
She had decorated it buttercream frosting smoothed carefully across the soft, freshly baked good.
The fluffy, magenta bear lay wedged underneath her other arm as she took the steps slowly.
The words of her psychiatrist echoed in her mind....reminding her to be strong.
Be positive.
To not be AFRAID to speak reach out...
To be assertive.
She counted the doors as she walked down the hallway, remembering the smile Frank gave her as he directed her to the third room at the end of a long, dimly lit, lonely hallway.
Her footsteps slowed as she came towards a closed door, a white sign taped to it.
She stopped as she read the message scrawled upon a piece of paper,
There was no light coming from underneath the sounds emanating through the walls.
Her heart began to beat faster...her eyes followed the aggressive curve of each black letter....
Should she wait until later?
She heard Ray’s guitar off in the distance..Bob’s laugh followed by Frank’s giggle..and then..a soft rustle from inside the room.
A surge of determination came through her... need to learn to assert yourself.
Before she could stop herself, she knocked on the door.
Seconds seemed like hours,
“I’m writing.” a voice croaked from inside.
Lily said nothing, only opened the door slowly, ducking into the room cautiously...into the darkness.
She wrapped her fingers around the cupcake tighter as she shut the door behind her...almost swallowed by the black within the room.
A soft, gray light struggled to come through a single window, covered by a tan shade pulled down rather carelessly. The light that broke through the edges of the shade was filtered through a white curtain.
It all caused a blur..a soft glow.
She could see a silhouette illuminated slightly...the outline of a familiar face...his ears kissed with the struggling sunlight.
She could see the slouch of his shoulders...
“Hi.” she whispered, staring at the dark figure upon the bed.
He stirred slightly.
“Who..who is it?” he asked, voice trembling slightly.
“It...” Lily’s heart seem to be caught in her throat,
“It’s me.” she answered softly.
She heard a shuffling....
“Lily?” Gerard asked a bit stronger.
“Y-yeah. Hi.” She answered with a weak smile...a smile that he couldn’t see.
“Can you...can you turn on the light?” she asked awkwardly...faking strength she thought she didn’t have.
“Ahh....” Gerard wondered aloud,
Lily raised an eyebrow in the darkness as she heard him moving slightly.
“Why are you here?” he asked blankly.
“ see you.” Lily explained, “I uh..I brought you something.” she added hopefully.
“You did?”
She heard fingertips fumble on a lightswitch...a click...and then.
The bear fell to the ground as Lily’s hand flew to her mouth.
There he sat, weak and strands replaced with short ,shockingly white ones.
Bags lay under his hazel eyes....that had a sadness in them she had never seen.
“G-Gerard.” she said , fumbling to pick up the bear,
“I uh- I’m sorry, it’s just...your hair- I..”
He shrugged,
“I know.” he said nonchalantly..blankly,
“Yours too.” he added.
Lily laughed nervously, shoving the bear back under her arm.
“I’ve...yeah. Back to..blond.” she stated, looking around the room..anywhere but his seemingly apathetic, stony gaze.
She had never seen him so dark and distant.
“I made you a cupcake.” she said with a smile,
“I frosted it myself.” she added, walking towards him slowly.
Gerard smiled weakly,
“Thanks.” he said, laying out his hand.
Lily gingerly took a seat next to him, placing the cupcake in his hand.
“You...made this?” he asked, staring at the frosting with a blank expression.
“Yeah...we all did.” she began, “Ray and Bob helped me.” she explained, tucking a stray strand of hair behind her ear.
Gerard tasted a bit of frosting before smiling at the floor,
“Thank you.”
“Of..of course.” Lily said with a timid smile, still squinting in the oddly lit room.
“I also got you this.” she said, placing the pink bear on her knees.
Gerard placed the cupcake on the bedside table,
“Ooooh, thank you.” he said softly, taking the bear slowly...staring it with glazed eyes.
“Are...are you ok?” Lily asked after a few moments of silence.
Gerard stared up at her slowly, his large, hazel eyes searching.
He touched her wrist gently, running a finger over the small, white scar,
“Are you?” he asked softly.
Lily smiled weakly, staring at the finger that rested on her wrist,
“Y..yeah.” she said, looking up into his eyes,
“I think I am.”
And there was a strength in her voice she didn’t have to fake...a warmth that began to spread...that she hoped wasn’t from the pills.
And without words, Gerard slid his hand into hers...and squeezed.
Lily looked into his eyes.
They were no longer glazed over...but glistening in the dim, yellow light.
She took in his seemingly frail body...his bleached, short hair.
It was almost painful to picture the way he used to be...long black strands sweeping across his angelic face...his skin kissed by the sun from outdoor venues.
And he was always smiling....
But there he small and broken.
He had been sitting the darkness before she came.
And for how long?
He was still in his 3 in the afternoon.
Still in bed...stuck in his own world.
And Lily was sent here to shake him out of it.
To pull him into the light.
Her hand trembled slightly as she pressed it to his face...before running her fingers along his cheekbone...his jaw.
“Oh Gerard...” she whispered,
“You’ll be ok.” her voice cracked as he closed his eyes, squeezing her hand as she tenderly grazed her fingers over his skin....
She brought her lips to his cheek...his nose..his forehead..his eyelids.
“Just...Just don’t leave.” Gerard whispered, shaking gently,
“Please don’t leave.” he trembled as Lily pulled him to her....wrapped her arms around him tightly.
“No no no..never.” she said as he buried his face in her neck, his heart beating rapidly, fingers digging into her back,

Lily opened the curtains as Gerard lay under the covers.
The light spilled into the room in a white flood, causing Gerard to wince slightly.
But Lily insisted on the light...the fresh air.
Gerard had clung to her minutes earlier, telling the smallest voice, about his fears.
About the dreams he had been having.
About how he couldn’t stand his hair....his life...anymore.
And Lily had listened patiently, rubbing his back....running her fingers through his newly bleached hair as he whispered....
Lily lay down on her stomach with a sigh, extending the half eaten cupcake towards Gerard, who took it reluctantly.
“Just eat it.” Lily demanded with a smile.
He stared at it with a frown as Lily crawled up beside him.
“Can I see...what you’ve written so far?” she asked staring at a worn spiral notebook that lay on the floor...amongst dirty clothes and open suitcases.
Gerard shrugged,
“Allright.” he said quietly...almost weakly...timidly.
“But...don’t ask because I don’t feel like explain anything.” he finished abruptly.
“Ok...” Lily said with a shrug, closing her fingers around the spiral binding,
“No questions...yet.”
Gerard sighed.
“You’re not off the hook yet.” Lily smiled, opening up to a random page.
She frowned upon seeing a couple of grotesque illustrations.
She looked up at Gerard, brow furrowed in disappointment.
Gerard shrugged, biting off a bit of cupcake gingerly.
He stared at the stuffed bear with tired eyes.
Lily’s eyes traced every angry letter....every trace of ballpoint ink.
She began to read aloud, under her breath,
“You’re just a sad song with nothing to say...about a life long wait for a hospital stay...” Lily paused, deciphering Gerard’s angry scrawls,
“If you believe that I’m wrong..this never meant nothing to you..”
“I waited so long for someone to say, if you move on I’d maybe get you to stay. If you believe that I’m gone..this never meant nothing to you... Another sad song with nothing to say about a life long wait for a hospital stay...I’d rather hold on.. well get me to stay...youve got the hard parts..well maybe just the mistakes... maybe we’ll just shut up and play. It never did mean nothing to you...”
Her eyes skipped to another paragraph,
“ If you would hold on...and get me to stay. You’ve got the hard parts...or maybe just the mistakes...we never really..liked you much anyway...”
Lily stopped, looking up at Gerard with wide eyes,
“It’’s about Bert..isn’t it?” She asked, eyes clear with realization.
Gerard shrugged, staring at his cupcake blankly,
“That’s the million dollar question, isn’t it?”
Lily stared at the lyrics again, reading stray lines..scribbled out and drawn over with bold letters.
She came across words scribbled out towards the front page.
The paper was worn...crumpled.
The ink was blue, instead of black.
She looked up at Gerard, who was staring out the window carelessly..cupcake in hand.
He was almost finished...
Her eyes turned to the worn page..with the old ink...
How long ago did he write this?
Well when you go..don’t EVER think I’ll make you try to stay. And maybe when you get back I’ll be off to find another way.
Lily’s heart turned...her breath stopped....
She looked up at Gerard before she continued reading,
When you go, would you even turn to say ‘I don't love you like I did yesterday’?
Sometimes I cry so hard from pleading .So sick and tired of all the needless beating ...but baby when they knock you down and out, it's where you oughta stay...

Lily’s face turned red...embarrassed at reading such personal thoughts.
Words were scribbled out....notes written on the side.
would you have the GUTS to say
“I uh...” Gerard’s voice broke the silence.
She looked up to see him staring at her.
“I uh..wrote that a long time ago.” he explained before staring out the window once more.
“Uh..Oh.” Lily stumbled,
“It’s..nice. They’re ALL nice...”
“Umm...” she thumbed through to the most recent page,
“What’s this one about?” she asked, pushing the notebook in Gerard’s direction.
He glanced at the page,
“Nightmares....” he began,
“The ones I told you about..” he trailed off before grabbing the notebook from her and closing it shut.
“You know...I’m thinking of a concept album.” he mumbled..cheeks slightly red,
“You your whole ‘alice in wonderland’ video...except not just a video...a whole tour...”
He paused to see if Lily was following him.
“About..? Not about..alice in wonderland?” Lily asked skeptically.
Gerard shook his head,
“No no no..of course not. That was YOUR thing. I mean..” he cut himself off...forming the words,
“See..there’s this guy..and he dies...from cancer...”
Lily nodded as Gerard continued,
“And death came to him in the form of..this BIG parade. But it was dark kind of scary and grim. Kind” Gerard paused,
“Tim Burton kind of shit, you know?”
“Oooh..” Lily nodded, “Ok.”
Gerard shrugged,
“And I was thinking I could..write some songs around that theme. But throw in some personal stuff as well...” he cut himself off,
“I have a couple lines here...”
He extended the notebook in Lily’s direction,
When I was a young boy, my father took me into the city, to see a marching band.
He said son grow up..would you be...the savior of the broken, the beaten and the damned..

“And...” Gerard continued, “It’s just the beginning but..”
He paused, grabbing the bear and pulling it to his chest,
“It’s been hard...” he took in a breath,
“Mikey finally lost it.”
Lily furrowed her brow, sitting up,
“What do you mean, LOST IT? Is he ok?”
Gerard shrugged,
“He uh...he cracked...and...he left.”
“He left?” Lily echoed, “You don’t mean the band?”
Gerard shrugged,
“At this point, I don’t know. He’s just..really having a hard time right now. He said something about meds but...” Gerard cut off as Lily’s hand grabbed his.
He looked up at her..seeing her own, large blue eyes staring intently into his...her sweet, pouty mouth twisted into a frown..a look of genuine concern in her eyes.
“He’ll be fine.” she whispered sternly,
“If I can get through it...if YOU can get through it too...he’ll be fine.” she squeezed his hand,
“I know he will.”
Gerard looked into her eyes...her eyes that had life in them again.
The same blue eyes he could get lost in...but swore he never would again.
The same smile he swore he would never get dizzy over...the same sweet scent that wafted off her..that he could never forget.
Suddenly his phone vibrated loudly..breaking their moment.
“Sorry..” he blurted, grabbing the phone from the bedside table.
He glanced at the screen.
He pressed the reject button, and stared up at Lily once more.
“Hey...” she began,
“You wanna go downstairs? I brought snacks...and movies....The Goonies?”
Gerard laughed...genuinely laughed and smiled for the first time in months.
He swore she brought light with her wherever she went.
“Yeah...ok.” he said with a smile, standing up and running a hand through his hair.
“Don’t forget.” Lily said, gesturing towards the pink teddy bear.
“Oh..” Gerard chuckled, picking it up,
“I could never forget.”
And as they walked out of that room, side by side...he felt a warmth within him...a spark that had gone off and created a fire...
A fire that crackled inside him peacefully...filled him up with something he hadn’t felt in too long;
Since summer...since those nights alone on the tourbus...
He felt love.
Lily’s hand grabbed his...and pulled him down the hallway.
She looked back at him..and grinned...
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