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Wilona is mad. Frank bakes cookies. (Sorry, I suck at summaries).

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It was never a good sign for Frank when Wilona Cranford was angry. And today, she was furious. It turned out that her “hot boyfriend” had actually been sleeping with some whore from his college. This upset her beyond what words could ever say. She stared coldly at the blank white wall in Frank’s apartment. Having a spare key, she had let herself in, expecting to see Frank, waiting for her with that goofy smile of his. It shocked her to find that he wasn’t there! What enraged her even more was that he didn’t answer her phone call. She made herself comfortable on the beaten-up sofa and cracked her pale knuckles. Where the hell was that motherfucker?

After what seemed like forever, the front door finally creaked open. A dazed looking Frank stepped in. He smiled upon seeing Wilona. It always pleased him when he saw his beautiful girlfriend. His grin slid off when he noticed that she had greeted him with an icy glare. He rapidly made his way to the seat next to her. She raised an elegantly plucked eyebrow at his concerned look.

“What’s with that weird face?” she asked, voice dripping with disgust.

Frank was probably the only person who could fail to notice the scorn in her silken voice, “Uh...I don’t know...but are you okay? You seem upset. Did the family meeting thing turn out okay?”

“It’s none of your business,” she snapped rudely.

“Oh...okay...” he replied in a meek tone.

“Make me cookies, Frankie,” the girl ordered.

Frank got up on command. He would do anything to make Wilona happier. He worked quickly in the kitchen, gathering all his supplies. Once the cookie dough was split into different pieces, he pulled out his heart-shaped cookie cutters. He thought that maybe Wilona would find that sweet. Fifteen minutes later, the oven beeped, signaling the cookies to be ready. Frank pulled open the oven door and brought out the cookie tray with his bare hands. He winced at the heat at his fingertips but he couldn’t drop the tray. As fast as he could, he speed-walked to where Wilona was sitting, watching his puny television set. He held the tray out towards her.

She gazed for a long moment at the tray full of cookies. To her utter disappointment, they were not even faintly burnt so there was no excuse to pretend to be angry with him. Her eyes traveled upwards to his hopeful olive-green eyes. There was a certain cheerful spirit in them that she couldn’t bear to see. But what could she criticize? Those cookies were flawless.

Frank’s fingertips now felt like they would catch fire. He bit his lip to stop himself from screaming. It was as if the heat had gone to his head and he could not think straight. Or maybe it was Wilona’s green eyes drilling into him that prevented him from just putting the tray down.

She found his little mistake at last! Despite how much she wanted to laugh, she twisted her face into an expression of pure agony. She grabbed the tray and walked to the kitchen hurriedly. Even though her fingers were hurting a bit, it was worth what Frank’s face would look like afterwards.

He watched in horror as she dumped his heart into the trash can, in the form of baked dough.

“Wh-what’s wrong with them?” he stuttered.

“I’m sorry, I know you worked hard,” Wilona said apathetically, “But hearts? That’s just gay. Let’s go out and get pizza. I don’t want cookies anymore.”

Frank tried to hide his distress with a fake smile, “Okay, then...”

They drove to the pizza place in a silent Cadillac belonging to Wilona. Frank miserably stared out the window with the sights of Belleville passing by at forty-five miles per hour. He didn’t see them, though. All he saw were those cookies, sliding down from the metal plate into the garbage. He couldn’t understand what was so wrong about making his girlfriend heart-shaped cookies. At the same time, he was familiar with this sort of thing happening. This was definitely not the first time. He sighed and pushed open the door as the car came to a skidding halt. They were directed to a seat, right in the center of the restaurant by a young mustached waiter. Frank only opened his mouth to mumble a polite thanks to him.

Wilona felt much better now. It was so funny how sensitive Frank was. She felt as if she was going to explode into a fit of giggles. To let it out, she blew bubbles into her glass of water.

Frank, on the other hand, felt ready to cry. He was kind of getting the feeling that Wilona didn’t even care about him anymore. He didn’t want to believe that of her, though. She’d said so herself a couple of nights ago that she loved him. Her opinion couldn’t have changed over the course of two days. Unless...unless he had done something terribly wrong. He tried to retrace the actions he had taken. The only possible reason was what had happened today. But it couldn’t have been because of his heart-shaped cookies. He rested his throbbing head in his hands and pondered harder.

“FRANK!” a sudden recognizable male voice crying his name interrupted his thoughts.

He lifted up his chin to see Gerard Way walking towards him. He was grinning from ear to ear and waving pleasantly as he approached Frank’s table. Suddenly everything seemed to take a spin. Frank's spirit immediately rose and he couldn’t explain why.


Thanks, everyone who reviewed. I didn't expect so many comments on the first chapter, and especially the first chapter of my first story!!! Thanks again and if you want I'll keep on writing.
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