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Gerard finds something sort of weird about Frank and Wilona's relationship. Rated for language, that's it.

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After introductions and frail attempts at conversation had been made by Frank, Gerard squirmed in next to him. The seat was uncomfortably small, so the two were squished. Not that Gerard minded, though. He found the other boy quite good-looking. Ever since they had met a while ago, the only thoughts on his mind had been Frank, Frank, and Frank. It disturbed him a bit because he had never had those kinds of feelings about anyone of the same sex ever before. He knew there was nothing wrong with those emotions, but he was just not used to it yet. He shuddered and took a glance at Frank.

Frank was still thinking about Wilona. The cookies, the damned cookies were still upsetting him. He did not get the "big picture", as they called it. He was hopelessly lost in the pit she had dug for him. The exit route was apparent to everyone staring down at him from above. The only problem was that he couldn't see that giant hole, couldn't climb out. He stared at his tattooed fingers. What had he done wrong?

Wilona looked at these two guys sitting across from her. She found them both ugly, although Gerard was slightly better looking. There was also a certain air of confidence floating around him. Despite herself, she had to say that there was something indescribable that she found very attractive about him. She looked at Frank with the opposite reaction. It took every ounce of willpower contained in her petite body to keep her from wrinkling her nose in disgust. All the imperfections seemed to stick out even more today. She hated him. She blamed him for the fact that her "hot boyfriend" cheated on her. It was somehow his fault that this all happened. Oh, she wasn't going to break up with Frank and make it easy for him. Torture was her method.

The mustached waiter returned shortly to take orders from the silent table. The distinctly different orders were brought to the customers in a matter of minutes.

Wilona took a bite of her pineapple pizza and responded with a disgusted noise.

“This is horrible! There’s like...weird shit in it,” she complained.

Frank looked at his own unbitten slice and picked it up to offer it to her, “Here, you can have mine.”

“Ew, that’s even grosser,” she wrinkled her small nose.

“But I didn’t bite it...” said Frank.

“Yeah but you touched it. It’s contaminated,”

“Oh, okay...” he muttered.

Gerard watched this dialogue with a raised eyebrow. It struck him as odd, what Wilona had said. Maybe she was just a germaphobe. Yes, that was probably it. But Gerard had a feeling that there was more to it than that. His eyebrows furrowed as he listened on.

“Well, do you want me to go talk to the person at the front desk?” Frank offered.

“No, you’ll probably screw it up and end up paying him or something,” she stood up and walked to the front desk, her hips swaying as she walked.

Gerard sucked in and stared after her, “Damn Frank, your girlfriend’s a bitch.”

Frank’s jaw dropped, “What did you just say?”

Gerard turned to face his friend as best as he could in the small space, “She doesn’t treat you right,”

“I’ve known you for barely a day. It’s not up to you to decide if she treats me right or not.”

“But she doesn’t like you, at all. Isn’t that obvious? She’s a total whore. She’s probably flirting with that guy at the front desk. You deserve way better than her, dude.”

Frank’s face turned a bright shade of red, “Shut up, or just get the fuck away from me. I don’t appreciate you insulting my girlfriend when you don’t even know her.”

Gerard sighed. He knew he had to give up on this argument if he ever wanted to see Frank again. Oh boy, he wanted to see Frank again. And he wanted to do a whole bunch of other things too, which he would be better left stored safely inside his mind. Anyway, Frank was probably right; he shouldn’t judge Wilona after just one lunch. He scratched the back of his head and apologized quickly. Fortunately for Gerard, Frank was a very forgiving guy and was friendly again in a matter of seconds. A discussion about The Misfits was brought up to change the uncomfortable topic. Once Wilona returned—with a brand new slice of pineapple pizza—the table was soundless once more. Gerard found the silence both annoying and strange. He thought couples actually talked to each other. He didn’t really have experience with this stuff though, so he knew he could be wrong. During the rest of the meal, he stared at Frank. It was quite entertaining to watch him eat. All his cute little mannerisms came out. Like the way he moved his chin so that the pizza sauce would not end up on his face. Gerard laughed to himself. The boy was simply ah-dorable.

The time finally came when Frank and Wilona had to leave. Gerard moved aside to let Frank out. He followed them to the door but did not walk outside with them.

Wilona continued towards her car, but Frank noticed this and turned around, “Aren’t you going home?”

“” Gerard grinned, “I kind of forgot to pay the rent. So I guess I’m stuck at Papa John’s for a while. Hopefully, they’ll let me stay the night.”

“Well you could stay with me in my apartment if you’d like.” Frank said.

“Are you fucking serious? Would you let me?!”

“Yeah, sure. I have an extra room.” Frank smiled.

“Thanks man, I love you!” Gerard unexpectedly hugged him tightly.

Frank pulled away hastily, blushing. He was not usually a touchy-feely kind of person but to his surprise, he liked that hug. There was something about how Gerard’s arms wrapped around him in the most perfect way; it scared him. He shoved his hands into his pockets and mumbled some sort of response.

Gerard knew he had left some sort of impact on Frank with his hug, despite how impulsive it had been. He grinned to himself. Oh, yeah.


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