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Sucky summary # 4: Wilona is bitchy, Gerard accidently lets something slip, and Frankie blushes and giggles, among other things.

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Gerard reached Frank’s apartment by trailing behind Wilona’s luxury vehicle in his broken down pick-up truck. It was a shock that the shabby thing could actually run smoothly. Before getting out, he took a deep breath. He opened the rusty door, hoping it wouldn’t fall off. Frank had exited the blue Cadillac and was waiting for Gerard. Wilona impatiently leaned nearby, filing her nails. Gerard waved to them and walked to the back of his truck to grab his single suitcase and guitar. Frank spotted the guitar case and found a flood of new liking for Gerard. A fellow guitarist. How awesome was that?! He grinned.

“What guitar do you play?” he asked once Gerard had locked his truck with a click of the car keys.

“’s a Squier beginner’s guitar. It really sucks. I’m a horrible guitarist too,” he blushed.

Wilona lifted up her chin from her perfect nails, “Well you can’t be worse than Frankie!” she laughed scornfully.

Frank chuckled too, but Gerard noted that there was a hint of sadness and hurt in forming his eyes. He looked at Wilona, who obviously also noticed this. Instead of comforting him, or telling him that she was just joking, she laughed even harder. There was something terribly wrong with this couple, Gerard was sure of it now. Frank clearly didn’t realize how bitchy his girlfriend was. Gerard intended to fix that. He wanted to pull the attractive boy out of his misery and into his arms as soon as possible. Yet, no words would leave his lips. All he could do was stare pathetically as Frank bit his lip, looking dejected (but also extremely hot).

“Well,” said Wilona, finally controlling her mirth, “I’m gonna go home now, Frankie. I’ll come over tomorrow sometime,” she gave him a small kiss on the cheek.

His face flushed a brilliant shade of red, “Bye Wil. I love you,”

“Don’t ever call me Wil, I’m not a fucking guy,” she responded snappily before going back to her car and slamming the door shut.

Frank wasn’t aware of how unkind her reply was. He waved as her car sped off. He was used to her getting slightly annoyed whenever he said he loved her. Still, he repeated it every day, at least three times. He figured she just was not ready to say it back quite yet. He didn’t mind waiting.

Gerard’s jaw had dropped, though. How could anyone be so cruel to such a sweet guy? He wanted to punch Frank’s girlfriend right in the face. He wanted her to get a really bad nosebleed too. He ground his teeth together and chose to remain silent, just in case Frank would get upset again.

“Okay, let’s go inside,” said Frank after Wilona was out of sight, “Do you need help with your bags?”

Gerard shook his head before following the other boy up into his apartment. He sighed with displeasure when he saw the inside of it. It was way too clean. He was the exact opposite of tidy. The carpet of his old apartment had been barely visible! Frank would probably kick him out after he realized what a slob he was.

“Umm, the guest room is down the hall to the right,” Frank started pointing out all the important rooms, “There’s a bathroom right next to it but it doesn’t have a shower attached so you’ll have to use the one in my room. And then there’s a...”

He continued talking but Gerard couldn’t hear the rest. He was lost in Frank’s green eyes. They were so beautiful and wide and honest. And his smile...his smile was always so sincere. Like he smiled with all his heart. And his jaw line was the perfect shape; angular at all the right places. Don’t even get started about his amazingly fit body.

“So fucking hot,” Gerard muttered under his breath.

Frank eyes darted to his companion’s face sharply, “Excuse me?”

“Huh? Oh, oh...uh...I said...”Gerard’s eyes rolled backwards as he thought, “It’s so fucking hot. Could you turn the air conditioning up? I’m gonna go...uh...unpack my stuff, if that’s okay.”

“Oh. Yeah, sure...” Frank frowned as he strolled to the thermostat. He could’ve sworn that Gerard had been talking about something aside from the temperature. Then, he shook away the thought. There was nothing in this apartment, no one in this apartment, whom Gerard could have called hot. It was probably just Frank’s overactive imagination.

Gerard could not believe that he had actually let that slip. He needed to be more careful. He emptied his bag onto the dresser sized bed in the corner of the room. He did not have many things so he left them lying atop the wood. He was very flustered at himself, still. He flopped down on the bed and shut his eyes for a few minutes.

Frank walked in to find Gerard snoring lightly. He smiled at the sleeping boy. His eyes wandered around the room and fell on the dresser. He didn’t like the fact that the clothes were not neatly folded. His fingers were itching to straighten the things out. But he didn’t want to disrespect Gerard’s privacy. Finally, he gave in to the temptation. He organized his way through the pile of clothes and other things, setting them neatly into the multiple drawers in the dresser. He felt utterly embarrassed when he began folding Gerard’s boxer-briefs. Curse his damned compulsiveness. As he started on the last pair, he noticed a sketchbook on the dresser, open to a random page. His curiosity got the best of him. He grabbed the book and started flipping through the pages. The drawings were spectacular, even better than the chalk ones he had seen earlier on the sidewalk. He turned over the corner of the final page and gasped. There he saw himself. As a drawing. It was amazingly perfect, down to every last hair on his head. But how the hell could Gerard remember all that detail when he had met Frank only today morning? That was the most incredible part.

“Frank, why are you holding my underwear?!” Gerard’s voice suddenly asked.

Frank dropped the boxer-briefs, which were still in his hands and turned around with a small jump, “Oh. I have this slight problem. I’m a neat freak. So I organized all your stuff. Sorry. But...did you draw this?” he held out the sketchbook and pointed.

Gerard blushed, seeing the drawing that he had sketched earlier today, “Oh. Yeah. I drew that after I met you at the park...and I totally screwed up your eyes. Sorry. You weren’t really supposed to see it.”

Frank sat down on the bed beside Gerard, staring in wonderment, “Are you kidding? That’s so good. It looks just like me. How’d you even remember what I looked like? I knew you for like...two hours. And you weren’t even looking at me. Remember? You were drawing on the sidewalk. Do you have like, a photographic memory?”

Gerard laughed, “No, I don’t think so. You’re just...uh...I don’t know the”

Frank giggled too, “Amazingly attractive? Unforgettable? Hot enough to be a male model?”

All of those words could fit in, but Gerard could not agree to any of them. Just because of Frank’s stupid girlfriend who didn’t even love him! How screwed up was that? He found that totally unfair. So he simply smiled. Because one of his smiles could cover anything up. Even sexual feelings he had for an extremely attractive member of the same gender, sitting close enough for him to fuck.


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