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"Things are better if I stay."

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As the day progressed, Gerard started to get random lurches of his heart. He wondered if he could possibly be having a heart attack, the first time. He was sure of it after the second or third time, but he knew it wasn’t the kind of heart attack that a doctor could help. Daggers pierced into his heart every time Frank so much as looked at him. It was Frank’s fault and only Frank could truly cure him.

Frank began noticing something strange about Gerard as the hours skipped on by. He could constantly feel Gerard’s eyes on him, although the two of them were supposed to be watching television. He also heard the other male whisper words to himself which made no sense at all. At one point, he was sure Gerard had let out a moan. He had looked up at this, but Gerard’s hazel eyes seemed to be glued to the television screen. It was weird, really weird. Frank wondered if he was going insane, imagining his friend do creepy things. He leaned against the arm of the sofa and yawned. The horror movie playing was oh-so cliché. He was too lazy to get up and go to his room so he let his eyes droop and his mind drift off. Gerard, too, fell asleep in a few hours time. It was the most calming setting.

Until Wilona arrived.

Wilona was even crankier than she was yesterday. Her “hot boyfriend” had not even called to apologize for cheating on her with that whore! She hated getting this treatment from someone, especially a hot someone whom she liked. She didn’t deserve shit like this. She marched, in her three-inch heels, from her car to Frank’s apartment. The doorbell was rung multiple times by her non-callused fingers. When no one answered, she screamed.

Gerard heard this and woke up. Then, he stifled a scream, finding that Frank was on his lap. Oh fuck, this was just too much. He was close, so close, too close. His hands reached out. Right on cue, Frank awoke with a jolt. He blushed bright red when he noticed that he was on top of Gerard. He apologized, quickly explaining that he was a restless sleeper. All Gerard could do was smile weakly and nod. Another set of rings from the doorbell got the two up off the sofa and to the front door. A very angry Wilona stomped into the small apartment.

“What the fuck took you guys so long? I was waiting for like...two minutes,” she complained as she took a seat on the same sofa on which the boys had been sleeping.

“We were asleep. That’s what most people do at night,” Gerard informed.

“Well, if you actually opened the blinds, you’d know that it wasn’t night anymore. It’s one o’clock PM, asshole,” said Wilona.

Gerard had no reply for this, so he excused himself to go get ready. Until he returned, Wilona had the pleasure of insulting Frank as much as possible. It was her way of relieving stress. Frank was quite depressed when it was his turn to go complete his morning routines. He hung his head low all the way to the bathroom.

Gerard frowned as he approached Wilona, “What did you do to him?”

The girl widened her emerald eyes innocently, “What do you mean? I didn’t do anything.”

“Don’t give me that shit. I know you’re a total bitch to him. Why the hell do you do that? Why don’t you just break up with him if you hate him so much?”

Wilona was annoyed that Gerard had caught on to her act, “I’m doing him a fucking favor by staying with him. If he didn’t have me, he’d be single and alone.”

He rolled his eyes, “Oh please. He’d be much better off single and alone than with you! And I’m gonna show him that, just you wait.”

She laughed mockingly, “So you think you —whom he hardly even knows— can convince him that his girlfriend, for two straight years, doesn’t love him? Ha! You’ll end up getting your ass whipped by that dork. Just give up before you lose your place to live.”

Gerard growled, “He’s not a dork. If you had at least an ounce of good taste in you, you’d know that.”

This made Wilona laugh even harder, “Oh my goodness. You like him don’t you? Oh, that’s rich. Sorry to break it to you, lover boy, but Frankie’s not gay. He’s not even bisexual. You have no fucking chance, even if you do manage to get me out of the picture.”

He opened his mouth and then shut it tightly. She was just taunting him, trying to crush his hope. She just didn’t want him to try to get her away from Frank. Well it wasn’t going to work that easily. Gerard Way fought ‘til death. But what if she was right? She probably knew way more about Frank than he did. What if he found away to prove to Frank that his girlfriend didn’t love him...and then Frank turned out to like only girls? In that case, the only thing it would result in was Frank becoming extremely miserable and maybe even suicidal. Gerard didn’t want that. He wanted to save Frank not kill him. He bit his lip and plopped down on a chair, not moving his gaze to Wilona. Because she was right. She was 100% right.


I was so surprised when I got like...six reviews. They all helped a LOT. Thank you!
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