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I give up on the lyric-summary thing. So, sucky summaries are back! Wilona acts nice, Gerard feeds Frank, Frank gets wet.

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Gerard was staring dejectedly at his shoes when Frank returned from the bathroom. Frank barely noticed, though, because the instant he stepped into the living room, Wilona ran into his arms. She kissed his lips softly yet deeply. There was now no trace of his prior depression left in Frank's body. He was happy at last. He whispered his three eloquent words, "I love you." For once, Wilona responded with a smile. She did not show even the slightest sign of annoyance. This sent a tsunami of ecstacy all through Frank's short body. He did not question why exactly Wilona had gone from extremely pissed off to extremely kissy-kissy. He didn't think about it at all, nor did he care. The only thing his joy-filled mind was asking was whether or not today would be the day when Wilona Cranford would finally say it back to him. He had a small bit of hope, waiting to explode. Just maybe she would say it today...

Gerard, unlike Frank, could see right through Wilona’s charade. There were only two reasons why she was doing this. One, to make Gerard jealous. This part was working quite well already. Gerard wanted to be her so badly. He wanted to be the one that Frank loved, the one Frank touched, and kissed. Oh the X-rated things he'd love to do to that boy if only he would snap out of his little daydream that Wilona cared about him... But Gerard attempted not to think about this since the second reason was a thousand times worse. From what he could see, she was planning on bringing Frank to high spirits; making him feel loved, wanted. And then, at the peak of the poor guy's happiness, she would break it all down. She'd make him feel completely and utterly worthless; she'd make him think that it was his fault that she didn't love him. Gerard hated the thought of this, but what could he do? His only options were A. Let this go on until Frank felt no reason to live or B. Show Frank the truth and hurt him even more. It was a lose/lose situation.

Wilona threw Gerard a triumphant smirk as she pulled away from Frank. She knew she'd won this, just from Gerard's helpless expression. It was so much fun to crush people's spirits!

She smiled flirtatiously at Frank once more, "So Frankie, are the three of us going out to lunch again?"

Frank smiled back sincerely, "If you want to...we should go to a better restaurant than the pizza place, though."

She nodded and batted her long eyelashes, "Let's let our guest decide."

“Sure, where do you wanna eat, Gerard?

Gerard's head lifted up at the sound of his name. He saw two pairs of green eyes stare at him expectantly. One pair was full of deceit and all the fraud things in the world. He wanted to poke them out until they bled, along with the rest of Wilona’s witchy body. The other pair of eyes was beautiful, containing childlike innocence and momentary cheerfulness. He groaned to himself, unable to gaze away from Frank. Why, oh why did he have to be blessed and cursed with the task of knowing and helping this Godly embodiment of sexiness?

He shook his thoughts away and answered the question quickly, in order to not look like a complete idiot, "Let's go to that new Chinese place downtown."

The other two agreed, Frank with extra enthusiasm. They all piled into Wilona’s car; Frank and Wilona up front, and Gerard in the back. During the entire car ride, the only thing Gerard did was stare at the back of Frank’s head, only looking away occasionally when Frank turned around. By the time they reached the restaurant, he was sure he knew where every single strand of Frank’s dark brown hair had been for the duration of the trip.

Frank stepped out of the car, his eyes twinkling brightly. He walked in a gleeful stride to the restaurant. He held the door open for Wilona and Gerard graciously. Nothing could bring him down today, the day when Wilona actually showed her affection for him. He knew Gerard had been wrong when he said she was a bitch. Hopefully, the taller man was realizing it right now. Frank looked over at him as a non-mustached waiter led them to their table. Gerard seemed to be awfully distraught for some reason. Frank noted that his hands were forming into fists every so often. His eyebrows were constantly furrowed too. Frank’s own eyebrows crumpled. He had a hard time figuring out the cause for the other boy’s distress. Was it something he had said? He hardly even talked to Gerard today, though. His eyes wandered over to Wilona. Had she said something to upset him? It didn’t seem possible. Wilona was always so sweet and kind. It couldn’t have been her fault.

Frank and Wilona slid into the same side of the table while Gerard opposed them. They stared at each other noiselessly.

The non-mustached waiter returned shortly to take orders from the silent table. The orders were brought to the customers in a matter of minutes.

Gerard and Wilona reached for the chopsticks that the waiter had left out while Frank stared at his plate of noodles. He had never learned how to use chopsticks. The restaurant didn’t seem to provide forks or any of the usual silverware. He officially loathed this place. Now he’d have to make a complete fool of himself trying to eat with a pair of long orange things. He picked up the two sticks and tried to hold them the way Gerard and Wilona were. He watched as Wilona subconsciously brought a whole bunch of noodles to her mouth. How did she do that so easily? Frank tried to imitate her but dropped the chopsticks along with the noodles. He cursed under his breath. This was going to be a long, long lunch.

Gerard watched Frank attempt to eat his Lo Mein. It was a sight good enough for ‘America’s Funniest Home Videos’. He kept dropping the chopsticks and the noodles all over himself. He had remains of soy sauce around his mouth. He tried to move his head in the right direction so that some food would actually get into his mouth. He failed miserably. Gerard grinned at how sweet he looked. The cutest part was how seriously he seemed to be trying. Frank, in fact, was concentrating with all his mental capability. He made a self vow that by the end of this lunch, at least one noodle would be traveling down his throat.

Wilona was distracted from Frank’s antics. She had seen someone. Yes, it was her “hot boyfriend” and he was sitting alone at a table only a few feet away. He did not have his whore with him. Wilona breathed a sigh of relief at this. He appeared to be upset, his head resting in his hands and his legs moving restlessly. She smiled to herself. He was getting what he deserved, the bastard.

Gerard finally felt as if he would explode if Frank continued to be so adorable. He needed to do something about the situation right now.

“Frank...dude, do you need some help?” he asked.

Frank looked up with wide eyes, dropping his chopsticks yet again, “Me?”

Gerard grinned, “Yeah, you. Here, gimme your chopsticks.”

Frank handed them over without a word of protest. He wanted to be as far away from those things as possible.

Gerard held them between his fingers the proper way and proceeded lean over and pick up strands of noodles from Frank’s plate, “Open your mouth.”

Frank obeyed, although he felt a fit of giggles coming around. He held on to the side of the table to keep himself from fidgeting too much.

Gerard brought the noodles closer to Frank’s mouth when he felt his hand trembling. Shit, he was now feeding Frank. He was so close, for the second time today. He tried to shake away all the unwanted emotions and concentrate on getting the food into Frank’s mouth. Of course, this triggered the thought of getting his tongue into Frank’s mouth. He wanted to slap himself at that moment but that would’ve looked idiotic. He took a deep breath and leaned over the table more. He slowly brought his hand up to touch Frank’s chin, to stop it from shaking so much. Frank gripped Gerard’s wrist so that the other boy’s hand wouldn’t shake so much.

It was at this moment that Wilona decided to turn around. Obviously, the sight she saw shocked her and gave her the wrong impression.

“Gerard! Oh my goodness!” she exclaimed loudly.

Gerard sharply turned around, dropping the noodles, and causing a glass of water to spill all over Frank.

“Shit!” he cursed. He probably looked so stupid.

Frank fortunately did not find the situation too bad, and instead found it amusing although his pants were wet in an uncomfortable place. He laughed it off. He slid out of the seat quickly and excused himself to the men’s room.

Gerard plopped down on his seat and massaged his temples. That must have been the most embarrassing thing he had ever done. What was he thinking touching Frank’s chin like that? It was probably illegal! He wondered if it was in the Constitution somewhere. Amendment XXXI: The touching of Frank Iero’s chin by Gerard Way is strictly prohibited and is punishable by law. However, he recalled that Frank had been grasping his wrist too. Could that possibly have meant something? Tingles ran down his spine. He forced them to stop. Even if it did mean anything—which it probably didn’t—he probably wrecked it by spilling the water.

Wilona stared at him with a surprised expression, “I’m shocked, Gerard. I didn’t think you would actually try to make a move on him! And in a public place!”

“I wasn’t trying to make a move!” he defended, “I was just trying to help him eat his food.”

Wilona snorted, “You’re such a freak. Then again, so is he. You make the perfect couple. Oh wait....he’s not gay!”

Before he could make a sarcastic comeback, a brand new voice interrupted them.

“Wilona?” he said.

Her head shot up, immediately recognizing the voice of her “hot boyfriend.” She bit her lip, staring at him. She hated him for cheating on her, but all hints of abhorrence disappeared when she saw his face. He was just so hot.

Gerard stared at him too, although he had no clue who this man was. His eyes finally caught hold of Wilona’s lovestruck expression. It was then that he came to a realization. She was cheating on Frank, the filthy whore!


Thank you for the reviews! crystalcrash suggested that I try to make the chapters longer. It's sorta hard since this is my first chaptered story but I'll hopefully get better as time goes on. So please bear with me and my short-ish chapters for a little while.
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